Friend's House 3 Walkthrough


Friend's House 3 is a new episode of Friend's House point and click escape the room game.

You need to escpape the room by finding items and solving puzzles.
Good Luck!

Friend's House 3 Walkthrough
Pick up paper from green box
right, get black paint.
right, get "boxing ring" and put that on the brown table in the livingroom.
Zoom in at paper, use paint on it and click it.
zoom in at boxing ring and drag your "fighter" on it, you´ll fall down.
Check the floor and pick up pink paper
zoom in at pink paper and use paint and repeat the combat.
you will now see the screwdriver.

go to the box with the puppet in it in the kitchen next to the main door.Click somewhere at the right to find a button to open the box, use screwdriver to get key.

Use key on bathroom door, get the stick and return to the kitchen to use the stick and get the scissors on the left of washing machine.

Back in bathroom use paint on small round spot at the sink, open doors under sink and get paper and colours of paint.

Zoom in at paper, put paint on it, than the scissors.

Go and play the battle game again ( untill you win, get key from the floor and go through the door.

Other ending hints:
1)on the first ending screen,press the man with tall hair head will see some words in short that means you can press one "kanji" word"話"(it's top of the game screen page) and you will see the code(58149) fly from the word....

2)use crowbar to open the brown door and you will see another hint (search for the door....)so use screwdriver(please dont get the bathroom key first this time) to get the L metal from the brown door

3)flip L metal over and you will see the other fighting puppet and use this puppet to fight again.....

4)you can fly from the house(the paper on the wall) to outside

Thanks to: Escape Games 24

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