The Enrichment Center Walkthrough


The Enrichment Center is a new point and click game.

"When was the last time you left the building?
Has anybody left the building lately?
I don't think that going home is part of our job description anymore."

Choose wisely the doors in order to escape.

The Enrichment Center WalkthroughPlay The Enrichment Center

The Enrichment Center Walkthrough:
-Click the door.
-Click the keycard, and then the door.
-Note that a blue door is accessible, an orange door is inaccessible.
-Chamber 00: L, keycard, R.
-Chamber 01: L, keycard, M, go through portal and get keycard, back out and go R.
-Chamber 02Read the sign literally: 2-3-1. Note that it says 3-1-2. Now go through the 4th door.
-Chamber 03: 3-1-2. Go through top right portal.
Chamber 04: 1-3-5. Top portal.
-Chamber 05: 2, go through portal and get keycard, then back out all the way, then 3rd door.
-Chamber 06: Follow the L-R-L (left, right, left) portals.
Go down and get the keycard, then back up again. Now go L-R-R.
-Chamber 07: Go down, get the keycard, and go through the portal. *Now go L, get the key, go through the portal, go right, go through the portal, go down twice and out the door. You're alive!

*If you go through the far right door and out the emergency exit. You are out but get gassed and die.

Thanks to: EscapeGames24

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