Cowabanga Walkthrough


Cowabanga is a point and click/puzzle game.

"TV channel e4 really wanted a cow game, and I was more than happy to make them one! Collect all the trinkets and fight alien bears. Disclaimer!
The name was not my idea, haha. Neither was the music, but I did write it.
Maybe more of my games will start having music. I like music."
Good luck!

Cowabanga Walkthrough
1.Click on the peg in the cows tail to release a swarm of fish things and a ? box on all the fish (quickly)
for minimalism award make sure an eye blows up the 3rd city
for batman award, save the city
the ? box will expand into a machine

3.Click on the arrow so it faces to the right on the wooden sign to make it red and drop a grenade
click on the man and he will kick the grenade and blow up the earth
with the floating machine, click on the yellow shoulders

5.slide the sliders on the yellow bolts on the restraints which were under the shoulders the yellow shoulder on the right

9.remove the pin under it
for minimalism award remove the top 2 lasers

10.for batman remove the bottom 2 lasers

11.push the red !

12.remove final laser

13.push the red ! again on the pin on the right

15.Click the pin under the main part of the machine on the trinket on the button where the earth was

18.using the RGB cow udders, match the colours of the balls
when this is done you will get a trinket

19.spin the thing near the red sign to fill up the power bar on the arrow so it faces left on the man so he goes to the house

22.if you have 7 red lights under the ? crate, when the man is on the stairs, click on the stairs in the middle of the lights
click on the man
and again the man infront of the tv to bring up the satelite dish the dish to summon the monkeys the man again to get the gun
shoot the monkeys

27.when a mickey mouse head comes up, wait till it beams up the crate and then shoot it

28.At the end, there will be cake

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