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Nekonote Escape02 - Mama is a point and click room escape game.
You awoke in a strange room in your mother's house and you try to escape there.
Good Luck!!!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. Open the cabinets under the fish and grab the stick (left) and air pump. (right)

2. Now click on the frog’s left foot and get the fish food.

3. Turn around. Under the green pillow on the left is a TV remote.

4. There’s still more to do here/ Click on the trash and get the wire.

5. Use the wire on the top drawer of the green cabinet behind you and get the green balloon.

6. Between the green cabinet and desk is the ball. Get it out with the stick.

7. Go to the frog and type in 62563 and take the key.

8. Go to the door and click, the key works! You win!

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