Mission Stage 2 Walkthrough


Mission Stage 2 is the sequel of Mission Stage a point and click escape the room game.
In this game you need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

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Mission Stage 2 Walkthrough - Solution
Hook under bed
Key in diary by bed
Open drawer by computer & get screwdriver
Fix cupboard in kitchen & use hook to get planks
Fix crack on wall near bed

Get yellow card under bed
Gloves in kitchen cupboard. Use on tap and fill pan with water.
Fill kettle and get blue card
Get dart from desk and use on dart board and get orange card.
Pink card under desk
Get order of numbers from under right side of desk and open safe
Get cable for kettle in kitchen

Pen from desk
Key from blue book
Ink refills from cabinet by computer
Brown book under sink (need numbers later)
Duster from under window & use on top of bookcase for cable
Plug in heater and read code on window
Get stamp from safe on brown cabinet
Key from under rug by bed & letter from & paper from bedside cabinet
Add ink to pen & write letter
Get four leaf clover from black book and add to letter
Put letter in envelope and add postcode from brown book in kitchen

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