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GOW is the second chapter of GOP point and click escape the room game from the creator of Twinke, Zashiki Warashi and Seven Lucky Gods.
Good Luck!!!

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Gow Walkthrough
-Turn right. Get the pencil and paperfrom the top drawer.
-Get the password hint paper and password decoder from the second drawer.
-Talk to ninja and he will ask you to go shopping for him.
-Turn right again and get the hint for the lock from the bookshelf.
-Right again and get the thermometer from the headboard.
-Go into the kitchen. Turn on the stove and use the thermometer on the stove to increase the temperature.
-Read the three notes on the wall.
-Note that one of them says Look Down!!!.
-Look at the hint for decoding the 3-letter lock. If you look down at your keyboard and trace the pattern that the 1st line makes, it is the letter K.
-The second letter is Y.
-The third letter is A.
-Therefore, the code for the lock is KYA.
-Click the lock and open the drawer. Get the wallet with 1000 Yen and the note that reads "He rigs bib".
-Click the computer.
-Click the blue arrown pointing downward. It will bring you to a website. Use this website to decipher the password code. (If you are having problems viewing the website: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/bc/KB_Japanese.svg/800px-KB_Japanese.svg.png). Thanks beth!
-The code for the computer is 7PQEU.
-Enter in the password.
-In the computer go to Internet Explorer>Tools>Toolbar>Favorites>Weight Loss.
-Use the paper and pencil on the ingredients to copy them down.
-Click Start to exit the computer.
-The door will open. Use the thermometer to convince him to get the ingredients for you.
-Get the mushrooms from the tree (Remember what they look like!).
-Get needle and thread from man in the lake.
-Get tree branch.
-Use needle and thread on the tree branch to make a fishing rod.
-Use the fishing rod on the pond. But the fish is too smart for you!
-Use the "He rigs bib" note on the fish.
-Grab a foxtail from the side of the pond before you leave.
-Return to the house and talk to the GOW on the floor.
-Use the foxtail on the Ninja to make him dance.
-Dinnertime! Put water in the pot.
-Get the knife from the cabinet door and cut the ingredients.
-Click the glass cabinet door and measure out the correct amount of soy sauce and mirin.
-GOW will now try the soup but he will get sick.
-Identify the mushroom correctly to the Ninja (it is orange with yellow dots).
-GOW is fine and he is now Prince Charming!
-Click through all the dialogue and you're done!

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