Merry X'mas Walkthrough


This is a Walkthrough for Merry X'mas, a Kind of room escape game.
Find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

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Merry X'mas Walkthrough - Solution - Cheats
Take pompom off sock
Move plants to get lighter
Light candle on bookshelf
Turn on star decoration on floor
Put pompom on Santas scarf
Light candles on shelf & click above to get key
Click base on tree in picture of Xmas trees and they light up
Get plate from cupboard
Open little house on bookshelf and get E and turn on lights
Place E on door
Get knife from behind cake and cut a slice
Lift carpet by dog, give plate and cake
Get L from plants and place on door
Get N from decoration by door and place
Now the next bit seems to be turning off and on lights for things to happen. If it doesnt work first time, try again.
Check dog, lift carpet and turn off lights, check room and then come back turn on lights and dog eats cake. Remove plate
Turn off lights again go round room and turn on lights dog moved
Find O under round carpet and place in door
Turn off lights go round room switch on lights and dog has key
Open drawer by table get present
Turn off lights and go round room, see light display and exit door.

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  1. um which candle do i click above i have no idea where to click not very detailed walkthrough its very confusing


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