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Tofu Turkey is an adventure game.
Use WASD keys to move and spacebar for action.
You take the role of a lone Turkey in charge of building a fake Turkey made of Tofu to save your friends from the humans.
Good Luck!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. Talk to the turkey above you until he finished what he said. After that talk to him again and he'll give you a Map. After you have the Map, exit the house.

2. Once outside, go right one screen. In here use the action button on every pile until you get 170 Turkets, and the Turkey beak.

3. Go up one screen and get the Musket.

4. Go down two sqaures and then go left two squares until you reach the bottom left corner of the map. Enter the house in the middle.

5. Inside the Japanese themed house, talk to the Turkey inside until he asks you for Wasabi.

6. Exit the house and head 2 screens to the right, and enter The Sushi and talk to the Chef. Click on "Buy" and he'll give you Wasabi.

7. Talk to the Turkey closest to the chef, until he tells you a Drink combination.

8. Head back to the Japanese Turkey's house and trade the wasabi for Tofu.

9. Exit the house, and enter the other house above the last one. (where the road ends)

10. Talk to the Turkey there until he says he wants peacock feathers in exchange for his turkey feathers.

11. Head 2 screens to the right and enter the Pub.

12. Talk to the bartender and click the drinks the Turkey in the sushi bar told you (Bourbon, Angostura, Whiskey, Lemon and Cuban Rum).

13. The Bartender will tell you the password for the Underground shop, "qwerty"

14. Head outside and enter the Shop.

15. Once inside, talk to the Storekeeper and click on "Shop" and buy the chest., After you have bought the chest, talk to the shopkeeper again and click on "Talk"

16. In the following screen, type the password: *qwerty* (no caps)

17. Buy all the items available. And click "Done"

18. Go outside and head 2 screens to the left and enter the rightmost house.

19 Talk to the old man and you trade the Peacock feathers for the turkey feathers (Pick them up from the table)

20. Go outside and go up one screen. You should be in the graveyard.

21. Use the action key (space) to open the gate and enter the graveyard.

22. Once inside, grab the Turkey legs sticking out of the grave.

23. Enter the gravekeepers house and talk to the gravekeeper. He'll trade you the Musket (gun) for the shovel.

24. Pick up the shovel

25. Talk to the ghost in the bottle on the bottom of the house. He'll put fire inside your bottle.

26. Exit the gravekeepers house and step on the bottom left grave.

27. Once there, Click the items button on the top right corner of the screen and select the shovel.

28. You should have dug up the turkey coat. (make sure the turkey is exactly over the grave)

29. Now go right one screen, up one screen and left one screen.

30. Enter the Lab

31. once inside, talk to the Scientist.

32. Exit the Lab

33. Go right 2 screens and down 2 screens and enter the Pub

34. Once inside the Pub, talk the the second turkey from the left (excluding the bartender)

35. After he says he'll make you fake eyes , you need the ingredients. Head outside the Pub.

36. Once outside, open your items and click the chest. You'll find 30 Turkets inside. After that, enter the Shop

37. Talk to the shopkeeper and choose "Shop"

38. Buy the following items: Golf ball, Raisins, Eyedrops, red string.

39. After that, head back to the Pub and talk to the same turkey (secon from the left)

40 If done correctly you should have: The Bottle with the Fire, Golf ball, Raisins, Eye Drops, and Red String

41. The turkey should give you the fake eyeballs.

42. Exit te Pub and head the the top left corner of the map and enter the Lab.

43. Talk to the scientist and he'll trade the real eyes for the fake ones.

44. You should now have completed the fake turkey. Go to the center of the Map and enter the Main House

45. Talk to the trkey in the middle and see the final clip.

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