Another Christmas Escape Walkthrough


Another Xmas Escape is a point and click escape the room game.
You are Santa and you need to escape the jail by finding items and solve puzzles.
Good Luck!!!

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Another Christmas Escape Walkthrough - Solution
Go right once and click the drawings on the wall. count the stripes (both horizontal and vertical strips!).


Go right twice and enter the four numbers and get the glass plate

Click a little above the bottem left corner of the save and get a pincer

Turn left and use the pincer on the wires and put the glass plate on top of the spikes and ring the bell

Go right twice and get the lemon. You can also get the cup with liquid but that won’t get you any further..

Use the wires on the lemon and go back to the bell.

Click above the bell and open the hole with the pincer and get a plastic bomb

Go to the weak wall and use the plastic bomb and then the wired lemon

Go right, click the empty box and use the pincer to get the wire

Go left once and use the wire on the left most bar and go in the hole, and get the key

Use the Key on the door and you´re out!!!

Another Walkthrough
Look to wall with drawings and get the code 7548;
Enter the code at keypad, get the glass;
Look left corner of square with blood, get tehe pincers;
Use pincers in wires at lightbulb. Get wires;
Use the glass over the spikes, ring the bell;
Click over bell, use the pincers in the wall, get the bomb;
Get the lemon;
Use the bomb at the weak wall;
Put wires in the lemon;
Use lemon with wires at the bomb;
Click the box to put ir under rope;
Use the pincers at rope;
Tie the rope in the rods;
Get red key;
Use red key at door;


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