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3 Cats X'mas Escape aka Operation Three Cats Christmas Escape is a point and click room escape game from creators of Operation Escape of Three Cats.
In this game you need to find objects and solve puzzles in order to free the cats.
Good Luck!!!

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Walkthrough for escape through window

though you will find a lot of items, you only will need the following . .

1) Find all 5 numbers for the book case
Number for red book: underneath the X-mas stocking
Number for yellow book: underneath edge of carpet
Number for green book: find wooden plank beside bookshelf (left) and click on right side of it. It will turn and reveal the number
Number for purple book: Go to kitchen and get the towel. Turn on the water and wet the towel. Go back to main room and find the right screen to click on the table in the middle. Click again and you will find a smudged number underneath. Clean it with wet towel.
Number for blue book: Take plastic wrap out of lowest kitchen drawer. Click on it. It will dispense a sheet. Click on this and it will transform into a ball. Now go to kitten basket and give the ball to the kitten. It will leave the basket and you can see the blue number inside the basket.

2) At Book shelf
Click on the big cat that is on your screen below. Another kitten will appear. Click on the blue book (you do know which one, don’t you?) and the book will open. Read it! It’s very interesting, because it is written in Japanese and I did not understand a word of it. Now click on the yellow book, then the red book, then the green and last on the purple book. It will open! Get the book mark!

3) Code for number lock at door beside kitchen door
Click on bookmark and it will turn to reveal two 4-digit numbers. Take the last number and key it into the numberlock and press ok. The door will open.

4) To find ashtray..
Continue through the hallway that just opened. At the main door get the umbrella. Zoom in umbrella, open it and get the key. Return to the kitchen and open the second drawer that was closed. Inside is the ashtray.

5) Prepare for escape
Go to fire place and get the poker. Poke the fire and a log will fall in front of it. Get the log and place it on the floor in front of the window, beside the kitten’s basket. Take the wooden plank (with the green number on it) and put it on top of the log. Now it looks like a see-saw. Get the ashtray and place it on the plank (on our side). The next step is a bit tricky and you will need to click a lot of times till things get moving: Click on the big cat, till two kittens appear. By clicking, convince them to jump onto the plank. The ashtray will smash the window and….you will escape!

Walkthrough for escape through the front door

‘walkthrough for escape through the window’. And notice that you’ll need to find and look at all the coloured numbers for the books and the bookmark, otherwise it will not work!

2) Switch on the lights of the X-mas tree! The plug is to be found left, beside the tree. Now get the golden key from the tree!

3) Enter the second number into the number lock, and enter the bedroom with the golden key. Stay there and…

3) Click on the big cat in front of the screen and two kittens will appear. Click on the black and white kitten and then on the lamp shade. The lamp will fall over and a grey key can be collected.

4) Leave the bedroom and go to the front entrance. Use the grey key to open the wardrobe. Get the wooden box from the top shelf.

5) Zoom in this wooden box and click onto very left panel. It will move a bit. Click at the adjoining panel and the next and so on…..till you will find the key card. Use it on the front door and ….you did escape!

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