Nekonote Escape 03 - Walkthrough


Nekonote Escape03 - Dream is sequel of Nekonote Escape 02 point and click room escape game.
You awoke in a strange room and you try to escape there.
Good Luck!!!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
get key under pink pillow
Get hammer from behind umbrella rack
Get green umbrella
hammer glass on star hole
Use umbrella to pull down hook in front of door
get pink key from pink vase
open drawers bellow tv, acquire flashlight
go to desk area, and click the hell out of the picture, till it's half off.
Open desk with red key, acquire notebook.
examine yellow chair at desk, also examine umbrella and use knife in umbrella on chair.
break piggy bank with hammer, acquire purple eye.
turn away from desk scene, then back to desk, pull down picture.
Turn on flash light and examine hole.
Note colors of wheel, and note the pages in the note book.
Go to blue ball by bed, and deflate it with umbrella knife. The enter code:
(going left to right)
Blue Green Yellow Red
acquire yellow eye.
go back to ceiling box and enter eyes.
get star key, done.

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