The Common Room Walkthrough


The Common Room aka Normal Room is a Japanese point and click escape the room game.
In this game you are trapped in a room and you need to find items and solve puzzles in order to escape.
Good Luck!

Play The Common Room

The Common Room Walkthrough:
-turn left
-pick up coin at right-bottom of door
-turn right twice,zoom in at the drawers, open top drawer for a cutter, click bottom part of lamp for a spring
- click right, than back of table to find a consequence of colours
- zoom out , click left part of sofa to find a green broken something
-zoom out, click the sofa again so you see only a red screen, use cutter to get a red code-box
-zoom out again, and now click at the middle of the sofa to find a key
-turn left, highlight the key and take a part off, you hace now a key
for blinds (?)
- zoom in at the safe in the cupboard, put the key in the vertical slot, open safe , get bottle
-right twice, highlight spring, combine the green broken thing on it to get a tool
- use this tool at the other safe under the window to get a balloon
-highlight the bottle, open the tap with the coin and than put the balloon on the bottle
-the balloon says; A=1 etc
- go left twice, click on left book, open it to see a crossword on page 2 and 3
-Click the red box, insert the code: maidenwork
Get the Key and use it on the door to get out!!!

Thanks to EscapeGames 24 for Hints

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  1. Ahh you shouldn't tell people what to do...wheres the fun then ?


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