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Do you need some help with Pillage the Village in order to unlock Kongregate´s latest card and some badges? Follow this walkthrough and you´ll be there in no time.

Glove of Fury Challenge
Assist the Hamburger Helper mascot (?) in destroying villages across the land to unlock the Death Mask card!

Village Bully Badge (easy - 5 points)
Pillage your way past level 5 and rack up $3,000 in Pillage the Village

Rural Rampage Badge (medium - 15 points)
Complete level 20 and make 4 shop purchases in Pillage the Village

Divine Villager Pillager Badge (hard - 30 points)
Pillage 1000 total villagers and earn 500 alignment points in Pillage the Village

Play Pillage the Village

Card Challenge Walkthrough

First Requirement: 3 spells purchased – Any spells will do! But you might want to start with a pacifist or antagonist alignment.
From the third level on, you’ll be able to buy stuff - sweet! However, things are pretty expensive and you won’t have enough money to buy anything yet. Instead, why don’t you pick your side?

Neutral - You won’t go to Heaven, you won’t go to Hell. If you choose to buy lots of neutral stuff, you’ll never get the card!

Pacifist - In my opinion, this one is better. Some items on the antagonist side don’t seem to be useful.

Antagonist - Of course, you may still choose antagonist if you want. But isn’t the power gaunglet poor, comparing it with your lovely Euthanasia?

Don’t waste all your money in the cheapest thing. Follow your alignment.

Second Requirement: 100 Absolute Alignment – Pick your side, pacifist or antagonist (both fine choices). Then use these spells to rack up 100 alignment points in either direction.
I’ll clear up something the game doesn’t explain well.

The counter at the top left marks your aligment. By using your spells and powers, you go Pacifist or Antagonist.
For example, Euthanasia level 2 needs Pacifist 80. At the moment, I have Pacifist 13, which means I can’t get it. In my opinion, this is the hardest requirement!

Third Requirement: Level 15 completed
No, not hard. But you may like some tips on killing enemies!

Peasant. He is pretty easy to kill, smash him against the floor or make him fly a few times. C’mon, you don’t need help for this one!

Parachuter. Send him flying; when he’s going down, click on his parachute to pop it. Send him flying again! He shouldn’t survive.

Thief. This guy will hide if you put your mouse near, so wait him to use his rope to kill him. He likes stealing your money, so be careful!

Hand Glider. Send him flying, and wait him to open his plane. Then smash him against the floor!

Hero. He usually won’t try to escape; he is just… tough to beat. Kill him like a normal villager.

Ninja. He’s pretty weak, but will avoid you when you want to grab him. He’s very fast, and will usually escape.

Knight. The toughest. He follows your mouse all the time, and when he gets you, he slices your fingers! Then you’ll bleed, and won’t be able to use it for a few seconds. Try to smash him against the floor several times.

Rocketeer. Oh, Flying Jetpack. You must grab him a few times on the air till he gets out of fuel. Unfortunately, that takes a while, and at the same time other villagers will escape.

If you need more information, check this great topic by Phatcat, and you'll be a Master Village Pillager.

You just won the Death Mask Card!

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  1. On the rocketeers, you can also grab them and spin your in hand in a circle t'ill he's upside down, then throw him to the ground.


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