Cinderella Walkthrough


This is a point and click escape the room game.
Cinderella is locked in a room and you need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!

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1. Take Candle, matches, mallet, curve knife and green hose.
2. Go left.
3. Take Hammer, saw and oil can.
4. Take nails from top right drawer.
5. Go Left.
6. Take rope and jar.
7. Go Left.
8. Take fish and bucket.
9. Use jar on sack.
Use mallet on coloured bick on wall, take key.
Use saw on planks (hold it up and down for 15 seconds) until it becomes pieces.
Use nails on planks, then use hammer on nails, get ladder.
Use saw on pipe (for 15 seconds), get a piece of pipe.
10. Go right.
11. Use rope on knife.
Use the short rope on candle.
Use matches on candle to light.
Click on gold wheel to zoom in.
Put candle on barrel.
The gold wheel combination change in every game, so try all combinations.
Use the jar on barrel.
Use Key on wheel.
12. Go right.
Use hose on tank wheel.
Pull the lever in the secret panel (it broke).
Use pipe on broken lever, then use oil can on lever.
13. Use lever and water goes to the tank.
14. Go Right and use bucket on sand box.
Put the sand in the tank, then put fish in the tank.
15. A rope down, cimb the rope, put the ladder and you´re out.

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  1. i cant figure this code thing out.... thats stupid

  2. wheres the secret panel?


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