Go Live 1 Walkthrough


This is a Japanese escape the room game.
You need to find intems and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good luck!!!

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Go Live 1 Solution - Walkthrough
1. Look at top of wardrobe to see that it’s screwed shut, otherwise I think it won’t let you get the screwdriver.

2. Look under fridge to see guitar pick, otherwise it won’t let you get the coathanger.

3. Get the blue thing from the freezer. It’s an ice cube with a screwdriver in it. Put it in the sink and run water on it to get out the screwdriver.

4. There’s an amp cable in the fridge door. Skipping ahead a bit, the other one on the shelf above the toilet.

5. It should be obvious that you need to open the wardrobe with the screwdriver. Get three things (guitar, amp, coathanger). Use the coathanger to get the guitar pick.

6. As mentioned before, there’s an amp cable on the shelf above the toilet. Use the Tab key to find the hotspot (tiny and on the very edge of the top of the screen) that gets you a view of the shelf. The cable is the only thing you can get in the toilet - all the other hotspots remain useless.

7. Plugging in the amp should be easy - select it in your inventory and click on the power outlet. (If you haven’t found the power outlet, click the back left caster of the speaker.) Plugging in the speaker itself is a matter of pixel hunting when you’re in the screen with the view of the outlet - the hotspot is quite tiny and on the very edge of the top of the screen. (Use the Tab key.) Clicking it gets you a view of the back of the speaker. To plug it in, click the power cord (bottom left corner).

8. After you’ve plugged in everything (that’s two amplifier cables - one from the speaker to the amp, the other from the amp to the guitar - and two power cords, one for the amp, one for the speaker), you need to play the guitar by clicking it on the banner with the Chinese writing on it. You should now be able to click things that you weren’t able to click before.

9. You can get the thing from between the wardrobe and the wall after you’ve played the guitar. It immediately goes gray in your inventory, so it’s singularly useless, but getting it seems to be a necessary step.

10. There’s a keycard in one of the boots in front of the door. (Yes, those black things are boots. Until the game let me zoom in on them, though, I wouldn’t for the life of me have called them boots. They don’t even look 3-dimensional.)

11. There’s a scraper or putty knife or something behind the bottles under the sink - use the Tab key to find the teeny-tiny hotspot. (I haven’t a clue what the hotspot on the sink drainpipe is for, but that’s not the one for getting the scraper.)

12. Once you have the scraper, you can look at the edge of the guitar-player poster. You can’t do anything except look, but it seems to be a necessary step.

13. I don’t know if it’s a necessary step or not, but I ended up clicking on the edge of the poster/cabinet with the keycard. After that, I was able to go out simply by clicking on the doorknob.

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