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The Scarlet Room is a point and click type escape the room game.
You wake up in a room and don´t remever anything.
You need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

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The Scarlet Room Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. Looking at the bed and the painting, grab the key that is on the lower bookshelf by the blue book on a tilt.

2. Click the painting's upper left corner till another key drops out.

3. Under the bed, take the piece of paper.

4. Looking at the television, click the note on the right hand of the lamp on the ceiling.

5. Looking at the window, grab the piece of paper in the trash can.

6. Open both drawers of the bureau by the door. Take out the soccer shirt from the upper drawer.

To Collect the Code for the Safe

All codes are different and change each time you mess up (as the note is written). The shapes on the note you collected in the garbage bin will tell you what order to put the numbers.

Circle is found on the back of the soccer shirt.

Square is found on the TV (it flashes briefly in the top left hand corner)

The X is found in the painting.

Triangle with the point up is found by adding all of the yellow door knobs found all around the room and either adding or subtracting (the lower drawer will tell you) the number of key locks (2). So the answer is either 9 or 5.

The triangle with the point side down is found by first changing the time on the clock to 11:35 (as per the ripped page from a book) then turning off the lights and looking at the red carpet. The ball thingy flying around outside the window will draw a number after the equals sign thats now lit up.

Enter the code in to the safe under the TV, and take the scissors.

Getting Out

Click the pouch that has the combination lock on it. Drag the scissors over to the white bit at the top of the pouch and cut the top.

Open the Nintendo thing and take the stylus from the side.

Slip the peice of paper under the door. After the creepy sounds, take the paper back, then cut it with the scissors. Put the cut paper back under the door.

Take the ripped dolly paper back and put it back under the door, then use the stylus in the keyhole to drop the key down.
Take the key and open the door.

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  1. how to change the time on the clock

  2. click the lower right side

  3. target the keyhole with the stylus first.. it shud say something..then target the paper with the scissors..

  4. WORDS are not alwez clear
    watch the VIDEO walkthrough I made at
    (5 parts)

  5. does it have any sequel?

  6. i'm pretty the sequel is Crimson Room, which is waaaay less creepy. the little red dolly things scared the crap outta me!

  7. Uuuuhhhh! My scissors won't let me cut the paper into little doll shapes! It keeps saying to use it 4 something else! What do I do?

  8. what is the x. (number)

  9. i still dont get how to get the number of the triangle with the point up

  10. link for the sequel:

  11. the creepy doll freaked me out.!!

  12. i need help with the numbers for the safe under the tv? i got all the clues i thought but it didn't work what do i do?


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