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Neolla II is the sequel to Neolla 1 point and click adventure game.
In this game you need to feed the monster and escape from the planet.
Good Luck!!!

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Note the message on the computer.

Go right two times. Get the yellow book. Turn to page 5 (click in upper right of pages to turn the pages).

Click left to go to lockers. Left-most locker has key-card in upper part. On top of lockers is vacuum. Another locker holds some rain coats. Get the green one, per the yellow book’s advice.

Go back to the books. Open the air duct to let in acid rain. Use the vacuum to suck up some acid.

Use acid on the power cable to the door. Open the door.

If you’re wearing the green rain coat, the alien will eventually go away.

Go to the radio station. You’ll need a map.

The map is in shelter 2. Get it and return to the radio station. Be careful of the acid rain.

Go back to the radio station. Click the electronic map to get the coordinates for Area 13.


If you’re out in the rain and your meter starts to turn red, go into a shelter and it will reset.

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  1. Coordinates were 83, 348 for me.

  2. nao consegui acha a estação de rádio. aff, tem que explica melhor, ou filma como se faz ¬¬'

  3. that "green" coat looks pretty damn blue to me


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