Submachine 5: the root


Submachine 5: the root is the fifth episode of the Submachine series.
"This time we go back to the very first submachine ever built - historically speaking.
It was created by an unknown scientist in the early 20th century.
This is the place where it all started."
Good Luck!!!

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Submachine 5 Walkthrough:
1. Pick up notebook. It will keep note of important information for you in game.

2. Go left.

3. Open manhole. Pull each lever and the handle in the middle.

4. To the left is a bathroom but I didn't find anything useful in there. I was fun to just mess with stuff though.

5. Go down the manhole.

6. Go left at the bottom.

7. Turn on computer with button on front of tower. Read your instructions.

8. Go right 2X, push button on wall to open door. Go through the door, then to the right.

9. Open another manhole. Go down.

10. Go right to machine. Enter coordinates 5-5-2 and push the button on the bottom.
Just to the left of the machine in your new location, you can travel down to get your first red secret ball thingy. Return to machine.

11. From machine go right into cave. In the cave, where the tunnel is half black and half red, on the ground pick up the lead casting.

12. Continue to the right into the junk room.

13. Click on the panel on the wall with lightning bolt on it to open it up. Then, on the large cylinder object on the floor is a plug. You must first click the 2 small flippy switches to release it. Then click the plug to move it to the wall and turn on the lights.

14. Go right, then down the ladder, then to the right again.
Make note of the metal box on the wall. It has a button in the center. I will call it the cipher box. You will use it a lot, but not yet.

15. Go right 2 and up one. You can click on the faceplate on the wall, but I found no reason for it.

16. Go left 2 times and forward once into the room. Get the wrench on the floor under the chair. I found no use for anything else in this room.

17. Go right 2 times, down 1, left 1, down 1, right 1.
Use wrench on wall. Take key.

18. Go left 1, up 1, right 1, up, left and forward into room. Use key on left most box.
Take cipher plate #1.

19. Return to cipher box I said to take note of.
There are 2 slots. From now on I will refer to the slots as: 0=empty slot, 1=cipher #1, and 2=cipher #2.
Use the cipher plate #1 on the top of the box. Use it in slot #2, then push the button in the center. So the first place I am sending you is (0,1).

20. New location. Go down. Go left. Get cipher plate #2 off the chair.

21. Go right 1, go down 3. Go left. Use wrench on orange plate on wall. Get secret #2.

22. Go right 2X. Make note of charger. You will need it later.

23. Go left, go up the ladder to the top. Remove the cipher. Put in cipher #2 in slot 1 so you are going to (2,0).

24. Open cover on ground. Go down. Hit top button to make arrow max out to the right. Go up, go left, open cover, go down.

25. Get coil (this is NOT a light bulb. The light bulb is a separate item later).
This arrow should already be maxed out. If not hit button to make it so.

26. Go up, left, open, down, hit button again.

27. Go left. Notice red brick wall. We will return here later. Go all the way to the right to return to cipher box.

28. Go to (0,1). Go down to bottom. go right to charger.
Put coil on charger.
Turn wheel 3 times to charge it. get fully charged coil.

29. Go back up ladder. Take out the cipher and return to (0,0).

30. Go right 2X. Place coil on orange thingy with lighting bolt on it. Go left 2X.

31. Go to (0,2) Go down, then left 3 times.

32. Spin wheel. You should hear a hissing sound).

33. Return to cipher box. Go to (2,0) Go left 2x.

34. Push grey button next to green one to get secret #3.

35. Go left to now busted brick wall.

36. Go through hole.

37. Get Wisdom Gem #2 from stand.
Go left and up. Get secret #4 from seat of chair.
Return to cipher box.

38. Go to (1,2).
Go forward 1, right 1.

39. Get light bulb from off the wall.
Go forward 1. Go into room with box on the floor.

40. Notice the 3 holes in the room on the walls.
Loot at each one.
There is a bar that must be turned on each one so that the small shell shape is lined up next to the large shell shape.
To move them, you must turn the wheels out in the halls.

41. Go back, left 2x.
This wheel turns the one on the left wall. 1

42. Go left 2x more to a wheel by a chair. This one turns the one on the center wall. 1

43. Left 2x more. This wheel turns the right wall.
Left 2x more to return to room. Now the box should be revealed.

44. Get the box. Go back, left 3x to return to cipher box.

45. Go to (0,0). Go right and retrieve coil.

46. Now go to (1,0). Go down, then right. Put the coil in this orange thingy. Go right again.

47. Click on the top of the tub to see the inside of it.
Put the box in the tub. It dissolves the box, but you cannot get the gem yet.

48. Pull back, so you can see outside of tub again.

49. Use wrench on handle at the right of tub by floor. This should drain the tub. Now you can get it.

50. Return to cipher box.

51. Go to (0,2). Go down. Notice black circles now have green symbols showing in them. Your notebook will make note of them for you. These change each game.

52. Return to cipher box.

53. Go to (2,1).
Go right, up, left, then push grey button.

54. Go right 2x and push grey button.

55. Go back down ladder and gate will have moved to the other side.

56. You can go back up and push buttons again to reverse it later.

57. Go right 2x, then down. It is dark. Use light bulb on the left to light room.

58. Go left 2x. click on the symbols on the wall just like they are described in your notebook, then click the circle button at the bottom to open floor and lower ladder.

59. Go down. Use lead casting on top level of statue.
It will right.
get the casting back and use on 2nd level. retrieve and repeat on 3rd level to reveal hole in the ground.

60. Go down to get gem #3.

61. Go back up to the bars blocking your path and reverse them as mentioned above.

62. Return to cipher box and return to (0,0)

63. Go all the way left until you return to machine.
Enter coordinates 7-4-7 and push button.

64. To the left I didn't find anything of use. Go right, open door, enter. Place the gems on the circle plane above the chair. Pull the lever on the console. and you win!

65. I was not able to find the last red secret ball.

Source: Escape Games 24

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