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From the creator of Sphere Core and Cube Core we are proud to present you Prism Core. In this room escape point and click game you have to find your way out of the room by solving puzzles and collecting items. Be sure to look everywhere for those items.
Good luck and have fun!

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1) Select the camera.
2) Click the weird door and go inside.
3) Click the right arrow until you reach an area with 2 barrels and a plant pot. Click the barrel that says Comp to get a handful of dense compost.
4) Go right once, and click the down arrow. Click the semi transparent pyramid until it says Violet light. Go right to the area with the beaker and the hook on the wall.
5) Now you can see the key outline on the hook with the UV light. Take a picture of it with the camera.
6) Go right. Put the compost in the right panel. Put the key picture in the left. Press the button and get the key.
7) Go left twice to the drain area. Use the key on the lock that's on the drain. Open the drain.

There are actually 3 ways to escape. If you use the genetic data, you need to use the species machine to get out, and if you use the power core, you need to copy the gear and set the power core under it as you get the different colored lights.

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  1. I think my version may have ahd a bug coz it wouldnt even let me use the camera

  2. thats coz u didnt drag the camera over the key outline

  3. it wouldn't let me put the key pic in the barrel or the pot

  4. u put the key pic in the transmat, u get the dirt,the matirial to creat the key, from the barrel, the pic goes in the left side of the transmat and the dirt in the right side of the transmat

  5. I can't find the goddamn lock!

  6. i wanna walk through for the other two items

  7. please i am doing the power core one and i cant put the red light infused power core into the transet machine cause the screwdriver pic is there


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