Crain's Room Walkthrough


Crain's Room is a Japanese point and click.
You need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape the room.
Good Luck!!!

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Crain's Room Walkthrough
1. Click under the door. Get the stick.
2. Turn right. Get the garbage can. Use the stick behind the bookshelf to get the credit card.
3. Turn right and get the glasses.
4. Get the hammer from the top drawer.
5. Use the credit card on the middle desk drawer to get the box cutter.
6. Get the screwdriver from the pencil case.
7. Go back to the bookshelf and use the box cutter on the cardboard box. Get the chainsaw.
8. Use the chainsaw on the bookshelf to the left of the white sign and get the wood board.
9. View the wood board and turn it over. Use the screwdriver on the wood board to get the part of key (1).
10. Use the hammer on the picture of the microphone to get the microphone.
11. With clues from the game (if you can translate), the password to the laptop is 1877. Get the briefcase key.
12. Open the briefcase and use the garbage can in the empty space. Get the part of key (2).
13. Use the microphone on the 2nd part of the key to shrink it.
14. Connect the 2 parts of the key to get the door key.
15. Use the key on the door and you're out!

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