Ukrainian Room Walkthrough


This is a walkthrough for Ukranian Room.
In this game it is important to do things in the correct order - otherwise they don't work.
Good Luck!!!

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Ukrainian Room Walkthrough - Solution
1. Take an onion from the gramophone (click the pipe).
2. Take records under the bed.
3. Put the a record on the gramophone.
4. Take bread and a boot.
5. Slice bread with the skythe (just put it over the skythe).
6. Take a sieve.
7. Take some flour with the sieve.
8. Put flour in front of the door.
9. Pull a crow-bar from under the bench and move it over the flour. A picture will appear. This is what we are going to make.
10. Take an axe.
11. Take a log from the stove.
12. Chop the log.
13. Take a horseshoe above the door. Also pick the nail it was on.
14. Put the horseshoe on the log.
15. Put the log on the bench near the cat.
16. Take a gun above the bed.
17. Take a thread under the bed.
18. Put the gun and the thread on the log.
19. Take a cup from the stove.
20. Put the cup on the table.
21. Click the bottle. The guy will pour you some vodka.
22. Soak bread in the cup. It will get bigger.
23. Click the cup and drink with the guy.
24. Put the bread in front of the mouse. It will slow down. Then hit it with the boot.
25. Click the mouse to get some seeds.
26. Put the nail on the record spinning on the gramophone.
27. Take a bowl from the stove.
28. Tear off a piece of blanket.
29. Put it over a handle of the cup.
30. Take a candle and put it in front of the gun (that is on the left).
31. Cut the onion with the skythe (just move it over the skythe).
32. Give the onion to the cat. It will run away and the gun will shoot and the candle will light up.
33. Take the cup and put it above the candle - it warms up and gets red.
34. Put the cup over the nail on the gramophone and make a hole in it.
35. Cool the cup in the bucket of water.
36. Put the bowl under the table and put the cup on the table.
37. Click the bottle. The guy will pour some vodka for you, but it will pour through the cup in the bowl.
38. Click the cup and mime drinking with the guy. Do it again and again until the guy falls asleep.
39. Take the bottle. Click to open it.
40. Fill it with water from the bucket.
41. Take the bowl. Pour the vodka from the bowl in the pot with the flower. The flower will die.
42. Click the flower. Put the seeds in the pot.
43. Pour water from the bottle in the pot. Some ears will grow. Click on them to enlarge. Notice the order of ears looking up and down. This is a binary code: 0101101100.
44. Click the right side of the gramophone. A door will open. Dial the number you got (in decimal numeration). And take the key.
45. Open the door with the key.
46. Take the dead sunflower.
47. Grease the hinges of the door with the sunflower (so that they don't squeak and not wake the guy up).
48. Now you can go :)

Source: Escape Games 24

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