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Mental is a point and click escape the room game.
In this game, your objective is to escape the mental hospital in the fastest possible time.
Pick up objects, complete tasks, solve puzzles and help one another to get around security measures.
Objects can be picked up by one character, then dropped and used by another character.
Good luck!!!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Start with Green figure
-go through door, then climb down through the window. Get paper by phone.
-glimb back up and go up through the door. climb into vent and up on the roof.
-drop paper through the vent in middle of the roof.

use the orange figure.
-get the paper
-go right and get the phone by the sink
-use paper, you get a number (diffrent all the time)
-phone this number and the guard will go to the room with the red phone.

use the purple figure
-go up one floor and take the axe
-go up to the room at top left
-use axe on woodenplank
-go through door and move pile of boxs
-go through door to righ and remove defence on vent by stand there and klick.

Green figure
-go down from roof and go to up in the vent to the right which now is open
-click on rope then go down the rope and get the marbles. Go back up and then back through the vent.
-drop marbles

orange figure
-pick up marbles
-go down to the the windows by the dog.
-shoot the dog with marbles

purple figure
-go down one floor and puch the box

green figure
-go down and climb up on the chair go down the ladder and pick up blue key.
-go down two floors and get yellow key. use blue key to lockup
door by the bed. Go through door.

purple figure
-go to the left room with the plant and throw it at the guard below.

orange figure
-go down and go to the righ room.
-Use marbles to shoot the red button.
-take the card
-go down to left room with boxes.
-stand by the box and use marble to knock down the electrical line.
-go back up and turn on the electricity, stand by the black box on the wall and just press the action key. This will kill the guard.

green figure
-climb down through the window.
-lockup door with yellow key.

Purple figure
-go down and puch the boxs at the bottom left rooom

orange figure
-go down and go to the righ and use card to open the next door. Go outside.

purple figure
-go outside

2 part

green figure
-climb through the hole
-turn of the steem
-climb back down

orange figure
-pick up marbles
-stand by the woodenplank and use the marbles to shoot the red button.

purple figure
-go through the door
-take yellow bottle
-go down, and pull red switch and the the axe.
-go back up and go as far left you can

green figure
-go righ and get the red key.
-go back and through the hole.
-go left and up the ladder.
-give red key through the window to the purple figure.

purple figure
-pick up red key and unlock door.
-go down and use axe on wood.
-go right and use the yellow botlle on steel bar on door.
-go down

orange figure
-go down and shoot the red button

purple figure
-go and remove the pile of rocks go to the ladder.

orange figure
-go out the ladder.


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  1. this game wont let me drop the preice of papper down the shaft
    ive been trying for 5 minutes and nuthin

  2. Me either. I've tried every possible ( or so i think ) way to put in the pipe.

    Anyone figure it out??

  3. yeah, I have. You don't drop the paper, you USE it. Hope it worx!

  4. Oii Fukiin Hell Dis shit Says 2 Go down The left room wid Boxes WER DA FUK IS DAT !!!!11

  5. the orange guy cant shoot the red button :S


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