Mystery Mansion 102 All Endings - Walkthrough

Mystery Mansion 102 is the second episode of Mystery Mansion 101 that is a kind of room escape game from Mild Cabin.
Good luck!!!

Play Mistery Mansion 102

1 matches and pincers from cupboard
2 use matches on left picture
3 use pincers on left picture
4 get hammer from the hole
5 smash candle thing next to cupboard
6 get candle from debris and light it with the matches
7 click under/on table and go down
8 click ladder
9 click above ladder with hammer and get pick
10 turn around open cupboard and get bird
11 go up hit right picture with hammer
12 burn picture with matches
13 use pick on wall and get ladder
14 put ladder underneath clock (put it on the floor!)
15 click door in the clock twice and get key
16 put bird in the clock!

Now continue with any of the endings!

happy ending 1
1 go to cupboard downstairs
2 use pick on the wall in the cupboard
3 open safe with the key!

happy ending 2
1 go to picture picture downstairs
2 click it and use pick on the bricks
3 go in get memo from the wall
4 use hammer on the table and get wood
5 put wood in the fireplace
6 burn memo with matches
7 put burning memo in the fireplace
8 click cross and get sword
9 cut cactus with sword
10 get screwdriver from cactus
11 pull cord
12 open cupboard and unscrew the plate
13 pull the lever and get the shield (were the deer was on)
14 open the door and use shield on the flames
15 click the dragon with the sword until it dies
16 open the safe with the key!

happy ending 3
1 open the window (click on the right side)
2 in the garden via window
3 click bricks on left side of shed and get saw
4 right of the shed is a board with a small hole, click it
5 use saw on board
6 click doghouse twice
7 put seeds in pot next to doghouse
8 hit faucet with hammer and fill watering pot
9 water the seeds! Repeat 4 times or so
10 click flower to get adhesive
11 open adhesive by clicking he cap
12 put glue on sawed up board
13 put birdhouse in the tree
14 turn to the bird and click it, go back to the birdhouse
15 click bird/birdhouse and get remote thingy
16 click the remote and turn around
17 open safe with the key!

happy? ending 4
open the front door! And get in the UFO

happy ending 5
1 go to the basement
2 click the crack under the table with the hammer
3 go down and open the safe
4 get two memo’s
5 use hammer on crack in the safe
6 get remote
7 turn around until you see a roster
8 use pincer on screws
9 look at the numbers on one of the memo’s
10 first enter the code as a calculator or numpad (3 being bottom right)
11 open the thing (handle on the right)
12 get battery and turn until you see an other roster
13 same deal here but use it as a keyboard (3 being up and right)
14 open it and get battery #2
15 put both batteries in remote and click it
16 turn until you a car
17 open hood with pincer
18 unselect pincer and click under the hood!

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Bathroom Escape - Walkthrough

Esk 3 - Bathroom Escape is a kind of room escape game in Japanese but there is no language barrier. You are locked in the bathroom and you have to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Bathroom Escape

1. Take soap from dish.
2. Take picture from waste bin.
3. Plug in the toilet. [The plugs are on the left side of the toilet.]
4. Open toilet, press last button, notice it says triangle + triangle = circle.
5. Go to sink, turn on cold water. Use soap and water.
6. Use the soap on the hot water knob stuck in the tub. Take knob.
7. Put knob on sink, turn on hot water. Wait for mirror to steam up. When it's steamy it'll say H-our, H-ot, H-eart, and H-igh. You need to find the color that corresponds to the word. [In this case: green, red, yellow, blue.] Open the mirror. Take toothpaste, picture, and brushes. Also, on top of the mirror, take dentist mirror.
8. Click to the soap dish, use toothpaste on loose screw. Take razor.
9. Use razor to cut the ropes off the knobs. Turn on water. Click on the shower head. Notice the triangle, look at the number. So, triangle = whatever number it says.
10. Move to the toilet, take off the top, take blue toothbrush.
11. Click to the trash view, Click on top left corner [ red mark ] it says the second triangle number. Use the dentist mirror to see behind the toilet. Add both triangle numbers and you get the circle number for you door code.
12. Go back to mirror, open, and look at picture. It says the key to getting the square number. Arrange the brushes like in the picture and do the math. The answer is your square number.
13. Go back to toilet, open, click on the picture of the man. The picture goes into the toilet. Flush it.
14. Move to trash can view, triangle view [for looking behind the toilet.] On bottom left of toilet find the lightbulb.
15. Put the lightbulb in the lamp by the toilet. Open the curtain. Turn out lights, and look at curtain. It highlights the star number.
16. Put the numbers you found [Square, triangle, circle.]
17. Click to the ceiling and find a attic door.
18. Click the door and you're out!!!

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Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 3 - Walkthrough

Hello Mr. Snoozleberg! Does nothing have exchange? Always sleepwalker? Good, Well it is again necessary to come to him to assistance, this time in the extra decor terrestrial one or promenent monkeys. The principle remains the same one: To use the interactive elements of the decor while clicking above at the good time to avoid has Mr. Snoozleberg to break the figure and to enable him to continue to go.
Good Luck!!!

Play Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg 3

Level 1

1. Click on the lever beside the gator to levitate him off the floor.

2. Before Mr. Snoozleberg can get to the beam, IMMEDIATELY pull the lever again to drop the gator to the floor and knock him out.

3. As soon as Mr. Snoozleberg crosses the platform, pull the lever again; it'll make the gator float and keep the motorbike from hitting you.

4. Turn the gas off on the machine that's spitting fire - click on the valve atop the gas tank ONCE. The tank should swell up and the fire will stop spitting out. DON'T click on it again yet. If you can't do this in time, try doing it while Mr. Snoozleberg is walking past the unconscious gator.

5. Click on the module at the far left so it leans down. Mr. Snoozleberg will walk up it and climb into one of the open ports.

6. Click on the module again to straighten it up.

7. While Mr. Snoozleberg is walking across the first platform, the gator and the motorbike will fall down. Click the lever by the gator one more time. You'll need to use him as a bridge.

8. Remember the valve you shut off? Just as Mr. Snoozleberg walks across the top of the fire-spitting machine, click on the valve again. The gas output will make it "bounce" Mr. Snoozleberg over to the next ledge.

9. When Mr. Snoozleberg steps on the back of the rocket, click on the back of the rocket. It'll spin and he'll start walking across the top towards the left.

10. Click on the middle of the satellite dish to freeze the swinging monkey.

11. Remember that banana all the way on the floor on the left? Click on it and drag it over to the tip of the rocket. The last monkey will go for it and make a ramp for Mr. Snoozleberg to walk out of the scene safely. (This can be done ahead of time.)

Level 2

1. Click on the mini-rocket sitting in the middle of the console; it'll plug up the loudspeaker.

2. When Mr. Snoozleberg steps on the far right chair, click it to make him go left.

3. Quick, drag the fifth chair from the left to fill the gap in front of Snooz. Once he crosses it, drag the chair back where you found it to fill that gap.

4. Drag the top railing (where you first came in) to make a bridge over the sleeping guard.

5. Second chair from the left - click on it once. Far left chair - click on it three times. This will make "stairs" for Snooz.

6. As soon as Mr. Snoozleberg gets to the left chair, click on the bottom (left-pointing) arrow, then the top (right-pointing) arrow. The tape reels will spin and take Mr. Snoozleberg to the top. Timing is essential here; it'll take a few tries.

7. Click on the purple button beside the tape reels to open the door.

8. When Mr. Snoozleberg walks out on the platform, click the platform so it rolls over to the spaceship.

9. When he steps in, pull the lever by the sleeping guard and the ship will blast off.

Level 3

1. Click on the telescope (top left) as Mr. Snoozleberg passes to nudge him to the right.

2. Extend the satellite's "wings" out to keep him from drifting off to the left.

3. Click on the pocketknife. (This is the big red thing with the plus and minus symbols in the middle of the screen.) A laser will take out the incoming ship. This can and should be done ahead of time.

4. Click on the connector on the gator's oxygen tube; he'll drift off into space. (Do it ahead of time if you can.)

5. QUICKLY: click on the little receptor on the satellite and then click on the one right across from it on the thing with the "spatula arms." You'll get the bottom force field to temporarily appear and bounce Mr. Snoozleberg back up.

6. Click on the pocketknife a second time; a toaster will pop out. (Do it ahead of time if you can.)

7. Click on the little receptor attached to the ship that spit Mr. Snoozleberg out in the first place. You'll activate an upper force field. (Not too soon; it disappears quickly!)

8. When Mr. Snoozleberg bounces back down, IMMEDIATELY click on the pocketknife a third time. An umbrella will pop out and shield Mr. Snoozleberg from the meteorite.

9. IMMEDIATELY activate the bottom force field again. (Same as Step 5.)

10. Activate the top force field again. (Same as Step 7.)

11. When Mr. Snoozleberg drifts towards one of the "spatula arms," click on it to swat him to the left. (Timing is EVERYTHING.)

12. Quickly press the following sequence of keys on the keyboard: 4, 5, 3, 1, 2. (1 is the far left key, 5 is the far right key. Count them up.) This should bring the UFO to pick Mr. Snoozleberg up. NOTE: I first got this combo by sheer luck. It's actually the five-note tune that plays throughout the level. If you can, do the sequence ahead of time!

Level 4

1. When Mr. Snoozleberg steps on the first platform, click on it to lift it up.

2. Immediately click on the rotating round section in front of him so he can cross. (It turns back pretty quickly.

3. Click on the platform to the right of it so Mr. Snoozleberg can step on.

4. Click on that platform again to turn him completely around.

5. You know the drill - click on the round section in his path to rotate it.

6. Before Mr. Snoozleberg gets up to the next level, you see that hamburger at the top left? Drag it over to the green blobby alien and put it right below him. He'll pounce on it, eat it instead of Snooz, and go boom.

7. To deal with the wannabe-Jedi up top: See the cow on the right? Click on the jar to lift the lid. Then click on the green button two or three times until the cow's swelled up. (If he shrinks, just do it again.) Click on the cow's udder to drench the wannabe-Jedi and put his lightsaber out.

8. Click on the orange button at the bottom center of the screen. A bridge will appear that lets Mr. Snoozleberg walk over to the rolling ball thing on the left. Don't hit the orange button beneath him just yet.

9. While you've got Mr. Snoozleberg out of trouble, take the camera (center left of the screen below Snooz) and drag it over to the tentacled green alien beneath the cow. The flash will scare him off.

10. See the jar covering the milk carton on the left? Drag it over to cover up the yellow alien at the bottom right of the screen.

11. NOW hit the orange button beneath Snooz. He'll be transported to where the tentacled guy was and walk over to the next teleport pad, and wind up walking on the rolling ball again.

12. Hit the orange button beneath Mr. Snoozleberg again. This time he'll appear on the lower right of the screen, and if you've already taken care of the yellow alien, he'll just walk on out.

Level 5

1. Drag the little green alien (tied up by the alien barbecuing) to the gator just before Mr. Snoozleberg can step on him.

2. Click on the trashcan to deal with the two-headed dog. (Can do ahead of time.)

3. See the volcano spitting bubbles in the distance? Drag one of its bubbles to the bridge.

4. Click on the alien hiding beneath the bridge. You'll see the tip of his head sticking up from the chasm. (Can do ahead of time.)

5. Click on the sign on the other side of the bridge so it points up. (Can do ahead of time.)

6. To get Mr. Snoozleberg across the pond, click on the pond creatures to bounce him across.

7. HURRY: As soon as Mr. Snoozleberg is across the pond, drag the pink bubble (the one you used on the bridge) and drag it on top of Snooz. If you're quick enough, it should float him out of the monster's reach.

8. Three mini-volcanoes up ahead. Click on the left one three times so the fire goes out and the alien stomps off.

9. Just before Mr. Snoozleberg walks across each of the three volcanoes, click on the little button sticking out of the ground beside each volcano and bubbles will appear on their tops. He'll bounce across and land on a teleport pad.

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N'Joy 10th Planet - Walkthrough

Help the girl to find items and clues or to solve puzzles in order to finish the game.
Good Luck!!!

Play N'Joy 10th Planet

4 bombs are used. First, Wind turbine panel and quickly attach bomb to flying disk. Second, table in Robot Room. Third, Computer the middle-right, within the light. Fourth, Sphere the right of the sticks to the glass. Make sure the ship is elevation 'ON' and 'autopilot'...they are 'white' when selected.

Now you're ready to use the flyind disc-arm robot thingy. Drag and drop on sphere, SEARCH, CONNECT, REMOTE CONTROL. Oh, be ready to move towards that windows...Kaboom...autopilot ship to meet you.

Laser key your way onboard. Move cursor-hand to left side of screen to control panel "time to blow up station"...SEARCH, CONNECT, BURN

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Adult Room - Walkthrough

Warning! This game has not been intended for already too young players or touchy and/or preutse people.
The title only already says enough.
Good Luck!!!

Play Adult Room

The yellow figure at the top left represents you. The compass at the top right is the view object button.

1. Click on the yellow guy and view object.
2. Click the rope until it is added to your inventory. Then X out.
3. Click the bra on the female statue. It is added to your inventory.
4. Go to the sawhourse view, click just left of the right doorjam, near the floor. Take the Viagra.
5. Click the male statue's hand (one near his head), and you'll find panties. Take them.
6. Put the rope on the male statue's penis. It will attach to the spinning thing. Push the button. The statue's penis was pulled off. Take it. Take back the rope.
7. View the bra and put the statue penis in it. There is now a slingshot in the inventory.
8. Click up above the spinning thing. There is a Hentai Magazine. Click on the slingshot and then click on the magazine. The magazine falls to the floor. Take the magazine.
9. Push the button till the spinning thing gives you a clear view of the statue's penis behind it. Take the penis.
10. View the magazine. Take note of the stars on the girls breasts. It is different each time, ex. (L R R L L R). X out.
11. Look at the female statue. View the yellow guy. Put the panties on his head. X out. You will see a mathmatical formula (different each time). This is important! One must look at the female statue, as it greys out the 5th and 6th digit. Ex. my original number was 28+39X968+72X47. When looking at the female statue it's 28+3 968+72X47. This translates to 28+3968+(72X47). Remember, to get the proper result, multiply the last two #'s before adding that total to the first two numbers. You should get a four digit # as a result. View the yellow guy, take off the panties, and X out.
12. Look at the sawhourse. View the yellow guy. Give him the viagra. He gets a woody. X out.
13. Click on the yellow guy and then on the black hole on the sawhourse. A condom falls out. Pick it up. View it and click on it to expand the condom. X out.
14. Look at the female statue. Use the breast code from the magazine (step 10) on the female statue. The statue has an orgasm. Click on the condom and then on the fluid. This fills the condom with the fluid.
15. View the magazine. Click the condom and click on the blacked out pubic areas. You get a letter code. In my case, UAHCHU. Note: C=Left breast of statue, U=Right breast of statue, H=Button on wall that spins the object on the floor, A=Hole in the sawhorse. Click on the yellow guy. Then, following the ordering of the letters, click on each object, wait for the 0 to appear at the bottom, then click on the next object. Note: Make sure when you push the sawhourse hole, the sawhourse jumps, or it won't work. When you do it correctly, it will automatically take you to the black part of the door and a panel will open up revealing a 4 digit entry key. Here is where you need the number you get by putting the panties over your head and looking at the female statue.
16. Input the 4 digit number. A hole will open below the number input.
17. The condom is empty from when you used it on the magazine. Do the breast push code to get the female statue to orgasm again. Then refill the condom.
18. Insert the condom into the hole, then the statue penis, then the yellow guy. The door will open a bit.
19. Try to get out. You can't. The yellow guy's woody is not letting you get through. So, view the yellow guy use the rope on the yellow guy's groin area, which ties back his woody. X out. Then, click on the opening in the door.

You've escaped! Click on the Japanese writing to get a "Congratulations!" message.

The End!

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Travel Sick - Walkthrough

Travel Sick is a viral adventure game made for Bravo TV. The premise is based entirely on the TV program in which presenter Grub Smith is given bizarre tasks to complete as he travels around the world. The game is a platform adventure which requires logical thought as well as dexterity. Because of some bad language this game may not be suitable for kids.
Good luck!!!

Play Travel Sick

Level 1:
- Get drink on rock
- Give drink to guy around the middle of the level whose tooth has to be pulled
- Get flute at end of level
- Use flute on snake at rock (just standing on the ground)
- Get pot around the beginning of the level

- Use pot on snake (press space while jumping)
- Use snake on goat by the melon
- Get melon and give it to the marketman at the beginning of the level
- Get tool and use it on the sleeping guy around the middle of the level

Level 2:
- Pick up matchbox around the middle of the level
- Get drink at end of level (switch with matchbox)
- Give drink to guy around middle of the level (you get a helmet)
- Get skull a little to the right of the level (horns appear on the helmet)
- Get seringe a little more to the right
- Use it with the posion around the beginning of the level
- Use filled seringe on cat
- Get basket around middle of the level
- Use basket on dead cat
- Use basket at the water in the end of the level
- Use matchbox (which is now in this screen if followed walkthrough) on the basket

Level 3:
- Get knife at end of the level
- Use knife on tree with bananas
- Get bananas and give it at the monkey in front of the book around the end of the level
- Get book and give it to the guy at the beginning of the level
- Get sombrero and give it to the guy at the beginning of the level (you get can and cups)
- Give can and cups at monkeys at the end of the level

Source: Escape the Room

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Free The Bird - Walkthrough

Like the title says, you have to free the bird. To do that you should point and click right places and do right things.
Good Luck!!!

Play Free The Bird

Change the clock by pulling on the 4 strings in the back to match the clock on your computer. When done, click on the the lever right of the clock to make the cuckoo bird in the clock pop out. The lever on the left controls the position of the cuckoo bird. Left long, left short, right long, and right short are the 4 position. (Not in order). One of the positions will do something to the string holding the parrot up. When you do it sufficiently, you will drop the cage. FREEDOM! (By the way, if the clock on your computer advances to the next minute, the cuckoo will stop popping out and you will have to re-adjust. Best not to play when your computer is at 59 minutes, you will have to re-adjust 59 times to get it back around.)

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River IQ Test Game - Walkthrough

This game is like that old riddle about the fox, the chicken, and the bag of seeds. There are three groups that need to get across, but certain people will beat up on different members of the other groups. You have to get everyone across the river safely.
Good Luck!!!

Play River IQ Test Game

1. Police & Thief
2. Police
3. Police & Girl1
4. Police & Thief
5. Woman & Girl 2
6. Woman
7. Woman & Man
8. Man
9. Police & Thief
10. Woman
11. Woman & Man
12. Man
13. Man & Boy1
14. Police & Thief
15. Police & Boy2
16. Police
17. Police & Thief

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Escape From Rhetundo Island - Walkthrough

Another stickman point & click adventure game.
You need to point and click right places at right times.
Good Luck!!!

Play Escape rom Rhetundo Island

Level One

* Hit the bullseye

Level Two

* A bomb comes down and makes a crater. Meanwhile, your little dude gets a boom box. Said boom box gives him a "special jump move."
* Click on the "special move" box (looks like a little guy jumping, kind of) and wait until he has passed the crater.
* Once past the crater, click on the little guy. He'll fly with the latest of fleas... with plates full of cheese... with the birds and the bees... he won't miss the other side. On to level 3!

Level Three

* This level is mostly timing - wait until the, um... rotating arms are about to come level with the ground.
* Press the stop light and it becomes a go light.
* Here's your first experience with the evil that is the elevator. You have to time when you raise the elevator up so that he doesn't fall off when you think he's firmly on it, and you don't want him to end up bumping into the cliff side because he'll turn around and keep walking right off into oblivion, assuring you that he is the stupidest creature since the guy who thought up nylons for women.

Level Four

* Stickman picks up a boom box and proceeds to attempt suicide.
* You have to catch him with the annoying little sliding platform that you have to control yourself.
* Once Stickman is safely on land, examine (rather rapidly) the landscape. There are two lovely lumps of white embedded in the land chunk, and a middle grey matter in between.
* The lump on the left is a circular lump. The lump on the right has a dip in the center. If you wait until Stickman steps into that dip and click on Left Lump, Right Lump will plump up and spring Stickman into the stratosphere, landing him safely on the cliff that you seek to reach.

Level five

* first lower the platform, then when the guy is just on top the "pole or whatever" click the opposite one to raise it,
* just when he gets on the platform raise it and if hes returning u can use the item u got to turn him around,
* then let him fall to the ground and before the cliff use the item (click on the clank to let go of the wood)and voila!!!

Level Six

* explode bottom man with explosive special item.
* Drop box item on upper man.
* Click on house.
* Click white circle thing to jump your man up.
* He will then fall down the hole to level 7 (2nd part)

Level seven

* Level 7 is all about timing and if needed, quickly using that switcheroo item.

Level eight

* The stick will get a boombox and get a drop item, drop it between him and scissors.
* When scissors have dropped off end, and face blows bubble gum platform, use your jump to get over box.

Leven Nine

* got to work quick on this one.
* Start with the platforms you can drop, drop from the left to make a bridge.
* or the rest of the bridge at the right, use the boxes 2 to level with ground level.

Level ten

* After getting boombox, make the stickman turn around,
* jumped to the ledge that has the boombox,
* when rocket item has been attained. Blow up sand that will make the stick figure to fall through

Level eleven

* Mouse countrol is crucial to make stick man survive, keep hand steady. (Mouse controls FIRE)... That is all that is needed to know.

Level Twelve

* Click the arrows to make the platform thing move.
* Timing is of essence to see where the stickman is.

Leven Thirteen

* when picked up boombox make the stickman go back..
* drop the bricks stuff onto the saws however many you have, you should make it through, use the returning stuff if needed.

Level fourteen

* Like the first level, bullseye

Source: Escape the Room

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Joe's Virtual MySpace 1.1 - Walkthrough

An 'escape the room' type game. Use your mouse to find hidden objects by clicking and interacting with items and ultimately escape the room.
Good Luck!!!

Play Joe's Virtual MySpace 1.1

1. Search around the room to find the following items:
a) The Blue Disc under the Pillow
b) The Green Disc under the Green Beanbag
c) The Purple Disc under the Purple Beanbag
d) The Riddle book on top of the TV
e) The Pen on the window Sill
f) The card by the bed
2. Go to the Computer and plug it in.
3. Turn the Computer on and log on as the user Joey G. The hint for the password says that it's his surname which you can get from the pen.
4. Read the file called Python, but don't run the Top Secret program and this will crash the Computer and you need it to complete the adventure.
5. Reading the Riddle book should give you some clues.
6. Go to the picture on the wall and click on the eyes to make the person "blind"
7. The picture can now be turned round.
8. The code is the sum of the 5 numbers in the Python File.
9. The safe opens to reveal a key.
10. Open the desk drawer with the key to get a paperclip (which is a red herring) and a torch (which is hiding under a secret compartment)
11. Go to the TV and click on the top left hand corner.
12. Put the pen in the hole and then you can turn the TV on, take a note of what you see, F-I-L-M and then three symbols.
13. Face the Film Posters and tuen the torch on them.
14. This will reveal three symbols which you'll need to click in the same order as appeared on the TV.
15. This will give you a screwdriver.
16. Use the screwdriver to open both speakers by the TV.
17. On one of the Speaker items you can enter a Time Code, which is the same as appears on the card found earlier.
18. This will then reveal the password for the administrator account.
19. On trying to access the administrator account on the Computer you'll learn the password for the red chest.
20. Inside the red chest is a red disk.
21. Face the window and turn the torch on again.
22. Place the discs in their appropriate colour holes.
23. You'll then be given a blue key with which you can escape.

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Professor XYZ Episode 5 - Walkthrough

Your mission is to help Xavier repair his go-kart engine in time for the big race! To accomplish this task, you will have to run the engine in order to determine which parts are faulty.
Good Luck!!!

Play Professor XYZ Episode 5

From the top-
1. Start the engine and look at the first cylinder. Something will be faulty.
2. Stop the engine.
3. Replace the faulty part.
4. Restart the engine and check to see if the replaced part works. If not, repeat.
5. Once the engine runs smoothly (sound will change and all parts will work), turn it off.
6. Click on the hoist hook, which will move the engine to the go-cart.
7. Quickly click on the engine to start it.WHERE to click seems a little fickle, but towards the rear seems to always work. Clicking on the key does NOT always work.

There are 3 spark plugs hidden:

1 on the top shelf, sticking up above the white basin near the left window.
1 on the workbench, behind a brown canister near the toolchest.
1 on the second shelf of the bookshelves.
There are 3 pistons hidden:
1 under the toolchest toward the right side- tough to see.
1 in the forefront, just to the right of the engine.
1 on the top shelf of the bookshelves. You can see the end of it hanging down over the shelf.
There are 6 valves hidden. This means you could possibly try 5 before finding one that will work:
1 on top of the toolchest, behind the screwdriver and standing beside the window frame.
1 under the workbench, close to the end of the board on the floor.
1 on the far right side of the workbench, laying on top of the white rag.
1 under the right window, behind the can of spilled goo.
1 behind the go-cart, at the far right edge of the screen.
1 on the 4th bookshelf from the bottom, sticking up right in the middle.

Source: Escape the Room

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Pino Grow - Walkthrough

In this game you need to drag items from your inventory to the correct place in order to advance.
Good luck!!!

Play Pino Grow

you have to put the objects in the blue spots

big nut
watering can
bowling ball
frog statue

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Automaton Introduction - Walkthrough

Automaton Part 0: Introduction is a point and click adventure game.
In this game, you need to point and click on right objects and do right things to help the robot.
Good Luck!!!

Play Automaton

pull the blue string on the wall
click the thing tht dropped down
click the wire sticking up from it
pull the lever
walk forward
click the light switch

click the garbage shute
click the cog tht drops down then click on the circle on the door
click the arm
click in the middle of the door between the 3 cogs
click the showel
click the plank then click on yourself
click on the plank till you get up
click on door

click the drum
click lamp
click on top of that beam that fell down to walk forward
read the diary if you want(the green book)
click the crowbar on the door
click key
click door to open it
exit door
end of game

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The Other Side Of The Door - Walkthrough

The Other Side Of The Door WalkthroughThe Other Side Of The Door is another Room escape game.
Good Luck!!!

Play The Other Side Of The Door

You start facing the door. Grab the picture from the frame left of it. Also take the lighter from the tree (just above where the white pillow starts covering it).

Turn right, grab the plate from the window sill and note that you can't do anything with the package just yet. Right once more and take the magnet from the top drawer, right again and get the scissors.

Now to start using what we've collected. Turn around and use the scissors to open the package, picking up the string. Combine with the magnet. Turn right, focus on the drawers, put the vase on the floor and click just behind where it used to be.

Fish out the key, use it to open the bottom drawer and take the candle. Put it on the plate and light it. Use the incomprehensible drawing on it.

Using the even numbers (2 - 10 - 8), unlock the door and escape.

Source: Nordinho

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NHL 2K8 Demo on Xbox Live Marketplace

A demo for the already-released NHL 2K8 has been made available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

If you’ve been holding out to decide between 2K8 and 08, now you’ll be able to compare the demos and see which tickles your fancy. The critical reception for NHL 2K8, which released on September 11, has been an overall “meh,” with the game’s supposedly revolutionary new right analog stick controls being seen as a step backwards more than anything else.

In the demo, which weighs in at 1GB, you’ll be able to try out that new control scheme, along with the new face off and goaltending systems. Once you’ve given it a try, let us know what you think about the new control scheme and which of the two hockey games (if any) you plan on picking up.

Source: Gaming Today

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Plastic Smile - Walkthrough

Plastic Smile is another Japanese point'n'click type escape the room game from makers of Lonely Thing game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Plastic Smile

1.Don't click the hole under the tomb.You will get a game over.

2.Walk around the room until you get to the window.
Pick up beaker

3.Go back to the paining and use the beaker on the cloud
Get beaker filled with water

4.Use the beaker on the bottom right blue arrow
get blue arrow

5.Use arrow on the tape holding the wrench on the window
Get wrench

6.Use the wrench on the top right yellow nail holding up the binary.
get yellow nail

7.Use the yellow nail to punch holes in the silver part under the binary banner..There will be three.

8.Move back to the door and put in the code 1577(Thanks Irine).
get purple tea bag

9.Move back to the banner and use the tea bag on the silver thing with the holes in it now.
get flowers

10.Move to the painting and place he flowers in the persons hands
get razor from the hole under the tomb.

11.Use the razor on the sign by the door.Click both strings with it
get key

12.Use the key on the door and walk into the next room
Get red tea bag from shelf(it has a black dot in the middle)

13.Go back to the other room and click where you got the key and put in code FTGFOP (thanks Mel)

14.Click on the woman's shadow then move back to the painting

15.Use the tea bag on teh red may have to click a few times

16.get the key and move into the next room use the key in the middle of the black dot on the wall then go through that door..and your out

Source: Escape the Room

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Escape From Octlien - Walkthrough

Escape From Octlien is an escaping game.
This game takes place on a spacecraft in a distant future and have quite futuristic graphics.
Good Luck!!!

Play Escape From Octlien

get shovel and ladder
click on the small rock to get a handle
click the left passageway 3 times to get gold flake
click on the purple claw
click on panel to get octsaurus plate
put handle on circle
click it and go up
click the rectangle on left to get octopus plate
go up and follow the blue code to open the rooms to the left and right (click where the blue squares are)
on right side click the sun and get knob
go up get the coat and get card from middle left pod
go up and click the red button
on left side open cupboard and get purple thing
check the purple thing and click it
it turns into a sword
go right right up up right
use sword on glass
click the blue light when the automated hand is coming down
get the robot hand
go left and use sword on pipes
go down down left left up click the power plug
go up and check the coat and click the pocket and you get a pda
check the pda and click the green then yellow buttons

go down down left up up
use shovel on gold and get space suit
go up and insert the card into the machine on the right
go down down and put the ladder on the second floor door
click the ladder and go right
click on the cupboard and get an octape tile
put the robot arm on the white thing
go left left and click on a panel on the upper right and get power cord
put the gray knob in the hole
go up click the bottom cylinder and get an octlien tile
put power cord on the yellow thing on the right
go to the cat and try to cut it with the sword
then click on the cat and you pick it up
go down left ladder up up
watch the cutscene and you get to another room

go to the generator where you put the power cord and put octopus tile in square hole on the right
go down right and put octsaurus tile in square hole on wall
go down and put octape tile in square hole by ladder
go up and put octlien tile in square hole by gold
go up to the giant robot and press all three buttons on the machine the card is in.
pick up the tablet that falls and go back up the ladder and forward twice (the big robot fist should be through the floor!)
there will be some symbols flashing
press them on the tablet
go down a few times to the three way split where there will be an elevator

go right and get key in bottom side compartment
use that key on the door in the room where you put the robot arm
go up and click the knob on the pipe
get red crystal bobbing in water
use sword on big water tank in center of room
go to view of satelite
put red crystal on red dot to the left of the big button
press button

go back to where you started and get green snack floating in water
go through the upper hatch on right (square hole)
click on the left and right walls and hatches will open
put gold flake in left hole, green snack in right hole
watch video
now go back to the elevator
click elevator to escape

Source: Free Games News

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City of Heroes

City of Heroes. City of Tomorrow. Since 1931, when a prodigal son returned with the powers of an ancient god and called himself Statesman, Paragon City has been the center of the super-powered hero universe. Through the efforts of Statesman and those who joined him in the war against tyranny and crime, Paragon City truly became a beacon and inspiration for heroes world-wide. A true City of Heroes.

All that came to a disastrous halt on May 23, 2002 when aliens known as the Rikti invaded the earth and began their war of mass extermination. Every major city in the world was attacked, but none were more devastated than Paragon City . It was here that thousands of heroes and civilians made their last stand. It was on this ruined battlefield that legends died and were created. After months of desperate fighting and incredible sacrifice, the Rikti were stopped-though not entirely defeated. In the end, of all the great super-powered heroes who called Paragon City home, only eight survived. Total casualty figures remain unknown, though low estimates placed them in the tens of thousands.

In the aftermath of the war, Paragon City , like much of the cities of the world, lay in ruins. With most of the city's heroes dead or missing, crime and corruption seized the opportunity to fill the hero-less vacuum. Gangs of criminals-some reemerging from decades of hiding, many new and horrifying in their methods-began to take control of the city's war torn zones. Amidst this sudden influx of lawlessness, Statesman made a call to the world's surviving and newly found heroes: "Come to Paragon City 's aid!"

Paragon City. City of Tomorrow. City of Heroes. The world's last best hope of freedom and justice. Home to Statesman and the greatest heroes on earth. What true hero could resist?

The Super Powered Massively Multiplayer RPG

Welcome to City of Heroes, the online world that's home to an entire universe of heroes, where you and thousands of other players take on the roles of super powered heroes - in a stunning, 3D graphical world.

Super Powered Action and Adventure

Create Your Own Hero
Choose from hundreds of different powers and design your own unique costume.

Fight Evil!
Confront super villains, aliens, madmen, criminals, and other fearsome foes. Take on personalized missions and rid the city of several different evil organizations and hundreds of individual enemies.

Form Your Own Super-group of Heroes
Band together with other players to fight evil and become the premiere hero group in the city!

Explore the City
Explore the skyscrapers, slums, sewers and streets of Paragon City, a sprawling online metropolis that offers unlimited adventures and countless surprises.

Live the Story
Become an integral part of more than thirty different ongoing story arcs as the villain groups menace Paragon City and react to player victories and defeats.

City of Heroes site

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O Quarto - Walkthrough

O Quarto is a point and click escape the room type game.
In this game,you have to search everywhere to find items and clues in order to use for escaping from the room.
Good Luck!!!

Play O Quarto

Go right once – turn on light
Zoom in on right front chair leg – red gem
Go right once – zoom under end of bed – note
Zoom under pillow – knife
Go right once – chemicals in drawer

Go right use knife on bottom of dresser (light spot) – take note and key
Use key on upper drawer – take not of picture
Zoom under dresser – blue gem
Left of dresser – laptop
Put 2 pieces of paper together
Zoom in on picture – look at paper for code
Take green gem from picture
Code for laptop: 3780
Click on chemicals – mix until you get vapor
Click on window – use vapor on window
Code from laptop for acid
2 drops red
7 drops green
9 drops yellow
10 drops purple
Code from laptop for Deoxidizer
5 drops red
3 drops green
4 drops yellow
16 drops purple
Look close at green stone – use acid
Look under corner of rug – click on antioxidant to combine (rust remover)
Use rust remover on bathroom door
Click on mirror – use vapor
Click on faucet spout – get key
Open shower curtain
Leave room, go left and turn off light
Go right and into bathroom – see X
Go out, left and turn on light
Go left once, use key on bottom drawer – get hammer
Go back to bathroom and use hammer where X was
Pick up blue gem by bathtub
Click on purple item in wall
Use gems to open safe – clockwise from top: Dark Blue, Green, Red, Light Blue, Yellow
Open safe and get key
Go out and use key on door
You’re out!

Source: Escape the Room

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Crash of the Titans Demo on Xbox Live

Apparently, they are still making games in the Crash Bandicoot franchise. The latest title, in development at Radical Entertainment, Crash of Titans is the sixth in the series of platformers and is in the works for PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii and DS.

A demo of the title has been released on Xbox Live, offering a sneak peek at the upcoming title. It’s a 530 MB download will features both single-player and 2-player offline co-op modes.

The game will be available next month for all platforms.

Source: Digital Battle

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Mystery Mansion 101 - Walkthrough

Mystery Mansion 101 is a room escape game. You have to search the black and white designed room and find a way to escape.
Good luck!!!

Play Mystery Mansion 101

1 find paper on table, find battery and matches in cupboard.
2 light paper with matches and place in fireplace. and take hammer
3 move candle thing on top of fireplace to the right. Then use hammer behind where it was. get candle and light it with matches
4 move table to the right and using candle go down the trap door.
5 get key from chair. go right twice, get second battery from cupboard.
6 go back to ladder and move ladder to right, use hammer on wall and get pickaxe.
7 go back upstairs and use matches on picture and you get a brickwall. use pick there. Get stepladder.
8 go to the clock, put step ladder at bottom and put the batterys in the clock, it starts turning
9 go back downstairs and right to the cupboard which has bricks in it now.
10 use pick axe on bricks again and go through the hole it makes.
11 in the new room go right twice and open safe with the key…

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EA Celebrates 10 Years of Ultima Online

A Decade of Groundbreaking MMO Gaming Celebrated with In-Game Activities, Special Items and "Return to Britannia" Campaign for Past Players

Redwood City, CA, September 25, 2007 - Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS), the world's leading interactive entertainment company, today celebrated the 10th anniversary of the classic massively-multiplayer online game (MMO), Ultima Online. Launched on September 25, 1997, Ultima Online broke new ground in the multiplayer game space and ushered in the modern MMO era. Anniversary celebrations include special in-game activities and rewards, plus a new amnesty program that invites former players back to experience the major game update, Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn, for free.

"Ultima Online has thrived for 10 years and achieved the status of an MMO classic, thanks in large part to the devoted player community," said Mark Jacobs, VP and general manager, EA Mythic. "We are very excited to celebrate this special anniversary with players."

In celebration of the 10th anniversary, EA is kicking off the "Return to Brittania" campaign, an amnesty program that welcomes former players to discover the gameplay and graphics upgrades implemented in Kingdom Reborn. Past subscribers in good standing will be able to play for free through October 9, 2007 by visiting, downloading Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn and logging in using their former account name and password.

During the in-game 10th anniversary celebration, players will be able to take part in a monster hunt with special prizes including an ankh pendant necklace, map of Brittania, Ultima Online commemorative sculpture and virtue armor set. Additionally, all players will receive 10 décor tokens and a wand of fireworks in their characters' inventory.

For more information on the 10th anniversary celebration, please visit

About Ultima Online
Released in September 1997, Ultima Online features an epic storyline incorporating elements of magic and fantasy. With devoted followers around the world, Ultima Online has thrived for a decade. The game has spawned seven expansions and dozens of free content updates, making it one of the deepest, largest MMORPGs ever created.

About Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts Inc. (EA), headquartered in Redwood City, California, is the world's leading interactive entertainment software company. Founded in 1982, the company develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for video game systems, personal computers, cellular handsets and the Internet. Electronic Arts markets its products under four brand names: EA SPORTS, EA, EA SPORTS BIG and POGO. In fiscal 2007, EA posted revenue of $3.09 billion and had 24 titles that sold more than one million copies. EA's homepage and online game site is More information about EA's products and full text of press releases can be found on the Internet at

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Collaboration Escape - Walkthrough

Wanpa's Store - Collaboration Escape is another new Japanese point and click room escape type game from the creator of Wanpa games. In this game differently there are two rooms and you have to search these rooms to find somethings in a room and use them on other room in order to escape the rooms.
Good luck!!!

Play Collaboration Escape

Left room : Pull lever a few times and get tweezers.
Left room : Use tweezers on the tap. Operate the tap to make water flow.
Left room : Pull lever to the left. Right room : Push light button : it should switch off the light in the left room. You can see a glowing button on the right of the sink (left room). Push it
Right room : Open the cabinet and get a cup
Left room : Pull lever to the right. Right room : Push light button : it should switch off the light in the right room. You can see a glowing button on a blank wall (right room). Push it.
Right room : Click on the edge of the cabinet to get a screwdriver
Solve the 2 square puzzles in each room. A communication between the 2 rooms is now available. Note that objects can only travel following the arrows [\spoiler]
[spoiler] Send the screwdriver from right room to left room ans unscrew the plate on the wall close of the elevator. Take the pillow and put it in the communication tunnel
Send the cup to left room and pick some water
Put water in the hole close of the lever. A new screwed plate appears close of the elevator in right room.
Switch off the light in right room. Another glowing button appears close of the previous one. Push it. An arrow button appears in the left room
Push the red arrow : the sense of communication has changed. Send the screwdriver back to the right room
Unscrew the plate and get a key. Push red arrow in the left room and send the key to the left. Open the elevator
In the right room look at the communication tunnel. Change the sense in the left room. You can see a blank hole in the tunnel : click it on right screen.
A and B are now within the same room. Go out.

Source: Escape the Room, Free Games News

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Trapped Part 1 The White Rabbit - Walkthrough

Trapped Part One - The White Rabbit is a kind of room escape game. You can click either on the floor, to walk, or on the objects, to walk and use them. The mouse will have a red border when you roll over clickable objects. If two objects are stacked, you'll need to click on both. There's nothing indicating which one you're rolling over, so you'd better try everything you can.
Good Luck!!!

Play Trapped Part 1

King coin - Body
Bedroom Key - Body
Bottle with Key - Toy Box
Triangle Block - Cabinet

Corkscrew - Bar
Bedroom Drawer Key - Open Bottle
Peasant Coin - Left Plant

Square Block - Drawer

Pentagon Block - Tub
Steroids - Cabinet
Sick Man Coin - Cabinet
Brush - Sink

Memo - Table
Torn Page - Bookshelf
Servant Coin - Couch

Orange - Table
Pear - Table
Soda - Refridgerator
Spoon - Cabinet
Maid Coin - Cabinet

PANTRY (Use Corkscrew on door):
Ice Pick - Shelf
Yard Key - Wall
Axe - Floor

Use Ice Pick on Charcoal Dust in Kitchen

Dog Coin - Use Spoon on Dirt
Use Pear, Steroids on Dirt, go inside, come back
Mutant Pear - Tree
Wood - Use Axe on Tree

Use Mutant Pear on Red Paint in Pantry
Use Fake Apple on Boy Statue
Use Ice Pick on Notepad in HALL

Dining Room Key - Becky
Drawing - Use three Blocks and Orange on Geometric Toy

Glass - Left Cabinet
Glutton Coin - Table
Knife - Bottom Cabinet

HALL: Bafoon Coin - Use knife on Center Stool
BATHROOM: Arrow - Wall
Bedroom2 Key - Use Arrow on Sink
Water Glass - Use Glass on Water

Glued Papers - Desk
Queen Coin - bed
Use Water Glass on Piano
Play: Middle, Middle, Right, Glass, Glass

Assassin Coin - desk
Oil Lamp - desk
Read Diary on Desk

Use Wood on Stove
Use Oil Lamp on Stove
Use Lighter on Stove
Use Glued Papers on Steam

BEDROOM2:Set Clock to 2:15
Use Soda on Wall Patch
Use Brush on Wall Patch
Use any Coin on Wall Patch

Place the coins:
King, Queen
Assassin, Glutton, Peasant, Sick Man
Maid, Bafoon, Dog, Servant

Jump in Hole under Rabbit Statue.

Source: Escape the Room

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