Escape Of Blue Door Walkthrough


This is a new point and click from the cretors of Cindrella Escape and Escape from Pink Door.

As usual, you are locked in a room and you need to escape by finding items and solving some puzzles.

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Escape Of Blue Door Walkthrough:
-Read the book cover to cover. When you get to the back cover you see a starfish. Click it and see that star=35.
-Go left and pick up the bottle and the knife.
-View the knife until it becomes a corkscrew. Use the corkscrew on the bottle and get the ring, blank paper, and the empty bottle.
-Go left (or right) twice and get the coconut, tulip, and the stick.
-View the tulip and click it to get the caterpillar.
-View the coconut and use the knife on it. Get the hook.
-View the stick and unravel the string on it. Attach the hook and then the caterpillar.
-Use the empty bottle on the whale spouting water. Use the water on the blank paper. Get the equation star + fish x black or white ship.
-Go left (or right) twice and use the fishing rod on the fish.
-Use the empty bottle on the octopus ink.
-Go right and use the knife on the shellfish. Get the pearl. Use pearl on ring to get the pearl ring.
-Use ink on the opened shellfish, then use the fish on the ink.
-Use the inked fish on the blank paper on the wall. Get fish=24.
-Using the equation (and remember your order of operations that multiplication comes first), you get 107 from the black boat or 155 from the white boat.
-Enter one of these numbers (it will affect your ending) in the treasure chest with the octopus. Get the shellfish and hear the song it plays.
-Use the shellfish on whichever boat number you used for the equation.
-Give the prince or pirate the tulip, then the ring.
-Give the shellfish to the princess and get the heart.
-Use the heart on the concave space on the door and you’re out!

Thanks to: EscapeGames24

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  1. it was purrty easy dude!!
    well um...yea cool though.


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