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This is a walkthrough for Silversphere.
You need to get the Silver Sphere in to the Blue Vortex before the time runs out.
Good Luck!!!

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Silversphere Walkthrough - Solution
Level 8
Push the first box over far enough for the gold ball to hit it, and then move out of the way. The gold ball will explode and then just put the other box where it goes and make your way around to the finish.

Level 9
Go to the center and push 1 of the crates (right one) to the right as a bridge for the second one. Push it to one of the gaps next to the last crate, this way you can maneuver yourself to push the last crate out of the path (up or down) to the vortex.

Level 10
first you move the top box behind the claw
then you move the second box a space behind the middle of the middle square
push the ice left then push it up
next you go around the box that is alone and push it left and then down
fill it in the water and you’re done!
There you go

Level 11
You need to move the wooden block right 3 and down one, then push the ice onto it. Then you move the wooden one again left 2 and up 1 and push the ice left. Then move the wooden one down one, right 3, up one and right to then end, then push the ice right.

Level 12
This level is all about timing.

You need to wait until the Yellow ball is on its way back to the right, maybe 1 square away from the blue square, and push it. Blue square will follow Yellow ball back to the other side and narrowly avoid collision and rest against the box on the far right if you’ve done it correctly.

Then with the same ‘timing’, get your silver ball self over to the other side without getting smashed in the head. Move the crate out of the way, wait until the Yellow Ball is almost but not quite about to turn up into the ‘L’ piece, and push the blue square back toward the left. It should rest against the metal unmovable crate. Now get yourself over there, timing again. Push the blue square south to make a bridge over the water, and voila.

Miss any of the four key timing points and its start over XD.

Level 13
Push bottom crate 4 spaces to the right.
-Push top crate up into the water.
-Push bottom crate right. Not all the way! You need to push it up!
-Push crate up between the grey squares.
-Go around so you can push the crate down again. AVOID the “ball of DEATH”!!
-Push crate down and then left.
-Push the crate up on top of the one you pushed in the water.
-Go up and push the ice cube down. Again AVOID the ball!
-Go down and push the ice cube to the left.
-Push crate up where ice cube was. Go around and push the crate down.
-Push the crate left so it’s just right of the ice cube.
-Push crate up to get around.
-Push crate down.
-You should be able to figure out the rest for yourself.

Level 14
1. Move the crate nearest to you 1 place up.
2. Go towards the golden sphere; go around the crate placed on the claw en push the other crate in the water.
3. Now push the crate located on the claw also in the water. The vortex will disappear, but you’ve made a bridge leading towards the vortex.
4. Cross the bridge and go to the ice block and push it up.
5. Now it comes down to timing, because you have to get the ice block past the golden sphere. You have to push the ice block when the golden sphere is in the upper right corner.
6. The ice block is now resting against the crate you pushed in the first step. Push the ice block down and it will make a bridge in the water.
7. Push the crate the ice block was resting against one place up.
8. Cross the bridge, get the crate and push it up, then right towards the golden sphere, but try not to hit it. Place the crate on top of the claw.
9. The vortex opens again and you can finish this frustrating level

Level 15
You have to create the bridge on the very top. Don’t look at the centre, it is only irritating.
for that you have to:

FIRST: form a bridge to the bottom centre to reach the other crates:
1.move the upper right crate down into the water go to the top , then to the left and then down to move the second upper crate. You have to push it 3 fields down. Then go around to meet the crate to your right and push it then 5 fields to the right. Now go around to meet the crate under you and push the crate into the water downwards.
Now you have created the first bridge.

SECOND: create the second bridge (which is the last one):
1.move the left bottom crate 1 field to the left
2. move it 9 fields up (be careful, don’t push it into the water yet) go around (that is 4 fields down-> 5 fields to the left-> 4 fields up-> 2 fields to the right-> 1 field up-> 3 fields to the right)
4. Now you are standing near the crate, which is to your right. Now push it into the water to the right.

5. Now return down to the last crate.
6. Push it 5 fields to the right.
7. Go around (3up, 5right, 4down, 3left, 1up)
8.push the crate back to the left.
9. Now do the same as you did with the previous crate and end the bridge.
Now you can go over and fulfil the level

Level 16
The reason you all failed so far is mainly because you’re trying to work your way through the middle island and the top of the map. The ultimate goal is to connect the lower left ‘island’ with the top left ‘island’ where the vortex is.
First, push the block next to the X so you can go through. Then, move it up so you can go to the right of it and push it against the wall. Then, push it down to align it with the X and put the block on it to activate the vortex.
Next, the ice block. You want it to end up as the first block of your bridge that connects the lower left to the top left. To do so, you have to move the middle island block to the right and push it down 1 spot so that when you push the ice block, it stops aligned with the path that go to the middle island. Then, take the bottom block and move it to the middle island so that when you push the ice block, it stops aligned with the path that goes to the bottom of the map. Then, take the block that is to the right and push it so that he is aligned with the path that goes to the bottom of the map. Then you need to go around and push it down 1 spot so that when you’ll push the ice block, it is directly aligned with the hole in the bottom wall. Then, you can take the block that the ice block was stopped by and push it through the bottom wall and put it one spot from the wall. Don’t push it all the way to the wall. Then push the ice block against it, push the ice block in the water. Then do the same with the other 2 blocks so you’ll have yourself a nice bridge.

Level 17
It’s easy. Do the topmost first and then the right then left. But wait until both yellow spheres go around and right after the 2nd one goes by do the top, put it 1 to the left of the very left claw , then the right box to the left of the middle claw then the left box on the right claw and put the others on the claws. But you need to circle the middle square thing with both other than the left box

Level 18
Move QUICKLY to first box push it right to form bridge to island. Move that box 3 spaces right. Move lower box down to form bridge over lower space. Push 2nd box down to the lower path. Go around to the left side of the lower box and push it 3 spaces to the right then up 2 spaces to path. Go back around on island and push box to the right until it stops at the “Temple”. BACK UP until 2nd gold ball explodes both boxes. Enter “Temple” and push upper box toward vortex and FINISH.

Level 19
Move the ice block right, down, left, up, right, up, left, and finally down. Leave the ice block for the moment. Line up (with the ice block) and drop all the boxes into the water areas. Send the ice block across all three boxes against the far right wall. Finally, push the ice block down into the claw thingy…all done.

Level 20
You need to maneuver the top crate to the left edge next to the other crate; this puts them next to each other so when the yellow ball hits the crates it will destroy them both. Then you’ll have the clear path to the bottom crate via the left edge. But you must do this very quickly because once you move the crate to the left edge; you have to get out of the pathway before the yellow ball. Good luck.

Level 21
To try to make this “simple”, I’m numbering the boxes B1, B2, and B3 — in the order you’d pass them if travelling to the box in the lower-left corner.
1) Move B2 down 2.
2) Move B2 to the right 1.
2) Move the ice cube to the right (into B2).
3) Move B2 up 2.
4) Move B2 to the left 1.
5) Move the ice cube up (into B2).
6) Move B1 to the right 5.
7) Move B1 down 1.
8) Move B1 to the left 1.
9) Move B1 down 1 (into the water).
10) Move B2 to the right 1.
11) Move B2 down 3.
12) Move B2 to the left 1.
13) Move B2 down 3.
14) Move B2 to the right 7.
15) Move B3 up 1.
16) Move B3 to the right 5.
17) Move the ice cube down (into B3).
18 Move the ice cube right (into B2).
19) Move B2 down 2.
20) Move B2 to the left 1.
21) Move the ice cube down (into B2).
22) Move B2 to the right 1.
23) Move B2 up 3.
24) Move B2 to the left 1.
25) Move B2 up 1 (into water).
26) Move B3 up 1.
27) Move B3 to the right 7.
28) Move B3 up 1.
29) Move B3 to the left 1.
30) Move B3 up 5.
31) Move the ice cube up (into B3).
32) Move B3 to the right 5.
33) Move B3 down 1.
34) Move B3 to the right 1.
35) Move ice cube to the right (into B3 and onto claw).
36) Move B3 down 2 (into water).
37) Proceed to vortex.

Level 22
To start you’ve basically got to beat the gold ball, clockwise, to get the crates out of the way.
1st crate - push right once and down twice. Finish on top of it. Push 2nd crate right once. Go down to next crate and push right once. Go to next crate, get underneath it and push up once, then get to the left of it.
Now rest for a second!
Go up to next crate and push left into water. Go round to 2nd crate and push that n water towards the island.
Now it gets fast again, go to 4th crate (the one bottom left) and push it down once then left until it’s at the bottom of the track on the left. Go right again (5 spaces), up, around and back under the 4th crate. Push this one all the way round the track until you can push it in the water next to the 2nd crate (towards the island).
Go to 3rd crate, push it right until it’s in the middle of the squares on the bottom right. Go around it and push it left again all the way to the other side and repeat what you did for the 4th crate. Push it in the water; you should now have a bridge to the island

Level 23
Wait ’till the yellow ball passes, then push the blue block to the right and immediately take the middle path to get to the right. Push the blue block back and get out of the way for the ball. Take the other block and push it to the left (above the last remaining block). Quickly get back to the right and take the middle path back to the left to push the block out of the ball’s way (just one up). As soon as the ball passes, push it down on top of the other block. Then again, roll the whole way around to access the right side of the block and push it to the left once. Get out of the way and let the ball do the rest….

Level 24
1) Quickly go push it the right the ice block. If you do this right when the game begins, the block shouldn’t hit the bombs and should go through the other side pretty easily. Once it’s done,
2) Walk right where the bombs are rolling and try to make your way without being hit by them at the lower shelve where the block (just beside the water) stands. Push it into the water so you can continue your trip.
3) Once on the far East side, roll up and push 1 up the ice block and leave it right there. Go back to your left to reach the other wood block (near from the place where the ice block originally was).
4) Push the wood block where the bombs are without going through them and wait there until the left-bomb crosses you (going down) and the right-bomb crosses you (going up). This is the time to move your wood block right twice and quickly go above it to push it all the way down into the water. If you do that without waiting, you should just do it before the right-bomb touches you.
5) Once on the other side of the “river”, push the wood block into the socket and take your way through this little labyrinth and push the lower block left (to create an exit) and move it (by a couple of moves) into the water just beside the grey block. Then, go take the other wood block and push it on the other side of the river (by the little bridge you just did with the first block from the labyrinth). Push the block directly left of the ice socket (so it can stop the ice block from falling into the water once you push it back where it was originally sitting).
6) In order to push the ice block back, you’ll have to push it left once and then down once. Then, push it back left just when the two bombs are going up together. The timing there is also very important. Wait for the bombs going down TOGETHER (side to side or so) just before (1 block approximately) they hit the water where they change direction to up. The ice block should pass without hitting the bombs and finish his way on the ice socket. The vortex should now appear.
7) Roll slowly into the vortex since you should have at least one minute remaining!

Level 25
Move down to where the box is
Push box right– to edge
Go under and push up
Stop in between grey blocks & wait for bomb to pass
Immediately push up one, go down, go right, up then left push box all the way to left
Go right, down, left then up, push box up to intersection, push box left to fit in between Gray blocks forming vertical 5 block line
Go up then to left then down(leaves you standing to the left of the box) and Wait for bomb to pass along where box is then push box as far to the right,
Go left, down, right and up & push box up to border—
Make your way around the board along the outer area and push box one space to left
Go under block and push up–go down and make way to upper left corner area of board(where ball is when game begins) make a right, push box drop in water–pass over and voila!

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