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Tork is an adventure game.
You're about to crash land on an alien planet where they don't even speak normal. You'll need to learn their hieroglyphic language to get your ship repaired and win the game.
Good Luck!!!

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1. float down
2. float to your right then up
3. get near the one-eyed creature to acquire a symbol, this symbol means "swear".
4. respond to the creature with the same symbol. it will float to the chamber downstairs follow it there

5. float to the chamber to your left and talk to the creature with the swear symbol. it will respond to you. the symbol you will get means "bad"
6. follow it to the chamber to your left. it will use a green symbol, it means open. always use this symbol on the ducts with the hairy thingies, and they will suck you into another chamber.
7. use the green symbol on the hairy thingies again, and it will lead you to another chamber.
8. float down and you will see a red symbol. this symbol means "berries"
9. float down again and follow the creature with the basket to the left chamber.
10. wait for it to do something. it will use a new symbol plus "berries". the new symbol means "take".
11. float all the way to right until you meet a dead end. you will acquire a new symbol which means "cook".
12. return to the chamber where you took the berries and float down. follow the creature with the basket.
13. the creature will stop in front of a blue floating creature carrying something. you will get a new symbol which means "food". follow their conversation carefully. then trade your berry with the food using "give" + "berry" will have to carry this kind of conversation all throughout the game.
14. float upwards
15. float to you right, you will find a vortex that will suck you in.
16. in this chamber you'll find another symbol. this symbol means vision. use the "take" symbol plus "vision" and you will get your first vision.
17. in the vision you will get another symbol which means "petal"
18. after waking from the vision, use "open" to return.
19. when you've returned, float two chambers to the right, until you reach the first intersection and then float down.
20. get sucked into the vortex again and get your second vision.
21. after the vision return to the intersection and float right.
22. enter the last vortex and get another vision. after that, float to the right, you'll find a creature having a hard time entering the next chamber. you'll get another symbol which means "help".
23. float down and you'll find creatures picking petals. talk to them and they'll give you a symbol which means "money".
24. float down again and you'll see the same symbol which means "cook". float near the stove and combine the symbols "cook" and "food".
25. after cooking your food, float to the intersection where you found the creature who asks for help.
26. float three chambers to your left, the chamber where you find a hanging green plant just after the next intersection.
27. float up and you'll find a creature selling "money". get it by "give"+"cook"+"food".
28. go back to the creature trading petals and trade "money" for a "petal".
29. float all the way up, and then float to the right.
30. get sucked in through the hairy thingies and it will spit you out into a chamber in your vision. you will get a symbol which means "dream".
31. float two chambers to your right and you'll find the creature that zaps the others. use "give"+"petal" to get a dream.
32. go back to the very first creature you've encountered and "give"+"dream". after changing to its normal state, it will give you another symbol which means "nightmare"
33. go back to the creature who was asking for help. give the cyclop plant the nightmare ("give"+"nightmare") and float to the chamber to your right. You will see a small version of the creature at the intersection. follow it.
34. once you're out, the bigger creature will give you another symbol which means "follow"...and that's exactly what you should do. it will lead you to the queen's chamber.
35. follow them until the queen gives out the symbol for help. Once she gives it, then reply with the symbol for "follow". the queen will follow you anywhere you go.
36. lead her to the spaceship.

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