Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3&4 Walkthrough


Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3&4 are point and click/adventure game.

Click objects and people to help the characters move to the next step.
Good Luck!

Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3 Walkthrough
Click on handle on well, bucket will go down.
Click again, bucket will come up.
Click girl, she gets bucket.
Click green grass, gilr walks to grass.
Click bucket, water pours out.
Click Tree, it blossoms.(#8 appears on door)
Set kite colors to BLUE RED
(#5 appears on door) ...(if you turn the wheel, the window changes colors, turns blue, then red, yellow then green...clockwise, from top left those should be the colors of the kite.)
Set hour hand of clock on 8.
Set minute hand on 5.

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