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Rodin Gate is a Japanese point and click escape the room game.
This game is a little strange but looks interesting.
Really nice artwork and atmospheric soundtrack.
Good Luck!!!

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Rodin Gate Walkthrough - Solution
-Pick up the rope on the rocking horse. Note the key in the fan.
-Go through the open, red door and click the blue/red wires in the box in the upper corner. Then grab the wire.
-Continue forward until you get to the window. Click the bracket in the wall and climb down.
-There is a keyhole at the end of the rope, but you can’t open it. Move left/right until you reach the stairs.
-Move about this “mazelike” area and pick up an acorn and complete the candle puzzle, get them all lit to get the paper. It may take a while to get used to this maze, but just keep trying.
-Go back to the room you started and you will now notice the fan has stopped spinning and you can grab the key (wire used).
-Use the key in the keyhole at the end of the rope.
-You will see 2 fiery eys. Click the left fiery eye and it will now be in your inventory (paper used).
-Go back up the rope, back a few steps, and you will see that a new doorway is available (near 2 barrels).
-Go through the new doorway, up the stairs, to a photo. Take the gun.
-Go left and through the door in to the room with the bars and picture. Click the 4th bar from the left to break it, then click the picture to break it.
-Clicking the picture will bring you to a room with 3 doors. It is hit or miss with this room. If you select the wrong room, it keeps cycling you between the starting room, the room w/ the broken picture, and the room with 3 doors. If you do not get the 1st star piece on the first try, just keep reentering the 3 door room and choose the same room each time. You are bound to get it correct.
-There is also a new doorway opened in the room where you got the wire. Put the barrels in the three spots to open one doorway on the left to get the 2nd star piece. Rearrange the barrels to open a 2nd door on the right.
-You are now at 3 stairwells. The middle stairwell gets you your 3rd star piece once you place your gun.
-The right stairwell plants the acorn seed in the small stone “garden” in the maze.
-The left stairwell has a combination code. We well return to that later.
-Go back to the maze until you see that the acorn has flowered and there are bees there. There is a new door opened in the colum. Go inside to get your 4th star piece.
-Now return to the combination lock. The combo is 0525 (Thanks Romina and Hemingway!). I have no idea why this is the code.
-Circle around the room and click the photo on the wall. Keep clicking on that wall until it breaks and reveals the 5th star piece.
-Go up the stairs. Click the fiery eye (I think when all the planks are aligned like a walkway) and continue up.
-You will reach a star puzzle. Complete the star puzzle by creating a small star shaped void in the middle. Edit: make sure to put the big stars on the corresponding color dots. but DO NOT put the little stars on the little white dot at the end of the colored line stemming from the colored dot. put the little stars on the white dot, one spot counter clockwise, to the one at the end of the line. ie: red line has a bigger red dot on one end, and a white dot at the other end of it. put the big red star on the red dot, but the little red star on the white dot on the end of the next colored line counterclockwise to it. it doesn’t need to be exact if you did it right. a void will form and c’est fini!

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  1. I've been playing Rodin Gate sometime now. It's addicting.

    Despite not wanting to read this walkthrough I have to, cause I wouldn't beat it otherwise.


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