Steve Steveson Leaves Town Walkthrough


Steve Steveson Leaves Town is a retro point and click game.
Use the mouse to control Mr. Steve Stevenson.
Good Luck!!!

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Steve Steveson Leaves Town Walkthrough - Solution
(Note: You must toggle between the hand and the eye in order to pick up or look at items)

-Read your emails if you want.
-Get empty bottle
-Exit hotel room and go to Bob's Bar. Talk to Bob and he will tell you you owe him money. If you pay him, he will help you get out of town.
-Leave the bar and continue right.
-Enter the laudromat and pick up the money in the pants pocket as well as the pink sock.
-Go back to the bar and use the money on Bob.
-Talk to Anthony at Number 17 and pick up the fuel tank.
-Continue right until you get to the alleyway next to the Chinese restaurant.
-Pick up the brick in the wall. It is a lighter gray than the rest of the bricks.
-Go in the alleyway between Larry's Hydroponics and Balmoral Cellars.
-Use the brick on the padlock to break it open.
-Use fuel tank on the generator to fill it with petrol.
-Use the filled fuel tank on Anthony.
-The trapdoor in the floor is open. Go down and fill the empty bottle with sewer water.
-Go inside Information Sniper.
-You can grab the red dice on top of a computer.
-Use the sewer water on the computer that Clyde is at to ruin it.
-Grab the backpack
-Use backpack on Anthony
-You're safe!

This gives a score of 178 out of 200.

Source: Escape Games 24

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