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Bubble Room is a point and click escape the room game by the creator of Polleke's Room, Polleke's Garden, TLFMER and Head-Fi.
Good Luck!!!

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Bubble Room Walkthrough
1.Go right twice collect hammer
2.drag the hammmer onto the the strawberries
3.Collect strawberry juice
4.Turn right twice
5.drag hammer ontop of the apples
6.collect apple juice
7.go right
8.drag hammer ontop of the banana
9.collect banana juice and put them all in the bottle on the table
10.drink the juice u just made and it will say it makes u feel strong
11.go right and drag the picture upwards and get the code
12.use this code to play game 1 on the computer (if u are having trouble winning type in iamslow as the password and then you only have to get a score of 50)
13.get the key for the cupboard my shaking the plant around a bit then go open the cupboard
14.get the code for game 2 or see number 12 for help but u must enter the real code first
15.at the end of game 1 and 2 you wer given 2 codes type these in for game 3
16.after u have played game 3 clik exit it will ask for a save game code if u popped all the bubbles then u get given a piece of paper with the code on type it in and press ok turn to door and u are out

bye the way them thingys fr or wateva they are called mean nothing u dont need em to complete the game

Another Bubble Room Walkthrough
Coins aren’t needed but I threw them in
pop bubble in first screen, go left
There are 3 bubbles at first in this screen, pop them
open and close the curtains many times, one bubble will appear in the middle and 3 coins will come out
Click under the computer table, there are two bubbles, one is hidden on left
grab the tree and shake to reveal a bubble, 5 coins and a key
left again, pop the two bubbles and pick up the hammer
click right corner of right couch to get another bubble
smash strawberries with hammer and collect juice
go left again, pop the two bubbles, smash the banana and collect
left again, open cabinet with key, pop last 2 bubbles and note the password, (XGAM2Y)
You will then get a password to save at the end (4921)
smash the apple and get the juice
Go right, put all the juices in the bottle and drink
go right again and grap blackboard and get new code (FGAM1R)
Go on the computer and play games with passwords
then just go out the door after saving last level YAY!

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  1. The bubble game is too fucking hard to get past. What a rip off.


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