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Trapped Part Two - The Dark is the second chapter of Trapped Part 1 - The White Rabbit point and click escape the room game.
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Trapped Part 2 Walkthrough - Solution
1. Pick up coin and black key directly in front of you. Then go to the long table and pick up the concrete sphere, bottle of glycerine and book. The book is a story to do with the plotline of the games.
2. Select the mirror. Then select the small table in the top right corner. This places the mirror in front of it. Click on the mirror to look into it to see the metal pole. Click along the long table until you find the pole. Then select the mirror again, and place it in the stone circle where the light is coming from.
3. Use lighter to light Bunsen. Now enter the door on the right. Pick up gunpowder and wine bottle. Go back into 1st room and place gunpowder on the lock. Light the gunpowder. Pick up chain.
4. Enter room. Pick up compass and packet of ‘Jello’. Read books. The most important is the open one telling how to make glue, open door with credit card etc. Take note of this for later on in the game.
5. Pick up magnifying glass on the table at back. Take small coin and small key from the model of the house. Enter the back room- the key is used automatically.
6. Attach chain to the hoop on the wall and then to the water wheel. Then place the metal pole in the water wheel. Go back to the 1st room.
7. Place Magnifying glass on the little table so the light goes to a point. The compass is acting up. Follow it to a lighter coloured brick in the wall. Use the knife to pry it open. You find a magnet. Go back to the mill room.
8. Use magnet on metal plate to the left of the wheel. Select hole. Then select again to pull the lever.
9. Go back to the first room, and then through the right hand door. He water has brought up the missing paddle off of the water wheel.
10. Go back into the first room. Place metal plate on burner. Add liquid glycerine, wine and Jello.
11. Go back to mill room. Use the empty glycerine bottle to collect water. Pull the lever in the hole again to turn off the water, and return to the 1st room.
12. Place water in the mixture on top of the Bunsen burner. You now have glue. Collect the glue in the glycerine bottle. Go back to the mill room.
13. Place the plank on the wheel. (This is when if you haven’t turned off the water, the plank gets swept away and it will return to where you first got it!). Sprinkle glue on the wheel. Then pull the lever again to turn on the water. This opens up the wall.
14. There is a cut scene. Enter room. Another scene with Becca telling you not to go in. Don’t listen and enter!
15. The place is a tip. You just want the box in the top right corner. I here you find a memo and a crystal. Read the memo for later. You will also notice a door with several combination locks. Go back to 1st room and place crystal in the line of light from magnifying glass. Then select the wall where it shines.
16. This is the clue to opening the door in the messy room. I found it helps to take a screen shot here to refer back to or write it down. The combination changes for each game played.
17. Go back to the door in the messy room. Refer to your screen shot/ drawing. The outer circle (largest) is the 3rd one down, the next 2nd, then 1st, then 4th, then inner circle (smallest) 5th down. The marks on the rings show what positions each lock needs to be turned to. For example, it could be 5,0,7,4,1.
18. The door opens. Enter to find Becca unconsious. Exit room. Then re-enter. Becca is gone! Climb ladder.
19. You are now in the house from the original game. (Cue irritating lighting flashes!) Click on trap door to close. Select the diary and receive red key. Read diary. Select red door, which uses the red key. You are in a bedroom. There is only one thing to be found here. Go to the desk and select the little blob. Oh! It’s a mini well. If you have done your reading, you know that if you use coins in wells, you can make wishes. Use your mini coin you picked up from the model house. You wish you were out of the house…
20. You’re now in the garden. Pick up the pile of logs directly behind you. Go to dog house and select the bowl. Silly pooch has eaten the keys. Select the dog house. He does not look well! Go to the well. Pick up dead frog. Select the statue. Give frog to the statue of the rabbit.
21. Click on small hole in the wall on the corner of the house. Note for later. Go through door and into kitchen.
22. Click on cupboards and get spoon and pan. Take cabbage lea from table. Take slices of meat from fridge. Place wood in stove. It is too wet to light right now. Click on door. There is no knob…click on calendar. Go through door next to the door with no knob.
23. You are now in the main hallway. Select the bar. On the left you should find an ice pick. On the right a bottle of vodka. Select chair. Obtain business card. Selct small metal box. It has the shape of a heart in it… (refer to memo you picked up). Now go to the left plant. The soil has been recently disturbed. Use spoon to get another coin. Go through bottom left door.
24. You are in the small hallway. Go to door on the left. There are voices. Select again to knock- no answer. Go through bottom door into the bathroom.
25. Use the toilet. I’m serious! You find a newspaper. Turn on tap- the water is working here. Fill the pan with water. Go back into small hallway.
26. Go into room on right. You will see a telephone. Select small table o right hand side. Get small key. Select bookcase and get Bookmark. Look at bookmark. Look at newspaper. Look at business card. All have telephone numbers for you to call! The most important one is the bank. But they’ve never heard of you. So, go back to kitchen.
27. Put pan on stove. Place vodka in the stove on wood. Light fire. Add cabbage leaf to the pan. Click on pan to get cooked cabbage (mmmm!). Go out into the garden.
28. Put cooked cabbage in dog’s bowl. He doesn’t like it, so add the meat. Go back into kitchen, then out into garden again to see the dog having a nice poo by the well. Lovely. Use spoon on poo. Then select to get the aptly named ‘crap key’. Go back inside and into the main hallway.
29. Use key on door in front of you to get into the dining room. Check all cupboards to get jar, coin and business card. You can phone the number for fun, but otherwise its useless. Go back outside. Use all three coins on well in turn to get fake ‘The end’, then 1st piece of heart (thinganmajig), then to make you stinking rich!
30. Now as you’re out here, place ice pick in the hand of the rabbit statue. Go back to kitchen, but before you can enter, there is a lightening strike. If your sound is on you’ll hear a ‘ribbit’. The frog is ALIVE! Go get him, and if you want you can also pick up the ice pick.Now go back to the library (where the phone is) and call the bank again. The door bell rings. What good service.
31. Go into the hallway, where you will see a letter on the floor by the front door. Open it. It’s a credit card. Referring back to the book from the beginning, you will know that you can open doors with credit cards as long as they aren’t locked. Use it on the door with no handle in kitchen. Go through.
32. In here is junk and battery acid. Place concrete sphere in acid to get second piece of heart. Go back into kitchen
33. Place frog on table. The poor thing can’t catch flies. So, pick him up and catch the flies in the jam jar. Go outside.
34. Remember the little hole? Put the flies in there, and then the frog. Yu get the last piece of the heart. Return to the hallway.
35. Place the three heart pieces into the metal box.
36. The box opens, and you have a white key. Go into the small hallway.
37. Use key on the door on the left (the one the voices came from)
38. There is a man and Becca, but he won’t let you pass. Use knife.
39. Cut scene will show you to be a murderer!
40. Back in room, select body. Get front door key
41. Exit room.

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  1. im stuck on the part where you get the 'crap key' ive fed the meat to the dog but he wont poop it out, i whent back in the kitchen like you said but he just doesnt want to go :/ help me please?

  2. the wall wont open... i dont know what to do!!!

  3. you click on the dirt the poops in there then you use the spoon to get the crap key

  4. the bank lady says I can't get a credit card... ive calle like, 5 times... help?

  5. help small cupboard in dining room is locked (coin inside?) dont hae key did i miss something


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