Nightmares Episode 4 Walkthrough

Nightmares The Adventures Episode 4 is a point and click type adventure game.
Help Victor face his fears.
Good Luck!!!

Play Nightmares Episode 4

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. Take a orange key from the grating.
2. Use a orange key to open the padlock.
3. Go out and take a green key from the table.
4. Go left and use a green key to open a green padlock.
5. Go to the cell and find a secret passage under the poster.
6. Go right and take a red key from the grating. Remove the lever.
7. Go downstairs and take a flashlight.
8. Go to the upper right cell and use a flashlight. Take a coin, a sack and remember a red code.
9. Go out and turn left. Use a red key to open the left upper cell. There is nothing useful.
10. Use a sack on the rope. Catch the lizard then it’s on a sack.
11. Go downstairs and type a red code on the right side of the prison, near the chair.
12. Go to the left cell. Check the middle bed and remember a blue code.
13. Go out and type a blue code in the left blue circle.
14. Go to the hole and check the grating. Remember a green code.
15. Go out and turn right. Type a green code in the right circle.
16. Go to the hole and play „crazy finger twister code”.
17. Go back to the left hole and put the coin to the machine. Play the game.

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Japanese Room Escape Game 2 Walkthrough

Japanese Room Escape Game 2 is the sequel to Japanese Room Escape Game.
In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Japanese Room Escape Game 2

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. Grab directions from red thing on table behind you when you start.
Use these directions on the grid box under the window to get teddy bear arm.
2. put teddy bear arm on and open sliding doors below bear and grab both items (meat on stick and body of doll)
3. Open and close drapes a couple of times until blue metal falls on floor. Pick up blue metal and hook on windowsill. Pick up black gem from left of bear.

4. Move left and grab lighter fluid from bookshelf, also grab blank peice of paper from top right shelf and matches from fake book on bottom left.
5. Move left and click behind the folding screen (very lower left edge of folding screen). Pick up purple metal
6.Move left, open sliding glass door and get doll arm and metal plate/bowl. Click top grey box and get green metal and click bottom grey box to get doll leg.
7. Move left, get chopsticks out of ashes. move rug and get plate, move drape and use hook to open wall behind it and get doll head. Open top drawer of little wooden box and get yellow metal. Open bottom left drawer with hook and get candle. get scrambled piece of paper from top of wooden box.
8. Move left (you should be back at front door) put bone infront of dog and get key.
9. Move left or right three times to get to the big sliding door with a lock on it and use key you just got from dog on it. Inside grab the work stool (orange thing) charcol just inside the door on the left and the grey metal just to the right of the cardboard box.)
10. Move left twice, select the metal bowl from your inventory and click the ? to get a close up of it. Now use the charcoal on it, then the lighterfluid then the match. It should be a fire in the bowl now. exit the close up and use the metal bowl on the brazier. Now use the blank peice of paper on the brazier. It should say "right" meaning right lock and then four numbers.
11. go to the cabinet with the two locks and use your new numbers on the right lock to get a bag of sand. select the plate from your inventory and click the ? and use the bag of sand on it. It will show two numbers these are the first two numbers of the left lock.
12. Now move to the bookshelf and using the stool grab the doll kimono from the very top of the bookshelf. Use the chopsticks on the bottom left of the bookcase (next to the wall just left of the actual bookcase) to get the second black gem.
13. Move to the teddy bear and click on the shelf at the top right while using the stool. Place the two black gems on the little holes on right and left of pagoda temple. grab red metal and doll arm.
14. Go to table in middle of room and click on candle base on table while it is still in close up view click on candle in inventory and use on candle base. Now use matches on the wick of candle. Exit close up and click on paper tower on table...when it lifts up place the lit candle on the table under the tower. Click on tower again to lower it onto the candle. Click tower again to zoom in on it. Write down the two numbers you see. These are the second two numbers for the left lock.
15. Go to the cabinet with the two locks (one now) and open the left lock with your combination of numbers from the candle section and the sand and plate section. Open the door and get the doll leg.
16. click on the doll head in your inventory and then click on the ?. Now assemble the doll by clicking all the body parts one by one and then clicking the doll head/body.
17. Use the doll in the empty space above the cabinet that had the two locks.
18. read the paper and write down the order of the metal disks. The first two at the top need to go into the little horizontal slit in the main door (below the big grey rectangle) in the order they are written (wrong order and smoke knocks you out). The second set of colors is cut off you should see two when you first read the paper but there should be four. So click on the paper where the bottom two colors are and it should scroll more so you can see the next two colors. Now go to the door and use the first two metal disks on the horizontal slit. At this point the grey rectangle should open up and show four holes and a dark grey button on the bottom right. Put the four colors in the right order from right to left according to the paper. Click the button on the bottom right and the door will open.

Source: Escape Games 24

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Tork Walkthrough

Tork is an adventure game.
You're about to crash land on an alien planet where they don't even speak normal. You'll need to learn their hieroglyphic language to get your ship repaired and win the game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Tork

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. float down
2. float to your right then up
3. get near the one-eyed creature to acquire a symbol, this symbol means "swear".
4. respond to the creature with the same symbol. it will float to the chamber downstairs follow it there

5. float to the chamber to your left and talk to the creature with the swear symbol. it will respond to you. the symbol you will get means "bad"
6. follow it to the chamber to your left. it will use a green symbol, it means open. always use this symbol on the ducts with the hairy thingies, and they will suck you into another chamber.
7. use the green symbol on the hairy thingies again, and it will lead you to another chamber.
8. float down and you will see a red symbol. this symbol means "berries"
9. float down again and follow the creature with the basket to the left chamber.
10. wait for it to do something. it will use a new symbol plus "berries". the new symbol means "take".
11. float all the way to right until you meet a dead end. you will acquire a new symbol which means "cook".
12. return to the chamber where you took the berries and float down. follow the creature with the basket.
13. the creature will stop in front of a blue floating creature carrying something. you will get a new symbol which means "food". follow their conversation carefully. then trade your berry with the food using "give" + "berry" will have to carry this kind of conversation all throughout the game.
14. float upwards
15. float to you right, you will find a vortex that will suck you in.
16. in this chamber you'll find another symbol. this symbol means vision. use the "take" symbol plus "vision" and you will get your first vision.
17. in the vision you will get another symbol which means "petal"
18. after waking from the vision, use "open" to return.
19. when you've returned, float two chambers to the right, until you reach the first intersection and then float down.
20. get sucked into the vortex again and get your second vision.
21. after the vision return to the intersection and float right.
22. enter the last vortex and get another vision. after that, float to the right, you'll find a creature having a hard time entering the next chamber. you'll get another symbol which means "help".
23. float down and you'll find creatures picking petals. talk to them and they'll give you a symbol which means "money".
24. float down again and you'll see the same symbol which means "cook". float near the stove and combine the symbols "cook" and "food".
25. after cooking your food, float to the intersection where you found the creature who asks for help.
26. float three chambers to your left, the chamber where you find a hanging green plant just after the next intersection.
27. float up and you'll find a creature selling "money". get it by "give"+"cook"+"food".
28. go back to the creature trading petals and trade "money" for a "petal".
29. float all the way up, and then float to the right.
30. get sucked in through the hairy thingies and it will spit you out into a chamber in your vision. you will get a symbol which means "dream".
31. float two chambers to your right and you'll find the creature that zaps the others. use "give"+"petal" to get a dream.
32. go back to the very first creature you've encountered and "give"+"dream". after changing to its normal state, it will give you another symbol which means "nightmare"
33. go back to the creature who was asking for help. give the cyclop plant the nightmare ("give"+"nightmare") and float to the chamber to your right. You will see a small version of the creature at the intersection. follow it.
34. once you're out, the bigger creature will give you another symbol which means "follow"...and that's exactly what you should do. it will lead you to the queen's chamber.
35. follow them until the queen gives out the symbol for help. Once she gives it, then reply with the symbol for "follow". the queen will follow you anywhere you go.
36. lead her to the spaceship.

Source: Escape Games 24

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Impossible Walkthrough

Impossible is a point and click escape the room game.
You are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving puzzles.
Good Luck!!!

Play Impossible

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Click on top drawer,get gold key,press back go to bottom drawer click on doll click on doll in inventory click somewhere in the middle of the doll to get a green key then the doll will fade go to bookcase click on key click on yellow book to get another key

click on blue book to get another key go right click on a red ball it will nock a green one off smash it get key behind red ball and under green ball click on bowl at the top to tip get key look at blue box click key go right find a dot on the wall to the left of plant for get leaves they dont do any thing and click key on floor you should have ten gold keys a green key but the doll is only accesible on door page click on green key in the key hole and drag to second drawer and go jus a lil bit under the yellow nob the the key should fade in the cosas area and click to open the drawer top left corner of book theres a key click on it you should have ten gold keys now click back and click on screw driver in inventory and un screw the screws in color order of blocks in bottom drawer or just right cklick until your at the photo of the lil girl and keep on clicking on the picture until all the letters ar lit up dark and youve beat it.

Source: Escape Games 24

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Metal Gear Solid 4 in need of huge sales

Payton said the new “Metal Gear Solid” needs to sell over a million copies on the first day it goes on sale due to its costly production, but that may be a tough mark to hit given sluggish PS3 sales.

For this to happen Sony would need a miracle as high profile first part titles are hardly selling right now. To see this all you have to do is look at the sales data for Uncharted and Ratchet & Clank Future, which are Sony’s big holiday exclusives. According to VGChartz both have only sold 0.13m and 0.22m respectively after several weeks of release. Either the PS3 install base has to increase by huge leaps and bounds by MGS4’s Spring 2008 release or they need to go multiplatform.

More interesting information from the article:

Top next-generation video games cost between $10 million and $50 million, according to IDC videogame analyst Billy Pidgeon. That means publishers must hedge their bets by going onto as many platforms as possible.

“You might be able to weather one title coming in at 500,000 in sales,” said Pidgeon. “But two or three failures like that and even big publishers are going to be hurting.”

Source: Reuters

More in PS3:
Unreal Tournament 3 multiplayer powered by GameSpy
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Downloadable Track Packs
Metal Gear Solid 4 delayed

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Restaurant Escape Walkthrough

Restaurant Escape is a point and click escape the room game.
In this game you need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Restaurant Escape

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. In the first scene take chopsticks from the waiter. Give them to the girl at the table.
2. Click on the left to get to the next scene. Catch the steak in front of the cook. Open the microwave oven. Put the steak in the oven.
3. Two more scenes to the left. Make sure the two cooks are there. If not, go back to the previous screen, then return. Take a green chili from the dish that the cook on the left is stirring. Click the plate of the second cook. Put the chili in the plate.
4. Go to a different screen, then return to this on. If the cooks are not in, zoom the white column between them, take a knife behind the column. Use the knife on the lettuce in fron of the cook.
5. One screen to the left. Take a glass from the waiter. Give it to the man in this scene.
6. One screen to the left. Take a button from the waiter. Return to the scene with the waiter and a big fish. Give him the button.

Source: Escape Games 24

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Corpus Aegrus Walkthrough

Corpus Aegrus - Deseased Corpse is an horror point and click game.
Be prepared to defeat zombies atacks.
Good Luck!!!

Play Corpus Aegrus

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. Turn on the light by clicking the switch between the two doors.

2. Click on the left window and go outside.

3. Go into the ally where the garbadge is.

4. Click on the door to enter the market.

5. Go to the fish and click. You will recieve a key.

6. Click near the tree and the dumpster.

7. Collect the gun and ammo.

8. You will incounter a zombie and keep clicking on is body.

9. You will recieve a code (8245), as a check point password.

10. Go through the door streight ahead of you.

11. Cick the lower cabnet droor.Collect the ammo and crowbar.

12. Leave the room and go back outside.

13. Click the sewer top to enter it.

14. Continue further into the sewer.

15. Kill the two zombies you incounter.

16. There is a machine on your right, next to the door. Make all four numbers 50.

17. Go through the door.

18. Talk to the man.(Click the first option every time.)

19. Click inbetween the two brick walls that lead into the park.

20. Go up to the fence.

21. Shoot the lock with your gun.

22. You have beaten the demo version of "Corpus Aegrus - Diseased Corpse"

Source: Escape Games 24

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The Journey Walkthrough

The Journey is the sequel of Mental Hospital point and click game.
In this game you need to get out of the city without being caught.
Good Luck!!!

Play The Journey

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats

1. Click birds 3 times to get them to poop on window
2. When washer gets to poop, click and ride down
3. Grab the black can and then ride back up
4. Scramble to the next building across rope
5. Use spiderman to get to ledge
6. Go to blue building by clicking roof, then click box 3 times
7. Use fire on box to light black can.
8. Click right balloon and click him again when he pulls out camera
9. Now back on original roof, click window and burn building.
10. As people are jumping, click them (right as they jump) and land on pink ledge
11. Click on boxes
12. Click director to bring back spiderman
13. Just as his first string appears, click where it attaches to the burning building
14. Go to poop building and get rope in bottom right corner
15. Go back up and to next building and use rope on the guy in the window.
16. Repeat steps 11, 12, and 13
17. Repeat step 5
18. Click on the pole on the right and go down to the camera guy, click him 3 times
19. Helicopter will appear and start to take you away.
20. Click youself once over the street, and then a second time over the boxes, you will fall onto boxes for a 3rd time.
21. Click left balloon
22. Once train crashes, cops will go away, click on trash truck

Congratulations, you have won.

Source: Escape Games 24

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Neolla 2 Walkthrough

Neolla II is the sequel to Neolla 1 point and click adventure game.
In this game you need to feed the monster and escape from the planet.
Good Luck!!!

Play Neolla 2

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Note the message on the computer.

Go right two times. Get the yellow book. Turn to page 5 (click in upper right of pages to turn the pages).

Click left to go to lockers. Left-most locker has key-card in upper part. On top of lockers is vacuum. Another locker holds some rain coats. Get the green one, per the yellow book’s advice.

Go back to the books. Open the air duct to let in acid rain. Use the vacuum to suck up some acid.

Use acid on the power cable to the door. Open the door.

If you’re wearing the green rain coat, the alien will eventually go away.

Go to the radio station. You’ll need a map.

The map is in shelter 2. Get it and return to the radio station. Be careful of the acid rain.

Go back to the radio station. Click the electronic map to get the coordinates for Area 13.


If you’re out in the rain and your meter starts to turn red, go into a shelter and it will reset.

Source: Free Games News

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Twinkle Walkthrough

Twinkle is a point and click room escape game.
Find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Twinkle

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Click through text with Star
Click down arrow for table, take Note, click bottom right corner and take Key.
Use key on piano
Click through text from fairies
Go right
Search desk drawers and take Pencil, Scissors, Cable, and Photographic Paper
Use Paper and Cable on printer
Go right
Search drawers for Thread and Mirror
Get musical Score from bottom shelf and left of bottom shelf
Go right
Search right drawer for postcard and key
Click up to see clock for clue, then return
Enter kitchen
Search cabinet, under sink, and in fridge for Bread, Tea, Teapot, Teacup, Kettle, Blueberry Jam, and Milk
Turn on faucet and fill Kettle
Put Kettle on stove and turn on stove
Use tea, then Kettle on Teapot
Use Teapot, then Milk on Teacup
Use Bread with microwave
Use Jam then Teacup with Bread
Go to piano
Use Teacup with Pink fairy
Use Magical Remote on TV for stuffed animal instructions
Go to computer and use Silver Key on locked drawer, take DVD
Use DVD on player, get a screen of times
Translate times using semaphore (Translation: THE PASSWORD IS RAINDROP)
Use password on computer (all lowercase)
Print Image
Give Image to Yellow fairy
Give postcard to Orange fairy, get Toilet Paper
Use Toilet Paper on broken window, then Star, then Orange fairy again
Use Mirror on Green fairy
Use Pencil on Paper, then use Scissors
Use Pattern (Paper) on Cloth, then Thread, then Cotton
Use Stuffed Animal on Red fairy
Use Needle on Blue fairy, then use Paper
Use Blue fairy's signature on Purple fairy
Click the fairies in order of: Orange, Yellow, Yellow, Green, Blue
You're done!

Source: EscapeGames24

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Dassyutu 15 Walkthrough

Dasyutu 15 - Water Ways Room: New episode for this Japanese point and click room escape game.
In this game you need to escape out of the room by finding items and solving some puzzles.
Good Luck!!!

Play Dassyutu 15

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Floater in bin
White cap right side of table
Black tube in vase and red 3
Left side of bridge blue 6 & right side of bridge a yellow stick
Examine black tube until a hole appears, add stick.
Hammer sides of bridge and across bridge. Then click bookcase to get across
White 2 next to bookshelf
Tweezers under coffee table and green 1 (two different views)
Note the weird diagram on is the blue square in the wall
Go right and find yellow 9 on right side of bridge
Open up cabinet 36219 & get stick
Using stick get key from back of bookshelf
Use key to open other cabinet and get string.
Go back to bridge where you found the #9
Examine stick until a split appears in the end and click the water to get a hook
Examine hook and add string
Examine stick and add string and yellow floater
Go to blue square in wall and fish for bottle
Put cap on bottle and throw back in the water (blue square)
Cross bridge and go to where the grid is across the stream and get bottle.
Remove lid and turn upside down. Use tweezers to get diagram
Remove floater from fishing line and fish for the boot
Empty boot and get key.
Then use the key in the door. You may exit or go back to blue square and throw in the hammer and get another ending....

Source: EscapeGames24

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Guest House Walkthrough

Terminal House 3 - Guest House is a point and click game.
In this game you are locked in a room and you need to escape.
Good Luck!!!

Play Guest House

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Go left and click on top of the small box on the wall, get silver coin. Then, open the small box and write down the shape and number, you’ll need it later. Use coin on vending machine and get blue drink. also, click on the floor on the left side next to the vending machine and get a blue puzzle piece

go right and click on the left side behind the cabine (on the floor), write the shape and number down

go right twice and open the large box on the wall, get puzzle piece

then click near the floor on the wall and write down the shape and number

go right, click the large box on the wall and get a blue key

go left twice and use key on the largest box on the wall and get a green book

go back and click the safe. use the green book to get the code. Each hieroglyphic stands for a number. use code to open the safe and get mouth piece (mask), red key and a puzzle piece.

use the red key on the door and get an aerosol with O2, a puzzle piece and a tube. combine the tube with the mask / mouth piece and don’t forget to write down the shape and number

now open the largest box on the wall and put in the puzzle pieces and solve the puzzle. it isn’t very hard, just start on top and then work down to discover the numbers. it might be helpfull to write down the number which goes with which symbol.

go around the room and put in the numbers in the boxes on the wall and you should be able to get in the cabine, but first, open the box above the cabine and put in the aerosol with O2 (make sure you opened the aerosol first)

now open the cabine by pressing the button next to the blue light, and get the gold coin from between the girls fingers and get a small tube from the left side, next to her head. Open the blue can and give it to the girl. Leave the cabine

get the yellow drink from the vending machine and give this to the girl as well, than put the mask on her and leave the cabine

open the smallest box and put the tube in. now go to the box next to it (on the right) and press the button.

now go left 3 times and click the blue handle on the left side on the door. enjoy the ending:)

Source: Free Games News

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Esklavos Chapter 10 Walkthrough

Federico Rutenberg presents Esklavos C10.
"In this chapter I have dedicated more work to explain the story,
as we approach the end, there are more things to tell."
Enjoy the C10!!!

Play Esklavos 10

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
* Click on Virop to pick up the rock
* Click on Floda, than click on serpent, (to have Floda pick up the ’slitherer’), before Virop puts the rock back down!

* Floda - drag the serpent to the nest.
* Floda - click on the serpent, (now in the nest) and you wll get an egg.

* Virop - click on Monono (the monkey) to banter back and fourth.
(Virop must correctly respond several times to Monono’s (random order) questions and/or comments, until the monkey becomes enraged!)

This Question + Answer:

(Q) Have you seen the Uro standing there?
(A) Yes, he told me he was going to make a coat with your skin.

will cause Monono’s facial expression to change, to that of anger, and his name/description will change to “Angry Monono”.
* DON’T ANSWER HIS NEXT QUESTION, or you’ll have to ’start over’ in the conversation.

* I’ve included a list below, (see “Monono & Virop’s Q + A”) in alphabetical order, of each possible question, with it’s correct response.

Monono & Virop’s Q + A

(Q) Do you know how many were dropped from this bridge?

(A) Mmmm, that is a very appropriate comment for the occasion.

* (Q) Have you seen that Uro standing there?

* (A) Yes, he told me he was going to make a coat with your skin.
* Click END CHAT

(Q) How came up here?

With my legs?

(Q) How came up here?

(A) With my legs.

(Q) I am going to marry Lisa, Mona

(A) The challenge will be to obtain the consent of the father.

(Q) If you look down you will see an old beard(ed) man

(A) No, I hate the heights

(Q) I know the end of Esklavos

(A) What is that?

(Q) My cousin fell from here and became puree.

(A) He had fallen on chili and no longer needed seasoning.

(Q) My cousin Kiposhy spit to an unwary man

(A) Who could be so stupid . . .

(Q) The life if too hard

(A) To you all must be very monotonous

(Q) The Moon is gone

(A) Uhh, I hope she is not offended

(Q) The Sun is setting

(A) His pants?

(Q) Tomorrow there is a party at my uncle’s tree. You are Invited.

I think I’m going to wear the yellow banana pants.

When the monkey (Monono) has become ” Angry Monono” - click on ‘End chat’.

1) Virop - drag the egg to Monono (the monkey), who will throw it to Uro. . . as soon as you drag the egg to Monono, IMMEDIATELY:
2) have Floda - drag the serpent to/near the mouse (in tree);
3) leaves will fall down on Uro and he will fall.

* (If it doesn’t work the first time/if Uro doesn’t fall (you have to be faster!) - fortunately, you can try again:
get another serpent from under the rock & repeat the steps (including going through the random order Q + A with the monkey again first, to make him angry, AGAIN!) before trying to drag the egg to him, again.

* When Uro does fall, Floda and Virop quickly cross the bridge and enter the passage.

The Passage

* Floda - click on piece of wood (on stairs behind Virop)
* Floda - drag piece of wood to slot - it breaks into 2 pieces
* Floda - click on tapestry.

Naedrin Q + A (in correct order)

I do not kill you. But… What are you doing here?

I see… I am Floda, and He is Virop. We must leave you back to your home

Ok Naedrin, We must get out of this place.

Naedrin - click on Parrot, get quill.

To Get Cushion

* Naedrin - click the skull, than QUICKLY!,
* Naedrin - drag quill to Uro;
an eight legged green salamander/centipede like creature (?) will come out of the skull and bite Uro;
* when he (Uro) sits up
* Naedrin can take the cushion.

To Get Bone

* Naedrin - place cushion on stone,
* Naedrin - drag broken wood to cushion

1. Click Floda, then the bones (top of screen, above tapestry)
2. Click Virop, then the bones
3. Click Naedrin, then the cushion (to create a 3-man-tower) and Naedrin will take a bone.

* Floda - drag bone to slot.

* Watch heartbreaking cut scene…
* Warning: Not Suitable for All Audiences.

* The End
* Chapter 11: Coming Soon!

Source: Free Games News

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CDX Walkthrough

CDX is a point and click game from BBC.
"A sacrificial blade forged at the birth of the Roman empire holds the key to an ancient and bloody conspiracy that threatens to erupt into the present day. Stranded in 21st century Tunis, Adam Foster is plunged into a world of greed, betrayal and murder.
But who has the blade, and can the killers be stopped?"
Good Luck!!!

Play CDX

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
As soon as the scene opens, go out of the southeast room. Go right and right again, then left on the far right edge, all the way to the top. Left and then right, into the room across from the left set of stairs. This has to be done without hesitation, or you'll be caught.

Wait until the guard comes from the far right and turns down right below you. When he starts to turn the corner and go out of your sight, come out of the room and go to the electrical room at the top center. A screen with a breaker box will open. Turn off the doors on the 1st floor. DO NOT turn on the lights. Wait until 2 guards meet in the top hall and go down the 2nd hall to your right. As soon as they do, go out of the electrical room and to the left set of stairs. There will be a guard coming to the top hall on the right side that looks like he will see you, but he'll turn around before entering the top hall.
After going up the stairs, you'll be on the 1st floor. All the guards will be sleeping if you didn't turn on the lights in the electrical room. Go from the stairs in the center left to the stairs in the top left, and go down them. Now you're back on the ground floor. Go to the other electrical room. Turn on the breakers for lights and doors in the basement. Get ready to turn off the main breaker. Once you do, 3 of the 4 guards will freeze. The other one will rush to the electrical room to restore power. If he's far enough away, run for the stairs, and immediately go through the door when you reach the basement. As soon as Liz says she has it and Adam says "let's get you out of there," go back toward the stairs. It's always the same guard, so you can play with him a couple times. Turn off the breaker, see who comes running, then let him get a good distance away before turning it off again. Note that the door and light switches will also be reset after he turns the power back on.
Once you have the dagger, messing with the breakers won't do you much good. Pass by the electrical room on the ground floor and stop before you go up the stairs. Click on the 1st floor tab and watch the guards, making sure they're stuck in the rooms below the central hallway, or will be as you go by. Go back down by the left center staircase to the ground floor.
On the ground floor, I kinda just had to get lucky. You can pretty well stay in the room at the bottom of the stairs indefinitely, and make a break around the far left edge of the room to the front door.

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Something Amiss - Chapter One Walkthrough

Something Amiss - Chapter 1 is a point and click adventure game.
Good Luck!!!

Play Something Amiss Chapter 1

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Take the coin on the right side of the MRI Machine.
Use this coin on the grate, right under the plasma screen. It will open the grate. Now go through the passage.

Take the tape recorder and the harddrive. You can hear the tape recorder, but it won't have any impact in the game.

Now, in the middle of the floor there is a loose tile. Use the grato to open it, and collect the cables underneath.

Put the cable and the harddrive together, and after this, you put them into the socket hole beside the door. This will open the door, and nopw you\re free.

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Erik's Escape The Room Part 4 Walkthrough

Eriks Escape The Room 4 is a point and click room escape game.
In this game you are trying to escape from the jail.
Good Luck!!!

Play Erik's Escape The Room Part 4

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Under the bed there is a magnifying glass
and on the windows after a while there is a bug.It run fast but i got him after a while...when it was in the middle of the windows..
behind the sink there is a stone
under the table there is a piece of sand paper.

then i red the book and on the second page therewere some numbers.
You can also use the glass to read the page...
the numbers 10-5-1-7 etc.correspond to the letters on the clock..and the say...
"lunchtime".Say it to the guard and he will leave.
You get a key.
Use the sandpaper on the bench.
use the rock on the hole twice to get a bottle.
Put the dust and the bug on the bottle.
open the locked mirror with the key and put the dwarf in the bottle.
put the bottle near the water and drink it.....out!

Source: EscapeGames24

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3DA - 3D Assassin Walkthrough

3D Assassin is a point and click adventure game.
Click and hold on room objects and inventory items for the verb disc. Use disc actions (look, talk, and use) to interact with the environment.
Click once on an inventory item to activate it as the game cursor.
Click an item cursor on objects and other inventory items to use. Click an arrow cursor to transition to a new room.
To clear an item cursor, double-click the mouse.
Good Luck!!!

Play 3DA - 3D Assassin

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Get the plank from the top of the window on the left (use the hand icon 4 times)
Use the plank on the blinds of the window on the right
Open the guitar case
Get the rifle and the bullets
Combine the bullets with the rifle
Get the briefcase (I don't know why it is there, because it doesn't have any use)
Look at the toolbox
Look at the padlock
Try to use the padlock
Get the hair grip from Ms. Halloway's hair
Use the hair clip to open the padlock
Open the toolbox
Get the hammer
Use the hammer on the bottom board of the left window
Use the rifle on the left window
You can try shooting, but nothing will happen yet
Go back and use the hammer on the hole
Use the plank from your inventory to reach the camera in the hole
Use the camera on the left window and take a picture
Go back and open your inventory
Hold the mouse botton down on the picture and examine it
Note where the shining spot in the picture is
Use the rifle on the left window
Shoot the building where the shiny spot on the picture was

Source: EscapeGames24

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Three Cats Christmas Escape Walkthrough

3 Cats X'mas Escape aka Operation Three Cats Christmas Escape is a point and click room escape game from creators of Operation Escape of Three Cats.
In this game you need to find objects and solve puzzles in order to free the cats.
Good Luck!!!

Play Three Cats Christmas Escape

Walkthrough for escape through window

though you will find a lot of items, you only will need the following . .

1) Find all 5 numbers for the book case
Number for red book: underneath the X-mas stocking
Number for yellow book: underneath edge of carpet
Number for green book: find wooden plank beside bookshelf (left) and click on right side of it. It will turn and reveal the number
Number for purple book: Go to kitchen and get the towel. Turn on the water and wet the towel. Go back to main room and find the right screen to click on the table in the middle. Click again and you will find a smudged number underneath. Clean it with wet towel.
Number for blue book: Take plastic wrap out of lowest kitchen drawer. Click on it. It will dispense a sheet. Click on this and it will transform into a ball. Now go to kitten basket and give the ball to the kitten. It will leave the basket and you can see the blue number inside the basket.

2) At Book shelf
Click on the big cat that is on your screen below. Another kitten will appear. Click on the blue book (you do know which one, don’t you?) and the book will open. Read it! It’s very interesting, because it is written in Japanese and I did not understand a word of it. Now click on the yellow book, then the red book, then the green and last on the purple book. It will open! Get the book mark!

3) Code for number lock at door beside kitchen door
Click on bookmark and it will turn to reveal two 4-digit numbers. Take the last number and key it into the numberlock and press ok. The door will open.

4) To find ashtray..
Continue through the hallway that just opened. At the main door get the umbrella. Zoom in umbrella, open it and get the key. Return to the kitchen and open the second drawer that was closed. Inside is the ashtray.

5) Prepare for escape
Go to fire place and get the poker. Poke the fire and a log will fall in front of it. Get the log and place it on the floor in front of the window, beside the kitten’s basket. Take the wooden plank (with the green number on it) and put it on top of the log. Now it looks like a see-saw. Get the ashtray and place it on the plank (on our side). The next step is a bit tricky and you will need to click a lot of times till things get moving: Click on the big cat, till two kittens appear. By clicking, convince them to jump onto the plank. The ashtray will smash the window and….you will escape!

Walkthrough for escape through the front door

‘walkthrough for escape through the window’. And notice that you’ll need to find and look at all the coloured numbers for the books and the bookmark, otherwise it will not work!

2) Switch on the lights of the X-mas tree! The plug is to be found left, beside the tree. Now get the golden key from the tree!

3) Enter the second number into the number lock, and enter the bedroom with the golden key. Stay there and…

3) Click on the big cat in front of the screen and two kittens will appear. Click on the black and white kitten and then on the lamp shade. The lamp will fall over and a grey key can be collected.

4) Leave the bedroom and go to the front entrance. Use the grey key to open the wardrobe. Get the wooden box from the top shelf.

5) Zoom in this wooden box and click onto very left panel. It will move a bit. Click at the adjoining panel and the next and so on…..till you will find the key card. Use it on the front door and ….you did escape!

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D's Look for Hamsters Walkthrough

D's Look for Hamster is a point and click room escape game from the creator of D's Room Escape 1.
In this game you need to escape by finding a lot of hidden hamsters.
Good Luck!!!

Play D's Look for Hamsters

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution
1. click on curtain. open window.
2. move flowers.
3. up on ceiling on light.
4. top house on hamster tower thing.
5. move balls around on hamster tower thing.
6. hamster wheel on tower thing.
7. on pumpkin.
8. move stool to side of bookcase. get one on top.
9. move star on bookcase.
10. under green pillow.
11. in pool in red ring.
12. click on dot on wall above pool and drag.
13. behind tapes under tv.
14. behind soccer ball.
15. click on floor on tv scene. behind cage.
16. click inside cage. box with 4 babies.

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B Sensor Walkthrough

B-Sensor is the continuation to C Sensor and I Sensor, a point and click room escape game.
Good Luck!!!

Play B Sensor

B Sensor Walkthrough - B Sensor Guide
pick up remote from next to the tv, and get stick from under the cupboard

go right and get green ball from the top of the plant

turn right and get blue ball from sliding windows

turn right and click next to the sauna (right bottom) and get green book and yellow ball (use stick to get those items)

in the green book, on the last page is a code. Click on the lower part on the page to get that code: 3984

go back so you face the TV and click on the brown parts of under the TV, on the left side there should be a red ball (not visible until you click it)

enter code at the box on the sauna and turn the heath up to 60C

click the remote and than the tape recorder (under the TV) and enter 824646 (code you got from the cellphone message on the beginning, but it is in japanese…). Press the S-button and get pipe, connect the pipe with the other pipes and get purple ball if you go back to the tv, but mind that the right side of the sliding glass needs to be open. Then step back and look at the open door. The pink ball will be on the far wall.

now go back to the sauna and get in. put the balls in the scale / hole (?) on the right side and leave

turn the heat up to 90C, open the door, then turn the heat down to 15C, enter the sauna and pick up the balls again, there are numbers on them

go to the “front” door and put in the balls in de box next to the door, the box opens

now here is a point where i had to cheat big time.. In a hint i found this:

o = where an abacus should be, and x where it shouldn’t be.

do this, and the door opens. well you know what to do next…

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Escape Turquoise Room Walkthrough

Escape Turquoise Room is a new point and click room escape game created by 2keysgames (those behind Escape Orange Room, Escape Library, Escape Pink Room, Escape Magenta Room and Escape Green Room).
This time you are trapped in a turquoise room and you have to escape by solving puzzles and finding items. Your inventory is limited so you´ll have to put some items back where you found them when you don´t need them anymore.
Good luck and have fun!

Play Escape Turquoise Room

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Our mission is to make a UV light to read the code to get into the safe to get the acid to break the door.

Examine everything, have a smashing time, but put it back until you need the item.

First job to get the UV base...the grey dome is a game getting all the discs on the middle pole in order by lifting up and swapping from pole to pole, but never a bigger discs on a samller one....

Examine the first aid box, you need scissors and gloves.
Break the sunbed, there is a switch at the base and a battery drops under the bed.

Go to the closet and get a wrench & break the dictaphone to get another battery.

Pick up the lighter, wrench and masking tape.

Above the safe are some need the tube, so stop the fan with something. Clean the tube, the radiator has steam, so break the valve.

While you are there, pick up the apple core. Go under the bed & feed the mouse who will kick the battery to you.

You can now add the batteries to the UV base. Read about UV and get the correct chemical from the cupboard. Bend the tube with heat and add the chemical.

Make the UV light and read the book for the code to the safe. The picture by the safe gives a clue on the order.

Take the chemical and acid from the safe (using gloves) and smash it against the door.

You now need to clothe yourself with acid proof items.

To open the door:
1)take gloves from first aid box
2)paint boots (there must be two pairs) and umbrella into orange liquid from cupbord (the liquid is anti-acidic)
3)take orange coat with you from the closet.
4)Cick on gloves, take large blue bottle from the safe, splash it on the door (the bottle has acid inside)
5)click on umbrella, then click on the door

Another Escape Turquoise Room Walkthrough
Click on bucket in corner until it falls over
-then get apple core
-go right once
-click on purple/grey machine on corner of desk and move magnets (largest at the bottom to smallest on top) to center red pole
- click on uv base
-get book from middle of the desk
-get gloves from first aid kit
click repeatlty on switch at bottom right hand side until it breaksdown
-a battery will roll under the couch into a mouse hole, put apple core in front of hole and get battery
-put battery into uv lamp
-go right once
-on RHS of drawers 2 down get lighter
-open BOTH left hand doors, in the middle one get umbrella and wrench (put overalls back)
-get wrench and click on dictaphone (while it is still on shelf)
-pick up boken dictaphone and get battery
-put broken dictaphone back and place battery into uv lamp base
-click on desk drawer (with the vice on it) and get tape
-go right once
-click on ceiling above safe
-get tape and click on RHS of fan
-get glass tube
-go right once
-click on wrench then on red part of radiator to get steam
put glass tube over steam to clean it
-go right twice
-double click on glass tube then on the lighter and it will bend
-then open right hand side cupboard and on the first shelve get the purple bottle
-click on tube then purple bottle. it will turn into a fluro tube.Put this into the uv base and turn on.
-Now click on book flick to the back pages (the blank ones) and then your fluro lamp and onthe bottom of the page there will be
( X stands for numbers they change each time)
-in the cupboard still there a coat in the middle right and a gumboot far right get these
-now put the tape back in the desk drawer
-go right once
Click on RHS of safe and get other gumboot
-go to numbers on the safe and going left to right put in green level first then blue level
-get orange bottle
combine orange bottle with both boots and umbrella
-click on gloves and get big bottle of acid
-go right once and throw big bottle of acid at door
-then click on umbrella then on hole in the door and you are outta there.

Source: EscapeGames24
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Bedroom Escape Walkthrough

Bedroom Escape Game is a text room escape game.
You are in a bedroom and you need to escape.
Good Luck!

Play Bedroom Escape

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. Click on garbage can and get note.
2. Get ladle and cell phone
3. Click on cell phone - get message
4. Click on right top of curtain - get key
5. Use key on clock
6. Use battery with lamp
7. Get fork and scissors
8. Use scissors on note pad
9. Use fork on lamp
10. Use battery on cleaner
11. Use cleaner
12. Get cutter
13. Use cutter on pillow
14. Get pliers
15. Use pliers on window.

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Tofu Turkey Walkthrough

Tofu Turkey is an adventure game.
Use WASD keys to move and spacebar for action.
You take the role of a lone Turkey in charge of building a fake Turkey made of Tofu to save your friends from the humans.
Good Luck!

Play Tofu Turkey

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
1. Talk to the turkey above you until he finished what he said. After that talk to him again and he'll give you a Map. After you have the Map, exit the house.

2. Once outside, go right one screen. In here use the action button on every pile until you get 170 Turkets, and the Turkey beak.

3. Go up one screen and get the Musket.

4. Go down two sqaures and then go left two squares until you reach the bottom left corner of the map. Enter the house in the middle.

5. Inside the Japanese themed house, talk to the Turkey inside until he asks you for Wasabi.

6. Exit the house and head 2 screens to the right, and enter The Sushi and talk to the Chef. Click on "Buy" and he'll give you Wasabi.

7. Talk to the Turkey closest to the chef, until he tells you a Drink combination.

8. Head back to the Japanese Turkey's house and trade the wasabi for Tofu.

9. Exit the house, and enter the other house above the last one. (where the road ends)

10. Talk to the Turkey there until he says he wants peacock feathers in exchange for his turkey feathers.

11. Head 2 screens to the right and enter the Pub.

12. Talk to the bartender and click the drinks the Turkey in the sushi bar told you (Bourbon, Angostura, Whiskey, Lemon and Cuban Rum).

13. The Bartender will tell you the password for the Underground shop, "qwerty"

14. Head outside and enter the Shop.

15. Once inside, talk to the Storekeeper and click on "Shop" and buy the chest., After you have bought the chest, talk to the shopkeeper again and click on "Talk"

16. In the following screen, type the password: *qwerty* (no caps)

17. Buy all the items available. And click "Done"

18. Go outside and head 2 screens to the left and enter the rightmost house.

19 Talk to the old man and you trade the Peacock feathers for the turkey feathers (Pick them up from the table)

20. Go outside and go up one screen. You should be in the graveyard.

21. Use the action key (space) to open the gate and enter the graveyard.

22. Once inside, grab the Turkey legs sticking out of the grave.

23. Enter the gravekeepers house and talk to the gravekeeper. He'll trade you the Musket (gun) for the shovel.

24. Pick up the shovel

25. Talk to the ghost in the bottle on the bottom of the house. He'll put fire inside your bottle.

26. Exit the gravekeepers house and step on the bottom left grave.

27. Once there, Click the items button on the top right corner of the screen and select the shovel.

28. You should have dug up the turkey coat. (make sure the turkey is exactly over the grave)

29. Now go right one screen, up one screen and left one screen.

30. Enter the Lab

31. once inside, talk to the Scientist.

32. Exit the Lab

33. Go right 2 screens and down 2 screens and enter the Pub

34. Once inside the Pub, talk the the second turkey from the left (excluding the bartender)

35. After he says he'll make you fake eyes , you need the ingredients. Head outside the Pub.

36. Once outside, open your items and click the chest. You'll find 30 Turkets inside. After that, enter the Shop

37. Talk to the shopkeeper and choose "Shop"

38. Buy the following items: Golf ball, Raisins, Eyedrops, red string.

39. After that, head back to the Pub and talk to the same turkey (secon from the left)

40 If done correctly you should have: The Bottle with the Fire, Golf ball, Raisins, Eye Drops, and Red String

41. The turkey should give you the fake eyeballs.

42. Exit te Pub and head the the top left corner of the map and enter the Lab.

43. Talk to the scientist and he'll trade the real eyes for the fake ones.

44. You should now have completed the fake turkey. Go to the center of the Map and enter the Main House

45. Talk to the trkey in the middle and see the final clip.

Source: EscapeGames24

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Teddy Beans Walkthrough

Tedy Beans is a Japanese Room Escape Game.
In this game you need to escape the room by collectimg items an solving puzzles.
Good Luck!

Play Tedy Beans

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Click on the second option to start the game, the first option is just a story which i dun unds. haha

Click on the bird on the sofa. Zoom on it an get the paper-like thing from it

Click on the purple bowl to get the red thingy

Click on bottle of sunflower seed next to it

Click on the purple drawer to take the Diary. Zoom on it to see a picture of a girl and a hamster. lol

Click on the pink drawer to get the numbers(passwords)

Click on the yellow drawer to get a bottle of water

Click on the green drawer to get a box

Zoom in on the box and use the number +389+ on it to open it(flower bead)

Click on the hamster tank and click on the hamster and the hamster water feeder hanging on the tank

Zoom in on the water feeder and use the bottle of water on it to fill it up and click the water feeder in the tank again(no idea wad it does but the words written hav a word “full” in it)

Use the red thingy on the potato like thing beside the hamster’s bowl in the tank to get a square bead. Edit: if you don’t give the piece of paper to the hamster, you can’t get the square bead with the red thingy from the sand.

Use the hamster and click the bottom of the drawers, it will search for u(star bead)

Btw u can click on the paper-like thing and use it on the hamster in the cage, u will see a picture of a hamster eating it or smth, not sure wad it does tho

Use the hamster on the curtains and it will search for u (orange bead)

Click on the plant on top of the tank and once again, use the hamster on the soil, it will search for u (purple diamond shaped bead)

Zoom in on the bracelet that u got at first, then just click it and it wil work its magic and ur done!

Source: Free Games News

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Hopping Ham's Thriller Walkthrough

HHT - Hopping Hams Thriller is a point and click adventure game.
To play this game you need to help the little hamster by collecting items and solving puzzles.
Good Luck!

Play Hopping Ham's Thriller

Walkthrough - Guide - Solution - Cheats
Get thru introduction and go up stairs to first door & enter.
Note black panel top left, this is your map. Go forward to end and right to first room (B) on wall. Click creature (which is a chess piece), go left and click piano. Play game and when finished click top right dot to close and get key.
Click the handbag and the purple square to chose the key. With that showing click the door to the left and enter the room. You must now click the handbag to close the items list or nothing else will happen.
This room has a (P) and creature. Capture the creature.
Now click the back of the hammy head to get back to the corridor.
Turn and go right down the corridor & right to a room which is a study (P). Check drawers & new creature. Turn right into library. Use remote and bookcase moves (R) and right into new creature (K).
Return to corridor (hit hammys on head). Move up and right to room with clothes. Move dresses and new room (N), collect creature.
Back to corridor forward and left to room with hole near floor with creature, left and find the difference, three in each image....access new room & creature.
Back to corridor. Forward and new room Quiz Shock game.(P) Guess fast and new room (R) & creature & left to bed under cover a new creature to collect (N).
Back to corridor and forward to laundry. Get creature out of washing machine. Right to bathroom, get plug out of bath and place in hole above bath.
Back to laundry and a new room to left (K) get creature and rope.
Trace your steps back and go up to telephone room. Phone Damien 666 and wall breaks. Left to room (Q) and creature.
Thats all do here in this section, so make your way back to the balcony outside and head left to other door.
First right is the kitchen. (N). Right to fridges collect cones, creature and banana. Hammys make an icecream. Left is the Chiefs room and not accessible, yet....
Up corridor to room with wheel (B). Chose rope and bring up a new creature.
Back out and into dining room (Q)
Check under table for new creature and get leaf from picture.
NOW REMOVE THE LETTERS ON THE WALL BY SELECTING A CREATURE. This room Q - select handbag, click each creature until the letter & creature disappears.....this is a you have Bishop, King, Pawn etc to locate...
Go to EVERY room and do this.....
Back to the first corridor we visited the B in the piano room wont go away, because you havent got that creature yet...but the P in the locked room will.
Continue in the other rooms. Give the leaf to the creature in the little hole. In the telephone room hit the wall with the banana to get a new creature and room. Keep clearing every room.
When you get back to the piano room you should remove the last creature (B). If you have any left, keep searching.
Go downstairs and get key from room.
Face locked room and use key.
Now you can go up to the Chiefs room and get courage balls.
Back downstairs use courage balls, then unlock the room and then play chess (A3 to F3).
ETC...... to tombstones, click "is" on Junior stone etc.....

Source: EscapeGames24

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Juegos de Escape en Español

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