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Tedy Beans is a Japanese Room Escape Game.
In this game you need to escape the room by collectimg items an solving puzzles.
Good Luck!

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Click on the second option to start the game, the first option is just a story which i dun unds. haha

Click on the bird on the sofa. Zoom on it an get the paper-like thing from it

Click on the purple bowl to get the red thingy

Click on bottle of sunflower seed next to it

Click on the purple drawer to take the Diary. Zoom on it to see a picture of a girl and a hamster. lol

Click on the pink drawer to get the numbers(passwords)

Click on the yellow drawer to get a bottle of water

Click on the green drawer to get a box

Zoom in on the box and use the number +389+ on it to open it(flower bead)

Click on the hamster tank and click on the hamster and the hamster water feeder hanging on the tank

Zoom in on the water feeder and use the bottle of water on it to fill it up and click the water feeder in the tank again(no idea wad it does but the words written hav a word “full” in it)

Use the red thingy on the potato like thing beside the hamster’s bowl in the tank to get a square bead. Edit: if you don’t give the piece of paper to the hamster, you can’t get the square bead with the red thingy from the sand.

Use the hamster and click the bottom of the drawers, it will search for u(star bead)

Btw u can click on the paper-like thing and use it on the hamster in the cage, u will see a picture of a hamster eating it or smth, not sure wad it does tho

Use the hamster on the curtains and it will search for u (orange bead)

Click on the plant on top of the tank and once again, use the hamster on the soil, it will search for u (purple diamond shaped bead)

Zoom in on the bracelet that u got at first, then just click it and it wil work its magic and ur done!

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