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Bon Voyage is the last point and click game from Gotmail.
In this game you need to find the way of escape.
Good Luck!!!

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Bon Voyage Walkthrough - Solution
1. get battery by opening double doors and looking behind right door.

2. get screwdriver to drop by opening and closing small leftmost top window.

3. pick up screwdriver by going to other side of table w/ tablecloth and moving the chair all the way in.

4. get camera by examining battery and using screwdriver on it.

5. take TWO pictures of lighthouse beacon with camera.

6. Use 5-digit code on one photo one bottom of painting near double doors, then drag painting to left to reveal another geometric painting. Note locations of colors in pentagon in middle of painting.

7. Get light bulb from lamp next to that painting.

8. Put light bulb into round stone to the right of single door.

9. Examine newly lit area for the word "travel" and a letter.

10. Get stag beetle by opening right side of bottom left cupboard and clicking on back wall of the cupboard.

11. examine stag beetle to reveal it as a USB device.

12. Put beetle back where you got it, and mechanism unlocks.

13. Look behind urn immediately to left of single door to see what was unlocked: open chamber, then open the smaller area in back wall to get mobile phone.

14. place mobile phone on the table you can't get under to reveal another clue: ".jp"

15. Attached to one of the rocks on the floor (not the lit one) is a fossil. get it with screwdriver.

17. get handle from double door with screwdriver.

18. Single blue door opens with repeated tries with screwdriver.

19. go to right side of well, near floor, and insert fossil to stop water.

20. get fossil back.

21. go to left side of well. Inside trench are two holes. Insert handle.

22. go back to main room. Look out window with horse statue visible, and note order of colors from beacon.

23. Go to cupboard with cocktail glasses, and open that cabinet by clicking on the little knob.

24. inside bottom shelf of glass cabinet, enter color code from beacon.

25. get UV paint.

26. Look inside urns: one will have a UV flashlight.

27. Examine flashlight and turn it on.

28. Put UV paint into urn nearest single door.

29. Move lamp resting on cabinets to turn off lights.

30. use uv flashlight on floor near spilled UV paint, and note location of symbols in pentagon.

31. turn the lights back on.

32. cross-reference symbols on pentagon with colors on geometric painting and colored beacon to get order of symbols.

33. go to single door and examine wall directly in front of you when you open the door.

34. Use mobile phone to see symbols, and press them in order from step 32.

35. go down well.

36. put fossil in depression.

37. examine your OTHER photo to get another letter, and click little square at intersection between the letter from photo and the letter from step 9.

38. get laptop from center podium.

39. get multi-pronged adapter from beneath one of the tables.

40. get surge-protector from tall cabinet (second to right). Click near the bottom of the cabinet to see it.

41. go under table with yellow cloth on it. near wall, see receptacle.

42. examine multi adapter and click it to orient it so that two round prongs are pointing AWAY from you.

43. insert multi adapter to 2-hole receptacle under table.

44. attach surge protector to multi adapter.

45. go back to bottom left cabinet to get the stag beetle/USB device back.

46. Examine laptop and use beetle on it.

47. Use laptop on surge protector.

48. in laptop interface, click on beetle icon to get letter grid. click letter grid to see staircase configuration. This gives you the clue: "gotmail"

49. exit laptop and get beetle back.

50. put beetle back together (no usb visible).

51. move urn near laptop to reveal mousehole. insert beetle.

52. back away, then examine mouse hole again to get beetle back, now in possession of blue key.

53. get blue key from beetle.

54. open middle leftmost cabinets.

55. use blue key on one of the drawers right below that cabinet.

56. from steps 9, 14, and 48, enter "", and new browser window will open. Scroll to bottom to get clue "crete"

57. back down well, look above stone letter grid and flip switch to reveal darkened room.

58. with flashlight, examine ceiling above each podium, looking for triangle. Note which podium is marked with triangle.

59. back out and flip that switch again.

60. go to triangle-marked podium and enter code "crete".

61. Enjoy anti-climactic ending.

Source: Escape Games 24

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  1. Steps 54 and 55 don't seem to work. Every time I try to click the drawer with the key it zooms out. I've tried it several different ways, am I missing something?

  2. Excuse me, but I am not sure how to "cross reference" the Pentagonal thing, the colour beacon or the geometric painting. (to make matters worse, Where IS the painting?)


  3. hello~~
    i cannot find out the camere~~
    i have moved the chair!? nothing happened !?
    can u help me!?

  4. If the little sound at the end is the ending, this sucks.

  5. I cant find the laptop. I go down the well use the code and enter. I use the UV torch and can see stars but no laptop. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!


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