Mission Stage 1-2-3 Walkthrough


Mission Stage 1 is the first episode of Japanese point and click escape the room game.
In this game you need to find items and solve some puzzles in order to escape from the company.
Good Luck!!!

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Mission Stage 1-2-3 Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Mission 1
Get blue book

Turn right put blue book in top drawer.

Open bottom drawer get key.

Use key in the meeting room where the tv is at.

Get a flashlight.

Use flashlight at the computer drawer.

get a stamper.

Use stamper on the stack of papers. mission 1 completed.

Mission 2
get a blue memory card in the top drawer which i put into a printer and it printed a picture out
then i place the picture into a frame at the computer and got a sheet of paper

I oso got a metal stick beneath the chair under the table

i oso got a match in the meeting room at the ashtray

i got a white string thing and a blue plug in the kitchen, I combined the both of them to form something which i assume is a candle

Use the stick and click on the top left of the kitchen cabinet to get the match box

Use the match with the match box

Zoom in on the candle and use the match box on the top of the wick

use the paper with the candle and words appear which seems to say smth like “remove the 3s”. Look at the calendar and do it with the circled numbers to get the code.

go to the computer, the code is :61125270

Mission 3
Get the thumbdrive, pen, book, ruler(orange stick) on the table.

Use the thumbdrive with the CPU and get a number : 910

Get a piece of name card in the top drawer and a piece of paper in the brown bag beneath it. Place the paper in the book

Use the name card and click on the red thingy on the table

Click beneath the desk, use the ruler to remove the pale yellow bookmark

Go on screen to the right and click on the blue book. Bookmark it so u can turn it to get a key

Use the key for the cupboard beneath the tv in the conference room. Like just now, place it in the book.

Go to the filing cabinet, open the bottommost one and get some pencil leads. use it with the pencil.

Use the pencil on the name card(paper with a pencil picture) to get the number : 014

Get a piece of paper in the dustbin and place it in the book as well. u get the number : 410

Go to the computer and type in the code : 014910410

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