Warbears Adventures - An A.R. X-Mas Walkthrough


WB: War Bears Adventures - An A.R. Xmas is a point and click adventure game.
"It's X-Mas time all around BTC and Kla stops by Bob. But Steve has a secret mission in mind..."
Good luck!!!

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Warbears Adventures - An A.R. X-Mas Walkthrough - Solution
1.get the gift
2.open the gift
3.put it on
4.push the A.R. button next to the inventory
Virtual Robot scene
5.go to the fur scanner and try it
6.go to bob and say “the fur scanner…”
Code scene
7.use the fur scanner again
Fur Scan scene
8.get the “Neon lights”
9.get the ” battiers”
10.go to bob and say “Where the wires?”
11.click “Eye” and say “Find item”
Item Scan scene
12.get the wires next to the “Hacking device”
Steve’s Prank scene
13.click kla’s wallet
14.get the “Taser”
15.get the “BTC map”
16.give bob the “Taser” and the “BTC map”
17.go outside
18.go left or right
19.click the bank
20.go inside the bank
Withrawl code scene
21.go very left and get the red cube
22.look at the tree
23.click the “Eye” and say “Blast the tree”
24.get the green cube
25.go up
26.get the blue cube
27.go to the very right on the top
28.click down
29.go right
Freeze scene
30.Go to Bob’s furniture shop
31.get the “Hacking device”
32.give it to the guy
33.go up
34.use the “Hacking device” on the door panel
35.go in
Light switch scene
36.the code is always different so try B-R-G, B-G-R, R-B-G, R-G-B, G-R-B, or G-B-R with the cubes
Portal scene
37.go inside
38.get everything in the room
39.put every thing together
40.get the 3 things together and put it on Kla


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  1. and for the part with granp's into the park ? :P

  2. lmao, failed shitty walkthrough


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