Zashiki Warashi Walkthrough


Zashiki-Warashi is a room escape game.
You need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!!!

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Zashiki Warashi Walkthrough - Solution
You wake up after scene, click on the bed, then the curtain(will light up room)
turn right twice click on girl, listen to her story, her friends appear, one poor, your guardian, & ninja
turn left & click on the door, you enter kitchen
in the green thing on the counter is bowl,
in drawer beneath green thing is chopsticks & noodles (click on green package for noodles)
in the cabinet under stove is the pot and the pan
In the refrigerator is sauce
Observe note on the wall:
1.Boil W
2.Boil N
3.Put N into B
4.Boil S
5.Put S into B

Turn on Faucet for water
Click Pot then water (it puts water in the pot)
Turn off water
Click pot then stove (it calls the stove an oven for some reason, lol)
When pot on stove, click noodles then pot (puts noodles in pot)
Click pot then about item and while on that screen click the bowl then the pot, it should put the cooked noodles in the bowl
Click about item, then pan
then click sauce then pan, should put sauce in pan
put pan on stove, then retrieve pan it should automatically put sauce in bowl w/ noodles, puts you on about item screen,
click chopsticks then bowl, and “It's ready to serve”
give bowl to Poor guy, he leaves a safe

In closet there a pink dot on ground, get it, its a earing.
You can now get to drawer under mirror
inside is tweezers
use tweezers on girl, she gives you the remote for the tv
go to bed and click on the table thing
should go to back click on cord, phone not there
go back and click curtains a lot,
*smash!!* look in trash... PHONE!!
use on tv, you see commercial
call number 0120-546872 (thats what I got anyway, don't know if it changes)
you receive sword, give it to guardian.
Turn right, Go get stool under mirror go to tv screen
in drawer theres a screwdriver get it
go back
look up, theres a clock
while selecting stool, click clock
it flips clock, use screwdriver on x thing and it opens
cant move handles
while selecting clock, talk to Guardian, (funny cut scene)
he smashes clock,
take little hand of clock
give it to Ninja, ninja gives you a scroll

Read scroll, it gives you the code to the box th Poor guy gave to you, open box and...
The End!!!

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