Esklavos Chapter 11 Walkthrough


Federico Rutenberg presents Esklavos C11.

Ungo and his friends are “about to start the biggest battle in the planet history: the march toward Okrul! The army is ready but the observation post of the Uros must be neutralized first.”
Good Luck!!!

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Esklavos Chapter 11 Walkthrough - Solution
-select Noreina and click on the door
-drag the flute onto the Uro and compose the sleep melody
-click the sun
-drag the flute on the sun and compose the reverse sun melody (it starts raining)
-select Ungo and click the frog
-select Noreina and click the frog
-select Ungo and click the branch
-select Noreina and drag the flute onto Ungo; compose the jump melody
-before you enter the tower, you should note down the gibberish above the door; I’m not sure if it’s random or not; in my case it was “eled num dej”
-click the door
-drag the flute onto the energy beam
-compose the reverse illuminate melody
-watch the scene and note what the Uro says; this one IS aleatory, so you’re on your own here
-now go out by the door on the left
-select Ungo and take some sap
-come in the tower again
-put sap on the floor and on the wardrobe lock
-have Noreina compose the reverse illuminate song again
-open the wardrobe and take all the stuff minus the papers
-assemble the mirror with the remaining sap
-note down again what Noreina says about the tapestry; for me it was “dunoh imah ifra”
-now you can assemble all the code you have; what you heard from the Uro should be placed first (it’s a password or something), then the part above the door from outside, then part from the tapestry.
-translate all of that stuff in that order with the antique Uro book
-compose it on the machine
-select Ungo and place the sticky mirror on the roof...To be continued

Another Walkthrough:
- click Noreia, then sun
- knock door, drag flute to Uroz, and play "sleep"
- click Noreia, drag flute to sun, and play "sun" backwards
- quickly, click the frog while Ungo is active, he jumps up the tree; again quickly, click the frog while Noreia is active, she writes down a "jump" song
- let Ungo go up the branch
- let Noreia play "jump"
- go inside
- click on energy while Noreia is active, she writes down "illuminate"
- drag flute to energy and play "illuminate" backwards
- go out and let Ungo get the green sap on the tree
- go back in and let Ungo put the sap next to machine and put sap on lock
- Noreia plays "illuminate" backwards again
- the Uro cleans his feet at wardrobe, it is now open
- get mirror, liquid, and book
- let Ungo use sap on mirror
- Noreia on machine: type in the code, there are three parts; 1st part is what the Uro says when he comes down, 2nd part is the inscriptions outside, 3rd part is on the tapestry; after typing in the code, zoom out
- if you typed the code correctly, the energy beam should now disappear
- let Ungo use the mirror on the ceiling and you're done

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