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From the makers of the text driven escape game series by Sakura, we have today for you Living Room Escape Game. Another text driven room escape game but this time you are in a livingroom and you have to find a way to escape there.
Good luck and have fun!

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1) Click on blue books in case, for clue about lighter and knife. (NOTE: You cannot get any item without reading the clue about it first.)

2) Lighter is under the large locked case.

3) Knife is under the foot of the bed.

4) Use knife on apple. You will gain a BRONZE KEY.

5) Use BRONZE KEY on upper doors of locked case. You will gain NOTEBOOK COMPUTER.

6) Click Red/Brown books (upper books) for clue about which candles to light.

7) Light the three candles on the ROUND table.

8) Click the green surface of the ROUND table for clue about the CD.

9) CD is at the top of the RIGHT white lampshade.

10) Use CD on NOTEBOOK COMPUTER for clue to find SILVER KEY.

11) Click on the LEFT EDGE of the RIGHT CURTAIN of the LEFT WINDOW. You will gain SILVER KEY. (NOTE: You will need to click above the windowsill, not below it.)

12) Use SILVER KEY on the lower locked doors of case. You will gain FLOPPY DISK.

13) Use FLOPPY DISK on COMPUTER. You will gain clue about MEMORY STICK.

14) Click on BLUE BOOKS again. You will gain MEMORY STICK.

15) Use MEMORY STICK on COMPUTER. You will gain clue about GOLD KEY.

16) Click around on TOP of the curved top of the large case. Does the shape look familiar?

17) You will gain GOLD KEY, and will be able to escape.

NOTE: I think you need the socks, to win the game, but you still can leave the room itself without them.

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