Top 10 point and click Games


Top 10 point and click games based on graphics, difficulty level and overall enjoyable gaming experience.

A point and click game is a video game that uses a point and click interface, i.e., a game that requires the player to use a mouse to move around and to interact with the objects. Many point and click games are manifest as escape the room games, often with elements of puzzle games or adventure games. Online point and click games are often produced using Adobe Flash.

Dr. Stanley's House10) Dr. Stanley's House

Dr. Stanley's House has a mysterious plot with some twists and turns that is very creepy at times.
The lush colored graphics provide a striking contrast to the moody atmospheric soundtrack, with several cut scenes that develop the story as you play.

Play Dr. Stanley's House
Dr. Stanley's House Walkthrough

El Legado9) El Legado

El Legado (The Legacy) is a room escape game playable either in english or spanish.
You´re in a creepy dungeon and guess what... you have to find your way out.
The author used 3D Studio to design the different scenes and the result is a great looking game that will probably appeal to all you Room Escape fans.

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El Legado Walkthrough

Esklavos8) Esklavos 1

Esklavos is a successful point and click adventure serie.
The first chapter is short and easy but difficulty level increases with newer chapters
A mix of very nice graphics and a lot of humour make the game very enjoyable.
Federico Rutenberg released ten chapters so far and the end isn´t quite close yet.

Play Esklavos 1
Esklavos 1 Walkthrough

Muselock7) Muselock

MuseLock is a good looking, highly enjoyable little point and click room escape game with creative interesting puzzles that only occasionally venture into the illogical.
A true pleasure for any point and click fan, this one will have you puzzling for quite a while.

Play Muselock
Muselock Walkthrough

One Off R6) One Off R

One-Off R is a remixed version of GotMail's One-Off game.
Like all Gotmail´s games One off R graphics are great.
This one isn´t easy at all so ... good luck.

Play One Off R
One Off R Walkthrough

Samorost5) Samorost 1

Samorost 1 is a wonderfull bizarre and strangely fun Flash game.
In this game you have greats puzzles and beautiful rendered scenes whit animations and various gadgetry.
The soundtrack is delightful with sound effects and music to fit the mood of the surrealistic adventure.
It's not very long, but will keep you busy for just the right amount of time. Once you finish it you´ll probably want to try the second chapter.

Play Samorost 1
Samorost 1 Walkthrough

DayMare Town4) DayMare Town

Day Mare Town is a point and click type puzzle and escape game from Mateusz Skutnik, who is also creator of Submachine game series.
As you can see from the picture this game is very different.
Sketchy outline-only drawings give more artsy look to the gameplay and create a bit of minimalist atmosphere.
Add creepy sounds and twisted story and you get the picture.
Day Mare Town is one of those games you´ll probably won´t solve by yourself ;) so be warned: It´s for advanced pnc gamers.

Play DayMare Town
DayMare Town Walkthrough

Exmortis 23) Exmortis 2

Exmortis 2 is a dark and foreboding tale of the macabre that will surely send chills down your spine.
One part Flash point and click adventure and one part interactive narrative, Exmortis 2 is the sequel to the 2004 game of the same name.

Play Exmortis 2
Exmortis 2 Walkthrough

Motas2) Motas

MOTAS or Mystery Of Time And Space is a popular point and click room escape game created by Jan Albartus, a Dutch designer.
Created in 2002 has been updated several times with new rooms added.
Considered one of the first “Escape the Room” game, MOTAS remains today as one of the most ever played games of its category.

Play Motas
Motas Walkthrough

Submachine 4 The Lab1) Submachine 4 The Lab

Submachine is a tremendously popular point and click serie.
Fourth chapter takes us to the heart of the Submachine, the place where all questions will be finally answered.
Crisp and attractive graphics are pleasantly complemented by atmospheric sound and effects to enhance the overall experience.

Play Submachine 4 The Lab
Submachine 4 The Lab Walkthrough

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  1. No Myst or Riven?

  2. Sam & Max, Full Throttle, Monkey Island, DOTT ....

  3. These are all Free Online Games playable with your web browser.
    Regards from Uruguay.

    Entretenimiento Online

  4. Erm, what about the Tex Murphy series? They were fantastic.

  5. Is 'Dr. Stanley's House' available in English?

  6. Hey, about all the bonte point and click games, i just love them:

  7. ..and how about Phantasmagoria?

  8. If it hadn't been for the short lifespan of 'Samorost I' then I think I'll probably rank this game as no. 1 in this top 10 list.

  9. el legado is not working? is the game available anywhere else?

  10. El Legado had a great design, but it made no sense. Lots of pixel hunting, codes that you need the walk-through to figure out (it's a name that doesn't seem to occur anywhere else in the game), and objects would just sort of appear on the floor when you enter a room a second or third time.

    This is a great Top Nine list, though!

  11. OMG no Hapland????? Hapland is the BEST!!!!

  12. I have plenty of imagination to create these online trinkets. Trouble is, I ain't got the technical skills.

  13. most of these r my favorites

  14. DayMare Town is unbelieveably hard :)

    I had a lot of problems with it, although I used the walkthrough xD

  15. the several journeys of reemus ch 1,2 and 3, the visitor, a small favor and another small favor, those are the best free point and click games ever, all on newgrounds done bye zeebarf

  16. Riddle School series are the BEST!

  17. hi point and click gamers! PLEASE help im on nostalgia lane and just remembered the game i used to play when i was a kid. i think it is considered a point and click game. the main character is a little detective going about places and its halloween. something like that. he talks funny and he wears glasses. anyone knows this game? i think there was a jack o lantern kind of guy in the story

  18. OMG there are so many missing!!
    Riven, Myst, Atlantis 1 and 2, toonstruck, Phantasmagoria 1 and 2, gabriel knight1-3 (The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery being the best one), monkey island, Day of the tentacle, clandestiny, Zork, SPQR (not so great), The Ripper, Broken sword 1-4, Simon the Sorcerer, the Longest Journey, the7th Guest, the 11th hour, Circle of Blood, the quest for glory series and all the rest of them.


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