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Do you need some help with Protector in order to unlock Kongregate´s latest card and some badges? Follow this walkthrough and you´ll be there in no time.

Protector is a tower defense game, like DTD, except the towers gain experience when attacking or killing something, and need experience to be able to level. When a tower levels, you can pick between upgrading it's special attack and giving it a little more power (specialist), or upgrading its power by a lot (generalist). If you upgrade 5 levels of generalist, you get an extra 1 range added to your tower, and if you max it out as a generalist, you get more speed.

In this walkthrough, I'll basically be playing through Protector, and posting what works for me. Since all basic towers are the same power-wise if you upgrade them pure generalist, I will take advantage of the specific enemy types in the level to decide which towers to get.

Protector Walkthrough:

I. Homegard Keep


Just build some red guys in the middle and upgrade them. You don't need a walkthrough for this.

II. Village of Shaven

Skill Build: 1.Fire Focus

First things first, click on the skill tab next to the map tab on the level select screen, and put a point into "fire focus". Please note the "Re-assign Skill Points, which lets you repick your skills. Since we're going to be swapping around skills often, I'll just list the skills i used for each level, and you redistribute them according to that.


Protector Walkthrough
1. Start by building the 3 fire mages in the very middle, then move your way up, while trying to build things evenly (wait for 50 gold, then build a set of fire mages evenly). Don't upgrade anything yet.

2. When you've completed the layout, you can start aiming for upgrading the purple guys to level 3, with each level going into the specialist area (for 20% lightning special). You can also do some 1st level 10g upgrades for the red mages if you wish (go pure generalist).

3. When you have finished upgrading your purple guys to level 3, start to upgrade the red guys until you can't. When you have tons of gold, you can upgrade the purple guys again (the 50g upgrade), and you should make it through without losing a single life.

III. Village of Skipper

Skill Build: 1.Fire Focus, Fire Channeling


Protector Walkthrough

1. Start by building 3 red guys in the middle square, and the purple guy up top. Upgrade the Purple to level 2 (go specialist), then start adding more red guys, and complete the build.

2. Now, start upgrading the red guys to level 2 (the 10g one), adding into generalist for the reds. When most of them are upgraded to level 2, upgrade the purple guy to level 3 (adding into specialist). Then start upgrading the red guys to level 3 (going into generalist).

**At level 10, I leaked the fire resist boss, but that was the only life i lost following this strat.

3. By this point, you should have enough gold to upgrade whenever you can, so just upgrade whoever levels from now on (add into specialist for purple, and generalist for red).

4. You should have a lot of gold at around level 19, So if you want, at level 20 you can just start building red guys everywhere, and pave roads for new ones. It's doable with my original layout though.

IV. Shoreview Inn

Skill Build: Fire Focus, Fire Channeling, Fire Specialism


Protector Walkthrough
1. Start off by building the 2 red mages marked with orange mullets, and one red guy with a pink mullet. Add the other pinky when you have the money. Upgrade the pinkys pure specialist, and upgrade the oranges pure generalist.

2. Upgrade them evenly, and add the purple mage when you feel like it (i did it between upgrading the red guys from level 2 to 3). Upgrade the purple mage when it levels.

3. At around level 12ish (more or less), you should be stuck with around 200 gold and no one to upgrade.Proceed to filling the entire map with red guys (replace the green and blue guys in my picture with red), and upgrade the new red guys pure specialist.

V. The Lighthouse

Skill Build:
1.Fire Focus, Fire Channeling
2.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher


Protector Walkthrough
0. Using this strategy, i was left with 8 lives: way too close for comfort. I would suggest replacing the fire skill points into Aspiring Archer, and Archery. If you do this, play like normal, but instead of wasting your money on paving and dexers, just make archers instead (near the beginning of the level, before your middle red guy pack). If you do this, you'll easily take down the hard air levels.

1. Start off with the two red guys on the middle platform. Upgrade them to level 2 (generalist), then get the 2 green guys near the entrance, and upgrade them to level 2 (specialist) Then fill the remaining 4 spots on the middle platform, and add the 2 purple guys. Start to upgrade everyone (red=generalist, purple+green=specialist). You might want to consider not upgrading the greens past level 2 or 3 at the start to let everyone else get exp. Upgrade as soon as they level.

2. At level 13, you should have a lot of gold. Build the dexers on the remaining spots of land below the middle. Again, you should have plenty of gold: i had 300 at level 18.

3. At level 20, pave those spots of land, and add dexers (the dexers are marked by pink mullets)

4. At level 30, you can just pave the rest of the path with dexers (i have some path paved in my drawing as an example. The boss was leaked still.

Notable Later Levels:
Level 25: Boss
Level 30:Boss
Level 33: Fire absorbing skulls... -29 lives
Level 35: leaked twice, air boss
Level 40: leaked necromancer boss

VI. Mainland Mines

Skill Build:
1.Aspiring Archer, Archery
2.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher

Protector Walkthrough0. I forgot to screencap before i finished, so i replicated the final layout at an early level. The pink spot is where the archer should be.

1. Start by making two red guys in the middle. When you have 50g, make the 2 purple guys. Upgrade the red guys GENERALIST, and the purple guys SPECIALIST as soon as they level. Upgrade the reds whenever they level, and the purple guys to level 2 for now.

2. At level 6: upgrade your red mages to level 4 as soon as they level. Once you have the gold after leveling, immediately build the red mage on the bottom platform. I barely survived this level with no leaks: this is important, so try to not leak any.

** on second thought, it might be better to build dexers in front of your red mages instead. So build the dexers at the start of the level, instead of upgrading one mage to level 4. Upgrade a mage to level 4 during the level when you get the gold.

3. At level 8, go ahead and build the 2 green guys on the top platforms. these will be going SPECIALIST. Start to upgrade everything when they level, focusing on the red then green then purple in that order.

4. After getting your red mages to level 5, green to level 3, and electric to level 3, start saving up for an archer. (the bottom red mage is probably still level 1).
Add another red mage to the bottom platform. (I still leaked 5 for level 12).
I was able to buy one at the beginning of level 15, with all my towers leveled up.

*Level 15: if i didn't have the archer, i might have leaked.

5. Upgrade your units like usual(go SPECIALIST for your archer).
The rest of the levels are air, so upgrade your archer, and you should be fine. Spend your remaining gold on random units for level 20.

*I leaked a bunch of guys level 16, but the archer took care of the later levels.

VII. Collo Shipyard

Skill Build:
1.Teacher,Exceptional Teacher
2.Fire Focus,Fire Channeling,Fire Specialism
3.One free point for anything (I put it into Paver)


Protector Walkthrough
0. Replicated again, forgot to screencap... 4 square is outlined in blue, the bottom 2 refer to the most bottom left ones.

1. Start with the bottom 2 red guys on the "4 square on the bottom". Upgrade the 4 square reds GENERALIST to level 2. Then, get the purple guy near the bottom, and two more red guys at the bottom, completing the 4 square. Upgrade them like usual.

2. When the bottom 2 reds and the purple are level 3. and the top 2 reds are level 2, make the four red guys at the choke point in the middle. These are the "choke" reds, and are upgraded SPECIALIST. Also add a purple guy at the very top. Upgrade like usual...

*Leaked the level 10 boss once.

3. By level 13, most of your choke reds should be level 4, and almost everything should be leveled up. Just upgrade like usual, and you should win (I leaked the last boss with like 20hp, spend your remaining gold at level 15 on an extra red mage tower or something.

VIII. The Burning Pass

Skill Build:
1.Poison Focus, Poison Channeling
3.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
4.Aspiring Archer, Archery


Protector Walkthrough

Forgot to screencap again... Build the archer in the pink space (pave it).

1. Starting from the inside, build inside out. Try to let the middle guys get as much experience as they can before building the outer guys, or they'll be exp starved later on. U pgrade all of these guys GENERALIST.

2. When it looks like you need to build more in order to survive, just start paving and building more green guys, and that one archer in the middle.

*lost 2 lives at level 13, the "poison resist" level, which can be easily solved by building one archer in the middle.

IX. The Rat Trap

Protector Walkthrough

Skill Build:
1.Mushroom Grower, OneUp Farmer
2.Dexer Popularity, Dexer Mastery, Antanomical Wisdom, Ultimate Dexer
3.1 Free (Teacher isn't needed..)

1. Start by building the dexers in the middle, and work your way outwards. Focus on upgrading the ones in the middle (but not the 2 in the very center), and the ones that can hit the most area. Upgrade dexers GENERALIST.

X. Stones of Wonder

Skill Build:
1.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
2.Farmer,1up Farmer
3.5 "free points" i just put them into the focuses and dex popularity.

Protector Walkthrough
1. Build your guys outside in, starting with the farthest green and purple guy, inwards towards the entrance/exit. The four in the middle are upgraded GENERALIST, the 2 pairs of purple/green guys are upgraded SPECIALIST.

2. I added the red and blue guys in the front a bit later, upgraded the red guy generalist, the blue specialist. By level 14, you should have lots of money, so pave the middle strip and put some more units there, upgraded GENERALIST. I put dexers.

*leaked a couple during level 13.
*leaked level 15 boss once, you might want to put mages instead of dexers.
*leaked a bunch level 17: again, mages probably would have helped.
*leaked level 19 some.

3. You can fill up the remaining tiles with mages when you have the gold.

XI. Underground Passage

Skill Build:

1.Fire Focus, Fire Channeling
2.Poison Focus, Poison Channeling, Poison Specialism
3.Energy Focus
4.Cold Focus
5.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
6.Mushroom Grower


Protector Walkthrough
0. IGNORE the necromancer. It failed for me.

1. The four in the very middle should be built first and upgraded generalist (for the first level, build the red/blue/purple guy, and upgrade them after you've finished making them all.).

2. When you have enough money, go ahead and make the purple guys in the back and the green guys in the front. Upgrade them all SPECIALIST. Now, since the green guys are gonna get loads of experience, i suggest upgrading them to level 3, and leaving them there for a while while focusing on your other guys.

3. Add the 2 red guys in the backline after awhile, upgrade them GENERALIST. You can upgrade the poison guys after level 10 or so. Try to focus on your non-poison guys though: you want to power up everything evenly, and the poison will definitely steal most of the exp if you level them up first. Poison is really nice on this level.

4. At around wave 15, you'll have lots of gold with nothing to upgrade: You should mass more mages. Don't make any purple mages though, the final boss absorbs it.

5. For wave 20, i paved and made more units with my money. I leaked this boss once.

XII. Vile Forest

Skill Build:
1.Energy Focus, Energy Channeling, Energy Specialism
2.Aspiring Archer, Archery
3.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
4.Persuader, Maniuplator
5.Paver, Master Paver


Protector Walkthrough

o. I messed up by getting green guys: there's only one electric resist level, while theres plenty of green resist and poison immune levels. Due to the early levels being weak to electric, you shouldn't have to upgrade as much to do the same amount of damage. Simply replace the green guys with purple guys.

1. Begin by making 5 purple mages. The ones with pink mullets should be SPECIALIST, the others GENERALIST. Now, your goal here is to level up as few times as possible. We are going to be rushing for an archer. If it looks like you can't survive the next level, level some stuff up, but otherwise, try to spend as little money as possible. Try not to level your generalist purple guys past level 2, but continue leveling your specialist purple guys. (My placement might have been a little bad)

2. When you get 250g, buy your first archer, and place it in the middle. Upgrade your archers all SPECIALIST to level 4 (your last upgrade should be the 116g upgrade). As soon as one of your archers hits level 4, don't upgrade it anymore.

3. Buy another archer, place it according to the picture(I paved some tiles), level it to four, and repeat the process. My strategy in the picture was sorta different, so if you have enough money for an extra archer, go ahead and put another one down.

I don't level my archers past four because it's more cost effective.
*8: 3 leaked.
*9: leaked one.

XIII. Ominous Shrine (Southeast medium 25 wave one)

Skill Build:
1.Fire Focus, Fire Channeling
2.Poison Focus, Poison Channeling
3.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
4. 6 Free Points (I recommend 3 into Energy and 3 into Dexer)

Protector Walkthrough

0. Ignore the red/blue mages in the top part up there. Replace with dexers.

1. Start by filling the lower row of the bottom island, with green and red mages so they make a checkerboard pattern. Don't upgrade any of these mages. Then, get the 2 purple guys in the middle edges , and fill the remaining row on the island like you did at the start.

2. Upgrade your units evenly, and do the purple guys first. Upgrade the purple guys SPECIALIST, and the one on the island GENERALIST.

3. Wave 17, you should have plenty of gold, build a bunch of dexers at the bottom part of the level, while upgrading like usual.

4. Wave 22: go ahead and fill the top part of the level with dexers.

The World's Spine

Skill Build:
1.Fire/Cold/Poison/Electric Focus
Fire/Cold/Poison/Electric Channeling
3.Poison Specialism
4.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
5.Mushroom Grower, 1up Mushroom


Protector Walkthrough
0. Replace all the generalist green guys (not the specialist ones at the very very top) with other colors. There are 2 green absorb rounds in this level, and a blue absorb boss at the very end.
The pink mullet guys are the 8 generalist guys mentioned in step 1. The white mullet guys at the top at the green specialists.

1. Start by evenly making the 2 guys at the very bottom, and add the next 2, working bottom up. Now, upgrade these 8 guys (all GENERALIST).

2. At wave 4, be sure to have 40g (I had 2 guys that needed upgrading), and add the 2 green guys at the very start, upgrade them SPECIALIST.

3. Upgrade like usual, doing your backline first. Don't upgrade your top green guys to level 3.
At level 10, start filling up the rest of the level with mages. These should all be upgraded GENERALIST. Then, start upgrading (you can do your green guys too), focusing on your backline.

*Leaked the last boss once with a balenced build.

Ominous Shrine ( Southeast 40 wave medium marathon)

Skill Build:
1.Poison Focus
2.Energy Focus, Energy Channeling, Energy Specialization
3.All 4 dexer skills.
4.Teacher, Exceptional Teacher
5.Aspiring Archer, Archery


Protector Walkthrough
0. Upgrade all the dexers GENERALIST, the archers SPECIALIST, and the purple and green guys SPECIALIST. Build the outer ring dexers from the purple mages going outwards. Build the inner ring dexers the same way. I build archers by most western one, most northern one, most southern one, most eastern one.

1. Start with 4 dexers in corner, add green and purple guys. Up them all to level 2.

2. Save up for an archer (6 levels or so), and buy it immediately. Get it up to level 3, upgrade purple guys to level 4.

3. Buy another archer, and upgrade it to level 3.

4. Now, fill the inner ring with dexers (you should have it by level 13.)

5. Buy another archer. Upgrade it.

6. Level 17- Upgrade your one archer to level 4, and your poison guys to level 4. I had 2 level 4 archers and 1 level 1 archer.

7. Fill half of the outer ring with dexers, and upgrade your 1 level 1 archer to level 3. Build another archer.

8. Upgrade your purple guys, and your archers. Only upgrade your archers to level 4 (when they have the exp needed to do so).

9. At wave 22- finish up your outer dexer ring, and upgrade your green guys to level 5. Upgrade your dexers to level 2.

* leaked 2 at level 26.

10. Now remember the initial 4 dexers you had? After upgrading most of the dexers to level 2, start upgrading those to their highest level. After, pick the archer with the most experience, and upgrade him to the max. Do this for all your archers, one by one.

11. After upgrading your archers (I had level 7,6,5,4), start upgrading your dexers on the inner ring. Upgrade the purple/green mages when they level.
*Level 35 Leaked the boss by like 400hp, upgrade the level 4 archer to level 5.

12. When your inner ring dexers are maxed out, upgrade the dexers near your purple mages. Stronger archers aren't needed after level 35.

Ominous Shrine (Hard 25 wave)

Skill Build:
1.Get Ultimate Mastery and everything needed to get it.


Protector Walkthrough

1. Start with the two purple guys at the very top near the entrance. go SPECIALIST on these guys. Then, start building the setup from bottom up. Level up the purple specialists often. Once you finish the set up, start leveling all the mages evenly GENERALIST. Upgrade bottom up.

2. When you have plenty of gold and ntohign to upgrade, pave tiles and make more mages. I made dexers.

Pass of Karnagh

Skill Build:
1.Ultimate Mastery


Protector Walkthrough

1. Build your units from the bottom up. Add the purple guys in the white mullets early. Upgrade the white mullets SPECIALIST. Upgrade everyone else generalist. Get a good amount of mages before you start upgrading anyone. Once you've filled all the initial paved tiles with mages, upgrade them, again going bottom up.

*leaked level 20

2. At level 23, you should have tons of gold, so go ahead and pave, to make more mages, like i did.

*leaked level 25.

Twin Islands

Skill Build:
Ultimate Mastery
Teacher, Exceptional Teacher


Protector Walkthrough

1. Build your base bottom up, upgrade everyone GENERALIST, while upgrading the white mullets SPECIALIST. Don't upgrade anyone until you've finished putting mages on all the paved tiles.

2. Upgrade your units bottom up. At level 17, you should have plenty of gold. Pave the entrance, and add more mages.
*leaked last boss once.

Coastal City

Skill Build:
Ultimate Mastery
Teacher, Exceptional Teacher


Protector Walkthrough

1. Build your base bottom up, upgrade everyone GENERALIST, while upgraidng the white mullets SPECIALIST. Don't upgrade anyone until you've finished putting mages on all the paved tiles.

2. Upgrade your units bottom up. At level 22, you should have plenty of gold. Pave, and add more mages.

Thanks to NorthernPolarity from CocaK for his walkthrough

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  1. You forgot to post "Stonefield Border HARD"
    Would be appriciated if you would.
    BADGES =)
    Other than that, somewhat disorganized walkthrough, pictures with some writing on it would be nice. But still a great walkthrough

  2. Thief you stole it from here:
    you've given no credit just Copied and Pasted it

  3. @hamc: Maybe you can read it again and I´m sure you´ll find the link with proper credits.
    -- Hint -- search for cocak in your browser.
    FYI the link was there all this time :P

  4. Great Walkthrough!! Except on V The Lighthouse!! I think that instead of the dexers you should have archers, thats what I did and i ended up with 25 lives left and over 1500 gp left! and I had two red guys maxed out! Great Walkthrough!!!

  5. Wait... where are the red mages with the mullets in the shoreview inn? I can't seem to find them.

  6. About Stones of Wonder tactics - I Maxed Energy 3/ Poison 3 and Aspect Of Enablement, one teacher, one paver. Finished without one leak - as you said build from outside out, build a few poison guys around level 11-12 started to build more energy guys - max them up to 4/5 equally.

  7. I am on the very last board, the evil stronghold

    I have no idea how you guys get mages with mullets, can anyone simply explain it to me?

  8. Hey on the burning pass i did it with out loosing a single life-heres how:
    start off with 2 purple guys in the middle(the line in the middle purple guys on both ends)and a green guy in the middle. now get them to lvl 3. after that get 4 green guys on the remaning 4 middle squares and 2 purple guys on the outer squares(the lines on the outside with 3 spots spaced out-the spot in the middle) upgrade them to lvl pave the 2 squares next to the first purple guys u hired and build green guys on the spots.upgrade them to lvl 3.then on the very outside bit put this combination- green,purple,green.(purple goes on the middle spot)upgrade them to lvl 3.then go wacky and upgrade...(i chose theese skills-all the posion and energy up to the combined one).there, now u know =)

  9. I'm gonna call bull sht on your Ominous Shrine Marathon , You leak like CRAZY on Wave 8 following your guide.

    Make it good or don't make it at all.

  10. on the vile forest one it is really called cast forest but other than that its a pretty good guide its helped me so far in the game (only on like the 13th map)

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  14. anonymous ur right. i tried the marathon and i leaked so bad on lvl 8...........

  15. Sorry, anonymous is actually wrong... i tried again and i realized i put the dexers and mages to lvl 3 instead of 2

  16. I don't understand !!!
    How do I unlock the Advanced Units? I played "VI. Mainland Mines" but I can't figure how to make the archer. It's all the way locked. :(

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  18. This guide is almost unnecessary, since most of the levels can be won by spamming fire mages...

  19. On the stones of wonder map i made a way better build and lost only 1 life at the least level (leaked the boss once) youre build isnt working good.. put skills:
    -Paving (the 2)
    -Teacher (the 2)
    -Mushroom (the 2)
    -Fire focus
    -Poison focus
    -Energy Focus

    Then make a setup of
    4 poison mage spreaded
    4 energy mage spreaded
    4 fire mage spreaded
    (try to concentrate the most in the middle and put 2 poison and 1 energy at the bottom 3 line) then pave the 4 middle unpaved square and put 2 energy and 2 poison mage there) Make all poison specialist and the energy and fire mage Generalist. With this build you shouldn't leak at all (make all the mage before upgrading them)

  20. Walkthrough SUCKED for mainland mines, didn't work at all.

  21. Great guide. But you left out stone field border hard. I used you guide to win a few levels.

  22. Majority of guide was good but a few things;

    Vile Forest is Vast Forest

    On most of the guides I leaked copied the exact layout and instructions and still sometimes lost or leaked much more than you said.

    But still, the game becomes near impossible towards the end.

  23. To all ppl who dont know how to get mages with mallets you dont. they are simply basic mages with mallets drawn on them.

  24. im last comment btw. and it was good cept for mainland mines. leaked on rat nest along with alot of other ones finishing with only 4 lives.

  25. Any walkthrough for the last stage?
    For Stonefield border, just max out your mage skill and fill the dexer skills as much as possible.
    Then build a few dexers on the crossing points (isolated top square)on the leftmost side, and wherever you feel they`ll get more hits. Put a poison specialist in the beginning and a few mages concentrated on the left.Level up everyone evenly, generalist. Build only fire and energy mages to do the job. You don`t need to fill out the entire map nor hire advanced units. I completed this map without having a leak. Hope it helps.

  26. Mullets are simply the author's way of marking which guys will be upgraded GENERALIST and which SPECIALIST. They aren't some sort of special unit or anything.

  27. Where's evil stronghold?

  28. I have to say...pretty bad guide. Using it, I can't beat any of the levels, so I gave up on this guide, and did it on my own. Very sad guide, 0/10

  29. The guys who say the whole guide sucks have misread/misunderstood it. It works great most of time, but not always.

    I found out that at the Coastal City, you really shouldn't use all types of mages, but only red and blue and one purple (the purple mage to the very last place possible)
    . No monster is strong against blue, and very few are strong against red, but lots of monsters are weak against red, and a few are weak against blue.

    At the Vile Forest (wich, by the way, is really Vast Forest), the guide was otherweise good, but not exact. It only says to spam archers. What i did is i spammed archers, but didn't level them up a single level until wave 8, where i leveled up as many as possible.

    Also, at the hard Omnious Shrine, i spammed red mages instead of mixing them. I leaked 3 monsters at wave 8, but nothing else.

    But where is the guide of EVIL STRONGHOLD? I haven't tested it yet, and if i manage to finish it myself, i'll post some kind of a guide here later.

    - - Chaosworm

  30. I managed to finish it myself. Here's something:

    Skill build:
    Ultimate Mastery
    Both mushroom things
    Both teacher things
    [i had also the first Paver thing, but i didn't pave anything during the game]

    I forgot to "print screen" before finished, too. Here's a copy-pasted picture that should show everything relevant:

    0. Upgrade everything SPECIALIST, except red mages GENERALIST and level-up everyone as soon as they gain enough experience.

    1. Start with the 4 red mages that are standing on white floor. After wave 1, put the green mages and purple mages near the entrances. You'll have lots of money very soon, don't spend it on placing more units but to level up the already existing ones, especially the northest red mage (i got mine to level 9 during the game). At wave 5, put in the two blue mages under the two red mages, as shown in the image.

    2. When you face that fact the mages aren't leveling up all the time though you have a teacher, place the blue, purple and green mages at the bottom of the map. You may put a few more purple or blue mages at the bottom than i have in the "screenshot", and maybe green, but NO red. Wave 26 was the first wave that made me leak anything, and it ate more than 20 lives; non-red mages are more useful here and wave 30 is impossible if you have every place spammed with red mages (i leaked it once, i had two red mages more than shown in the image, and 4 more purple mages and the relevant red mage was already level 9 then).

    3. After wave 30, you should have about 1400-1600 gold left from leveling the mages up. Spam the red mages now, and level up them when they gain levels. The rest of the game should be easy enough.

    - - Chaosworm

  31. I'm going to call Bullshit on this guide too.
    Most of the guides, when followed, end up with a broken strategy and at least 5 more leaks than the author said it would, after which point, I screw his rules and start over my way. This is absolutely jaggering on levels that have mostly one color of resistances and he tells us to use that color evenly with either another one or with all other 3 colors.

    Look at Ominous Shrine (Hard 25 wave). That level has only ONE fire resist level and 2 thirds of Water resist, yet, he uses blue in that level a lot, something he avoids alltogheter on other maps, when its obvious that is what people are avoiding by using a guide. Also, most weaknesses are... FIRE!!!
    The two line guide for that level are stating to me he only use that set up for the obvious "LOOKATME, IHAZ ULTIMATEMASTERY,LOLOLOLOL!!!"

    Also, he obviously leaks more than he lets know. Look at the remaining lives counter for most of the maps!

    On the Ominous Shrine marathon, I ended up losing almost no enemies and I even only had 2 archers. The difference? I had a bit more mages on the inner circle, and Thunder debuff on both the entrance and exit rather than just on the exit.

  32. Great Walk but dont have unknow ruims :(

  33. I must say that this walkthrough is no good. Almost all of the levels I followed the layout as written and I failed. When I used my own judgement and did not follow the walkthru I succeeded. Almost every level I found a MUCH better way to do things that what was said in this walkthru. So for anyone else that reads this use at your own risk.

  34. No, no, no! The guide is good, it just is missing some quite relevant levels, and failed in Coastal City only. You can get through every level, if you do everything as the guide says; true, you will leak alot sometimes but you still manage to beat those maps.

  35. The guide is good, required some slight tweaks on my part but all in all, the strategy is sound...but, um...Am I the only one NOT seeing the last 2 levels?

  36. At the Burning Pass, I think instead of the Poison Mages you should put Energy Mages. But the archer is still good. I say Energy is better, because most of the waves are weak against this element, with the poison mage strategy, I lost in lvl 11 or so..

  37. So replace, the Poison Focus and Poison Channeling, with Energy Focus and Energy Channeling. No need to worry because none of the waves which are strong to energy have "absorb" powers.

  38. So.. Seen most comments we can say that it's not a real walkthrough. More like a "step-by-step-through" or rather merely a guideline. Which is good enough in my opinion.

    I've played and finished 12 levels (easy and medium) myself before hitting this walkthrough. It helped me enough to understand the level and prepare myself for what was coming instead of discovering it myself on every single map (and wasting quiet a bit of hours) ^^
    I didn't follow it completely; in my opinion the writer is missing the importance of specialism. The red mages don't do much good except for hard damage and playing in on the weakness of enemies (that somehow is 50%-75%). But the slowing down and especially the poison every second or third green mage, could be really useful.
    Also, there are some maps missing (or am I playing a different version ? I'm on

    All in all: great guidelines. 8 / 10

  39. A good guide however I think it is better if you used it as guidelines rather than following it completely.

  40. it worked very very well for me im almost through the game and it took me a lot of hours! thanks to you beat most all of them first try. did verge from your strategy on some of the general medium level though just cause using strategy on an easy quest was overkill

  41. on every level you can just make only red and slowly level them. thats pretty much it. unless you feel like having fun.

  42. The Rat Trap one actually works quite well. I followed that guide and not 1 leaked. Love this guide thanks dude. But some of the maps (it could just be me being retarded) i couldn't quite understand what you meant. For Example Collo Shipyard, I founnd that hard to Understand. But what i did understand worked fine. Some maps i leaked more than you said. But i managed to complete the levels to thanks again

  43. I followed the guide step by step. 90% of the time beating them first try. Thanks for the help.
    I don't know what those people are saying that it didn't work for them, worked great for me.

  44. It worked very well for me by following your guide step by step. Wished there weren't two levels missing, but youtube helped me out. ^^ Thanks for the hours of time you put into the guide!

  45. Ominous shrine(40 wave medium marathon) If you don't want to any bat leak, just put 2 cold mages in front of your purple mages and another 2 near the green ones. NO ONE WILL LEAK.

  46. I like to poison everything lol. That's why I often did better without the walkthrough. I needed it pretty badly though. Two heads are better than one. Too bad it's missing some maps.

  47. I need a Video Walkthrough so I can follow your lead exactly.

  48. His mainland mines walk-through isn't great. What I did was instead of archers, just use regular fires. Put the skill set in that and spam the flying types. 20/20 lives left. You don't even need dexters.


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