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GOP is a point and click escape the room game.
You can play the game in Japanese or English.
Good Luck!!!

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GOP Walkthrough - Solution
Turn right and read Japanese/English Dictionary. Note that it mentions Paragraph, Line, Word, Letter. Also it talks about rebuses.
-Pick up Ninja notecard.
-Open closet and get Guardian Ghost notecard from the purple coat. Note the lock on the drawer.
-Continue right and get the piggy bank from the right side drawer in the TV/DVD console.
-Go into the Kitchen.
-Get slice of bread from the top cabinet.
-Note the Morse Code in the 2nd drawer on the left side.
-Read the 3 notes on the wall. The 3rd note will get you to a Morse Code site. Decipher the Code. This is the username.
-Turn on the stove. Use toast on the stove to burn it.
-Leave the kitchen and go to the bed.
-Click the sash on the left curtain to untie it.
-Click the headboard to get to the tissue box.
-Remember the 2nd note from the kitchen? You must click the tissues and curtains in the correct order.

White = tissue (curtain open)
Grey = tissue (curtain closed)
Green = curtain (open)
Black = curtain (closed)
Orange = garbage bin

-You will see a piece of paper float down if you've clicked correctly.
-Go into the garbage bin and get Zashiki-Warashi notecard.
-Time to crack some codes!
-Each notecard has 3 lines (each line corresponds with one number of the code). Each 4-digit unit represents the Paragraph, Line, Word, and Letter of that particular character. For example, 4-4-1-1 for ZW means:
The 4th paragraph
The 4th line
The 1st word
The 1st letter of that word. Deciphering this, you find this is the letter "T". If you continue on, you will find the next 4 digit code is "W", and the is "O". Therefore, the first number of the code is 2. I deciphered her number to be "298", however, "297" is what has worked for me.
-Continuing with this you will get the 3 digit numbers for all.
-ZW's drawer = key and DVD.
-GG's drawer = papers
-Read the paper. It says "More Light".
-Ninja's drawer = scroll.
-Use the paper on the window. Now it says "Put water on blue paper".
-Use the key on the locked drawer in the closet and get the lingerie.
-Use the lingerie on the Ninja to make him sweat.
-Use the paper on his sweat beads.
-Now the paper reads "Put fire on the pink paper".
-Use the scroll on the Ninja.
-Use toast on Ninja.
-When he has a flame in his hand, use the paper.
-Learn the Death Move.
-Give the Death Move to the Guardian Ghost.
-When he learns it, use the piggy bank on him and he will smash the piggy bank.
-Check the shattered contents and find the password.
-Insert the DVD into the player. Decipher the rebus.
-The first note in the kitchen is a hint.
-There is a log over the number 2 = Log onto...
-Input your three answers into the computer.
-You're out!

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