Twinkle Walkthrough


Twinkle is a point and click room escape game.
Find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

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Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Click through text with Star
Click down arrow for table, take Note, click bottom right corner and take Key.
Use key on piano
Click through text from fairies
Go right
Search desk drawers and take Pencil, Scissors, Cable, and Photographic Paper
Use Paper and Cable on printer
Go right
Search drawers for Thread and Mirror
Get musical Score from bottom shelf and left of bottom shelf
Go right
Search right drawer for postcard and key
Click up to see clock for clue, then return
Enter kitchen
Search cabinet, under sink, and in fridge for Bread, Tea, Teapot, Teacup, Kettle, Blueberry Jam, and Milk
Turn on faucet and fill Kettle
Put Kettle on stove and turn on stove
Use tea, then Kettle on Teapot
Use Teapot, then Milk on Teacup
Use Bread with microwave
Use Jam then Teacup with Bread
Go to piano
Use Teacup with Pink fairy
Use Magical Remote on TV for stuffed animal instructions
Go to computer and use Silver Key on locked drawer, take DVD
Use DVD on player, get a screen of times
Translate times using semaphore (Translation: THE PASSWORD IS RAINDROP)
Use password on computer (all lowercase)
Print Image
Give Image to Yellow fairy
Give postcard to Orange fairy, get Toilet Paper
Use Toilet Paper on broken window, then Star, then Orange fairy again
Use Mirror on Green fairy
Use Pencil on Paper, then use Scissors
Use Pattern (Paper) on Cloth, then Thread, then Cotton
Use Stuffed Animal on Red fairy
Use Needle on Blue fairy, then use Paper
Use Blue fairy's signature on Purple fairy
Click the fairies in order of: Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Green, Blue
You're done!

Source: EscapeGames24

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  1. But how do u use tea, and kettle on teapot how do u do that!!!

  2. Same here. How do you 'use' things?

  3. yeah me too i did the boil twater,bake bread stuff but how do use stuff that in your invotory on other stuff in yor invotory?

  4. Click on an item so you can see a yellow box surrounding it. That means you have selected the item.
    To use one item with another click one item (highlight it) then click on "about item". then highlight the other item and click the one on the screen.

    -fill the kettle with water from the sink and place on stove to boil.
    -place tea and boiled waer into in teapot then select cup and click on "about item"
    -select teapot in your inventory and click on cup
    -bake bread in microwave and place jam then combine with tea cup

    hope i made sense

  5. The cup and bread isnt combining..

  6. How do you use the bread and tea cup?


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