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SLG - Seven Lucky Gods is the last chapter of GOP a point and click escape the room game from the creator of Twinkle and Zashiki Warashi.
In this game you need to find items and solve some puzzles.
Good Luck!!!

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Seven Lucky Gods Walkthrough - Solution
- Turn around
+Help the god of prosperity:
- Open the first drawer in the desk
- Get paper and pencil
- Give paper and pencil to the girl (I forgot her name), she'll draw.
- Give the drawing to the Ninja, he will tear it.
- Put the torn paper to the garbage can, get the piggybank.
- Give the piggy bank to the prosperity, he will give you a box.
+Help the god of knowlegde and study:
- Go to the kitchen
- Open the fridge, get the milk
- Check the milk, open it
- Give the milk to the guardian, he will break it, get the paper fast or you have to replay that scene.
- Give the paper to the god of knowledge and study, she will give you a test, choose the second answer
+Help the god of virtue:
- Get the the paper on the shelf, use the ASCII table to dicovered it, like:
purple, green, green, purple, purple, green, green, green = 01100111. then find it in ASCII table, you'll find the password of the drawer in the closet(I don't belive the password is so easy)
- Get the diary and the cards
- Get the key from the right drawer on the TV desk
- Check the diary, use the key to the keyhole
- Give it to the god of virtue
+Help the god of victory
- Give the cards to the god of victory
+Help the god of longevity:
- I don't know about the password on the computer so... just type the password "ninja", if you want to explain, ask "lemon"
- Click on the Internet Explorer icon
- Click on Tools on menu, then History
- You have the copy of games you have played
- Give it to the god of longevity
+Help the god of childbirth:
- Go to the computer
- Click on the Mail icon
- Choose Files on menu, you'll copy the message
- Give it to the god of childbirth
+Open the secret box from the god of prosperity:
- Use the name of the gods in the hint
Code: Happiness
Enjoy the end!!!

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