Stone Room Escape Walkthrough


Stone Room Escape Game is a text driven point and click game.
You need click at the right places in order to escape.
The game has a different endings.
Good Luck!!!

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Stone Room Walkthrough - Solution
get the bronze coin

get the cahira of this lithography
(in the rock near the door,above the door,on the little arch*very close to the 3rd pillar,the fireplace(left))

get the blue stone by pressing the black part above the fireplace and pressing the square hole on top of the black part

place the blue stone on the hollow*Example the green stone but the hollow is the opposite of the green stone hollow*

get the blue stone up by pressing the pillars in order 1,4,3,2(the bronze coinhas written 1432 year)

Place the litography in order ->,<-,down and up press the cahira in order right,left bottom,up to raise green stone *optional*to get silver coin,press any directions untill you get the green stone down,then press the table and you will see a coin very near to the left pillars(you must get the two stones to the original state green=down red=up) read the silver coin and it say hole in one so press the hole in between theleft pillars on the ground and it will read congratulations get the stones to the right place and press the door and you are out

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