1423 Escape Walkthrough


1423 Escape The Room is a Japanese (and really hard) point and click escape the room game.
Try to escape by finding and using items.
Good Luck!

Play This Game

1. Click to the left of the drawers twice to get the blue ball (1).
2. Do not back out of this view yet. Click the top of the drawer where the gap and the drawer meets. See the 2nd blue ball.
3. Click near the top of the ball to move the drawers. Get blue ball (2).
4. Note the panel on the wall with 4 spherical openings.
5. Go left to the view of the kitchen table/chairs.
6. Click the right chair and get the pink key.
7. Click the right leg nearest to you and get the red 5.
8. Click the cap of the chair leg and get the blue ball (3).
9. Turn left and get the blue ball (4) from the panda's hand. (The panda only gives a blue ball when you already have 3 balls.)
10. View the ball and click it to turn it over and reveal the cyan 7.
11. Use the pink key on the pink drawer. Get the green key.
12. Use the green key on the green drawer and get the yellow key.
13. Use the yellow key on the yellow drawer and get the blue key.
14. View the yellow key and click the right side. Note the yellow 8.
15. Use the blue key on the upper right screw on the floor panel. Get the green Philips head screwdriver.
16. Go right and use the green screwdriver on the wall panel. Get the yellow flathead screwdriver.
17. Click the upper right corner of the hole where the yellow screwdriver was and get the pink 9. Flip the paper over and note the blue 4.
18. Zoom out one view and click the panel that's laying on the floor. Click the lower left corner and get the 123.
19. Get a closer view of the mirror and click the wall on the lower left side. Note the sequence 1324-.
20. Go left and click the garbage can.
21. Click inside to get the the dice (1). Click the bottom to get the 789. Click the bottom again to get the green 2.
22. Zoom out a view and click the keypad. Click to the right of the keypad and get the 654<-. You now have the order of numbers for the keypad.
23. Go back to the other panel on the wall that has the 4 circles. Insert the balls in the panel in the order that was noted on the back of the mirror frame. Insert the yellow screwdriver into the smaller hole when you're done.
24. Get the dice (2). Take a look at both die. There are colors that coordinate with the order the numbers have to go into the keypad. For example, the number 1 on the dice is red. The number that we have that is red is the number 5.
25. Now go back to the numbers on the papers as well as the numbers you found on the other items. From the papers: 2-green 4-blue 5-red 9-pink From the items: 7-cyan 8-yellow From the die you can deduce that the order of colors is red, blue, green, yellow, pink, cyan. Code for the keypad is 542897. Thanks runningwithseizures!!
26. Enter the code into the keypad and press the arrow key. Now the panda has moved. Click where he was standing and you will see a small keyhole in the wall. Exit through the keyhole and you're out!
27. Try again for different endings!

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