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Twoon Exit with αpa is another room escape game.
You have to point and click correct place in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

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-circle right, zoom in on glass, from one side: zip knife, and from other side: microscope, paper.
-click second drawer: write down pattern of black/white bottles. Zoom out.
-click third drawer, click *just right of zoom out arrow*: blue disk. Zoom out.
-click bottom drawer: energy cell.
-item info microscope, click on picture several times, get lens.
-zoom out, zoom into pipes. Connect red pipe.
-circle right twice (facing 2 tubes). Click on left side of left tube near bottom grey key.
-click on right side of left tube near bottom: paper.
-click on left side of right tube and zoom in twice. Select lens, then click on *left* shadow on wall twice to see a number. Write it down, zoom out fully.
-click on right side of right tube near bottom and zoom in: paper.
-circle right to cabinet again. Select grey key, open cabinet: doll, box, paper. Zoom out.
-Item Info doll, select zip knife, click twice: blue card.
-click top drawer to blue box, zoom in. Code is number from lens in order of first, third, second, and last digits. Open box: pliers. Zoom out.
-move to elevator, zoom to open elevator, put pliers inside. Zoom to panel beside elevator. Select pliers, open panel. Push button to send elevator to other room.

-zoom in on stand: umbrella. Zoom out.
-circle left, click right legs of table, zoom into back right leg: paper. Zoom out 3 times.
-zoom to elevator, take out pliers.
-Item info umbrella, click to open: paper. Repeat. Select pliers, use on umbrella twice. Zoom out.
-circle left, click on right side of safe by wall. Zoom in twice. Select umbrella: grey key. Zoom out.
-click safe, open: paper. Zoom out 2 times.
-click second row of shelf near safe: paper.
-circle left twice, click on left shelf, zoom to look in brown boxes: blue bottle bottom left box, right box on 2nd shelf: blue key.
-move to look at right shelf, zoom to brown boxes: cup bottom middle. Zoom to top row shelf, click on top left corner of books: screwdriver. Zoom out to see computer desk.
-open top left drawer, click on back of drawer (it falls out), zoom in: red bottle. Zoom out.
-open bottom left drawer, select “screwdriver”, click bottom of drawer: card reader. Zoom out.
-Select grey key, use on lock for right side drawers.
-open top right drawer: paper. Zoom out.
-open middle right drawer: wheel. Zoom out fully.
-circle back to safe. Select wheel, attach to outside of safe. Turn safe wheel according to the directions on paper (2 paper that have colour boxes in right room: each turn moves 3 squares in the direction of the turn to colour squares shown. Red dot indicates squares with items following arrow directions) Short answer is clockwise, counterclockwise, open safe: red card. Zoom out. Press red “reset” button in middle of wheel.
-counterclockwise twice: paper. Zoom out. Press “reset”.
-clockwise 5 times, one counterclockwise: green bottle. Zoom out.
-Go to elevator, and send blue key to other room.

-take out blue key, put box into elevator and send.
-zoom in on power box with lever. Use blue key. Game where pattern must match pattern of black/white bottles from drawer, then click exit. Pull down lever.
-Zoom in on top of power box, then on left top: paper. Zoom out.

-Take box out of elevator. Item info box. Select screwdriver. Click on box repeatedly (may need to switch to pliers and use, then back to screwdriver: box opens and energy converter is put together. Send energy converter back to left room.

-take energy converter from elevator. Attach it to energy cell. Zoom to top of master computer, and attach unit to machine. Zoom to left unit: paper. Zoom out.
-Insert blue disk into master computer. Zoom out.
-Click on screen of master computer to load. Enter Ingredient Parameter, and use the numbers on the pages in Japanese to input a formula ratio (divide formula in half and make it twice: clearer in a bit). Hit ok, and it will send the data. Also hit Data Forward.

-Item info paper. Copy 4 stickmen onto own paper: code to open computer. Side arrow switch to paper with lots of stick men. This is way to de-code 4 letters for computer password. Pictures in alphabetical order going across the columns. Pattern of heads in coloums is open, target, black repeating. Arm pattern is up, down, right up, right down repeating in alphabetical order. Leg pattern repeats in same order for the five shapes. Find the letter that is same as your 4-man code (copy code to paper and fill in easy).
-go to computer, click on left side of computer, select card reader and connect. Select red card, click on card reader. Zoom out.
-zoom in on red button on computer, type 4-letter code in. Click okay.
-Enter data copy. Exit, take out card, swipe card at door.

-swipe card at door, and you’re out!!

A DEFORMED PERSON IS THE RESULT: believe that if the formula is correctly made, and then created and drank in the right room, then 2 normal people would escape.

Solución en Español: El Comentario

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  1. Hey!! I did good until I got to the part where U have to open the wood box!! It doesn't open!! :( Where exactly do I have to click at it, please

  2. i got the box open but couldnt attach the battery cell how dya do it ???????

  3. how did you open that box? it wont open to me


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