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Nigepico 1.2 is sequel of really great Nigepico 1 Japanese point and click escape the room game from Gotmail.
In this game you are locked in a hair salon and you try to escape out of there by finding items and clues.
Good luck!!!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Step 1.
Start at the far left. Look in corner of room above the door and click on the speaker twice - it moves out of the way and you can take the tube of rust remover.
Step 2.
In the row of chairs, go to the one on the left where there is a cart next to the chair. Move it and pick up the green comb on the floor.
Step 3.
Move to the third chair from the left and pick up the cell phone from the seat.
Step 4.
Click on the last chair on the right so you can see the trash can from overhead. There is nothing in the can, but if you click to lift it and look up from underneath it, you can see next to the socket under the counter there is a business card. Get the code from the back of it.
Step 5.
Use the code from the card on the phone to get an email. Click on the email and it gives you another password.
Step 6.
Go over to the desk and turn on the laptop. Open the files and scroll down each of them until you come to one that has a code at the bottom.
Step 7.
Go back to the chairs to the second one and click to move it. Click on the floor to find a beetle and blue key. Take the key.
Step 8.
Go back to the cash register and put the code from the computer file into the key pad and use the key on the drawer. Look at the photo and remember what you see.
Step 9.
Go to the shelves next to the cash register and click on the slanted book on the bottom shelf to get the remote.
Step 10.
Click on the register so you can see the mouse behind the laptop. Take it.
Step 11.
Open the mouse and take out the batteries and then open the back of the remote and put them in.
Step 12.
Go over to the heater on the left wall at the end of the other chairs. click on it to move closer and then use the remote on it to turn it on. Watch a key fall out.
Step 13.
Go back to the door in the left corner (where you found the rust remover) and pick up the key on the floor in front of it.
Step 14.
Go around the chairs to the right until you come to a door. Use the key on it.
Step 15.
Face the chairs (turn right) and click to the left of the first chair (at the top) and pick up the dryer from the floor.
Step 16.
Go back and click on the right side of the broken mirror behind the second chair (like in the photograph) and pick up the piece of mirror. Note the mirror it shows.
Step 17.
On the floor near the second chair is a maniquinn head.
Step 18.
Use the comb on the wig and get to get the razor blade.
Step 19.
Use the rust remover on the blade.
Step 20.
Go back into the first room and click on the outlet near the big mirror (or is it a window?) and plug in the blowdryer.
Step 21.
Use the dryer on the mirror (hold down the left mouse key) until you can see the message clearly. You will hear the dryer running if you do it right.
Step 22.
Turn around and move to mirror you saw in your mirror piece (this is the second yellow chair - this is not what the mirror showed in my opinion). Use the piece of a mirror on that mirror (just drag it to the center) and you will see the reflection of the message (”WIECAR”).
Step 23.
Go to the laptop again and open the “Number” file. Move the comb over it until you see the letters “hthi.”
Step 24.
Use the mirror with it to combine the two messages. (”whitechair”).
Step 25.
Go over to the white chair and zoom in on it (you cannot do this until you have combined the messages) and use the razor on the top part of the chair. Take the gold key.
Step 26.
Use the key on the mirrored door in front of the desk and you are done. For some reason 2 more items appear in your inventory.

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