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Escape the Cars Room is a point and click escape the room game from the creator of Ben's Sister Room.
You are trapped in a car room and you need find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

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Escape the Cars Walkthrough - Solution
-Click behind the plant on the left and get crumpled paper. Double click the paper and get first part of code.
-Turn right and get magnifying glass and bird stick.
-Read brown book to get 2nd part of the code.
-The green book states that you must sign that you know how to operate a fire extinguisher. The blue book is on Chinese characters. (Thanks, lau and haku, for the translations!)
-Right again and pick up scarf with the bird stick and then get the orange car.
-Use the scarf on the statue and click the bottom to reveal a hole.
-Right twice. Keep clicking on the tissues until the come out and reveal a blue key.
-Get green bottle.
-Use blue key on the cabinet to get brown bottle.
-Do NOT use the bottles on the pet food bowl until you get the correct amount of each. If you put them in before, you may have to restart the game.
-Click bottom right corner of the right pillow to get a red box with a silver key.
-Input the code from the first piece of paper and from the brown book in the computer.
-Complete the puzzle. The goal is to connect each colored square with the other, but not crossing over the path of other colors.
( Thanks to mbro for helping out with the solution!
-Now the brown circle beside the desk has 3 colors. You must find the correct order to get the pen. The code varies by game.
-Use the pen in the green book. Now you can use the fire extinguisher.
-Use the fire extinguisher to get the correct herbal recipe for the pet food.
-You can now make the red car turn. Turn it until you see the back and stop it. Click the bottom left corner of the license plate. It will zoom in and get the spoon.
-Click the license plate to get a code. You can now also see this code in the crystal ball.
-Use the code on the gray box on the bookshelf. Get purple gem.
-Put in the correct amount of brown and green herbs in the pet dish. Use the spoon on the food when you're done.
-Go back to the hole under the statue and click it. A turtle will come out.
-When he reaches the food bowl, click on him and get 2 game pieces.
-Use the magnifying glass on each piece to reveal a character.
-You must use the red piece on the glass pane to the left of the red car and the blue piece on the glass pane to the right of the car.
-I am not sure if this varies, but I put my red piece in the upper left corner and my blue piece around the bottom right corner.
-Click the light above the red car to make it disappear.
-Click the showroom floor to reveal a secret door. Use the silver key.
-Complete the bell puzzle. You must click the bells to get the squares all raised.
-Get car key
-Place the orange car on the showroom floor.
-Use the car key to turn on the car.
-Turn until you see the door with the 2 statues.
-Click each statue and you will notice one is missing a gem. Insert the purple gem.
-Click the doors and you're out!

Source: Escape Games 24

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