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Jopbico is a point and click escape the room game from Gotmail.
You need to find items and solve some puzzles in order to escape.
Good luck!!!

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Jobpico Walkthrough
1) Open the second cabinet from the right, open left door, get towel.
2) Go right twice, click red mat, click yellow table, finish slide puzzle. Click URL, will open new window. Click black bar on the bottom, and type in Got job?. Get helicopter.
3) Click between the first and second blue supports to get memory card.
4) Click last red chair, and get cell phone.
5) Insert memory card into phone, press top right button.
6) Go right, click on telescope. Get USB.
7) Go right, click on light on table, get propeller.
8) Go right, click on silver door, click to the left of the door, and press the up button to raise the green bar to the top. Also get the hose next to the bottom left of the door.
9) Go left, open the door, go in, then go back. Open the door again, and notice that the ice melted.
10) Press the button on the heat remote so it's red. Get coin from stalagmite icicle.
11) Go back into room, and open door again to enter roof.
12) Go left, and walk to the edge. Get silver coin.
13) You can insert silver coin into the yellow machine to play game. Gives URL in the end but does nothing.
16) Attach propeller to helicopter, attach USB to computer, and attach copter to USB to recharge. Go back and click on computer then copter to get a fully charged copter.
15) Go to room with jacuzzi. Click on fireman statue, zoom in and click near fireman's left foot. Open hatch, and connect hose and turn on valve.
16) Go back to jacuzzi entrance, click left, and click between seats. Put helicopter to the H. Click on cell, then click on the helicopter. Enjoy mini-movie.
17) Go back, click on towel, then click on water twice. Pick up Silver coin in water.
18) Use the Gold coin in telescope first and zoom in to see two numbers. Insert the Silver coin and zoom in to see two more numbers.
19) Go back to jacuzzi door, and click on the yellow cabinet in lower right. Enter the numbers you saw from the telescope. Get key mold.
20) Go back to roof, set key mold to the place where the icicle is dripping. Go back to road remote, and click on the light to make it green. Go back to room, go into roof, and retrieve the mold. Double click mold in inventory and click on key to get key.
21) Go to door next to arcade machine, use the key, and you're out

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